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DEA Atrocities-Part 10

Sounds do not travel well in the air. In the files I read they could inject the device into your butt and hear every word including whispers. They needed to use the neck for the injections to adequately torture the targeted person, and there was no other reason for the injection being done into the neck.

I'm trying to explain to the court how satanic and sadistic the DEA was in the files we read and still is today. In these files probes that had been launched or were about to be launched into space would transmit back to earth using one-half watt of power to transmit hundreds of billions of miles. The power levels used in these devices are far greater than the power levels these deep space probes used. The only reason for the power level to be so high in these devices is to torture their victims. In these CIA and DEA files they were developing a monitoring device that would fit into a human cell. This device worked on very low power and was to be used where they needed to secretly monitor people. Now they have computers that are so small they fit into a human cell. My point is the only intent of these devices was for the torture of political victims. I do not know how much knowledge the court has of a technical nature. I also do not know how far we are to go in teaching the court. The court should understand that a transmitter can be built without using a power supply. There is enough radio frequency in the air to produce electricity using a diode to establish a direction of flow of the Radio Frequency into electrical power to transmit radio signals short distances using no power supply at all.

Let me try to explain to the court what my feelings are concerning the use of these devices against the American People. I would also like to give the court my interpretations of how I see the law. In Nazi Germany during the 2nd World War, the Germans gave the Jews and others injections in the neck, which resulted in making them sick, making them vomit and also gave them headaches. This was done against their will under cover of authority. During the trials of these war criminals, the Nuremberg trials called these acts crimes against humanity. Now let's go to my case. The DEA, who are American Nazis, after framing me as a drug dealer gassed me at about 3:00 AM in the morning and came in my home and took my body into their custody. The DEA then performed secret medical procedures on my body against my will under cover of authority. The DEA injected devices in my neck, which made me sick, vomit and also gave me headaches. These injections did far more than this; they satanically tortured me in the most horrible ways possible. I believe this is also a crime against humanity.

These warrants to inject these devices were not a warrant for 30 days--it was a warrant for the rest of my life. In other words, the court authorized a warrant to the DEA for life without a hearing or trial. The court also made this a secret warrant. Let the court fully understand that I read the files and this was an illegal act in these files. When the CIA and DEA designed these devices it is was not to monitor someone for the period of time the warrant was good for; it was to monitor these people and their homes for as long as they lived. When these devices were used in walls of people's dwellings, it was not to just monitor those people. It was to monitor everyone that would live there for the next 100 years.

The court fully knows that these kinds of warrants are used every day. The court fully knows that millions of Americans and their homes and pets have been monitored or injected with these and other kinds of devices. These devices are not used for investigations; they are used for torture and control over the American public. These devices do not just violate the Nuremberg code. They also violate The Torture Protection Act, The Child Protection Act, The Family Protection Act, The Inner American Treaty, The Geneva Convention and most other Human Rights Treaties that the United States signed or has been ordered by the President to honor.

It is my belief that these devices also violate the Constitution of the United States and many other laws. One of these laws would be the United States Supreme Court ruling that no punishment may be given without a trial or conviction first. These devices violate far more than just this; they also violate my freedom of religion. The government has no right to install the mark of the beast in my body.

Let me explain to the court what the DEA has done to me using these and other devices against me. They have held me prisoner in an electronic prison for most of the last 22 years while giving everyone the impression that I'm free. They have tortured me Mentally, Physically and Psychologically, causing me far greater pain and suffering than they ever could have done in a mid evil torture chamber. They have destroyed much of my ability to function as a human being. They have left me crippled and maimed during the torture. They have made me so sick that I was unable to even vote on a state election day. They have tortured me out of church--screaming. They have tortured me while I was in the voting booth re: voting in the Presidential election, making me scream. They have sexually harassed me using the devices to alter and destroy my sex life. They have deprived me of my ability to make a living to support my family in the ways they should have been supported. They have tortured all of my friends and many of my family including children. If a pretty girl liked me, they injected her to make sure we could not get together.

They made me scream any time I tried to do my taxes, to stop me and force me to appear to be a criminal. Anytime I went to pay taxes except for the last couple of times they made me scream all the way there to stop me. When I tried to write about what they were doing to me they jammed my computer and would make me scream in pain and horror. They still torture me while I'm writing but the levels have now recently been reduced to just under where I was screaming most of the time.

Anytime I would get on the freeway they would make me scream in pain and I would lose control of my truck as they tried to force me into an accident. They would use their girls to try to entrap me to fabricate evidence to use against me. They would use warrants to plant evidence against me in my vehicle and home. They submitted all evidence to the court in a false light. They had their drug dealers call me to create fabricated evidence to justify the torture of me.

They repeatedly tried to kill me under the cover of law. They repeatedly robbed me and stole from me using warrants under the cover of law. If I would get high in the air at work where I could fall they would make me dizzy and torture me and make me scream in pain trying to kill me. After torturing me night after night and depriving me of sleep day after day they forced my body to become diabetic. They would blind me at work using the implants or limit my vision to where it was unsafe to work.

During one of these torture sessions after repeatedly complaining to them that I could not see due to the torture, I tore off my right thumb on one of the jobs. They altered my taxes, controlled my phones, pagers, radios, and mail. They altered my medical records for this court. They came in my home and stole my evidence for this court and trial. They repeatedly stole guns from my home and vehicle to use as throw down weapons during assassination attempts under the protection of a warrant. They pulled my phone line while I was calling people about my case. They framed my daughter and other friends to discredit their testimony supporting my case. They framed my employees to discredit them and their testimony. They have deprived me of thousands of nights of sleep. They have cost me 10's of millions of dollars in lost revenue at work. They have repeatedly driven me out of business using torture against me. I have not been able to even go out dancing in years due to the torture. I can never get married again until the devices are removed. I cannot go to the mountains to go fishing due to the torture of me. They have totally blinded me at times and have left me unable to even walk at times. They have taken my voice away during the torture and forced me to crap my pants and/or bed during the torture sessions. These have deprived me of my freedom of speech for many years now.

I would have written a book years ago if I had not been under torture to stop me. I'm sure the court understands that it makes no difference if I'm a drug dealer or not. Even if I was a drug dealer, which I'm not, these acts would still be illegal and unjust.

Does the court understand what is at stake here? If the court rules these devices are legal to use in investigations then when the IRS audits you, they can install the devices in you during their investigation. If the Post Office believes you cheated on the amount of stamps you used then they can investigate you and install the devices. If the Fish and Game Department believes you caught too many fish, they can install the devices and also investigate you. This is somewhat like the way the Justice Department replied to Nelson Rockefeller in the files we had. If the devices are legal which the Justice Department informed Nelson Rockefeller they were not, then anyone with the powers to conduct an investigation can use them.

On the other hand, if the devices are not legal than the DEA has to pay all of the damages, which are very considerable. Let the court be fully aware of the fact that I am going after these corrupt agents and the DEA all the way until the devices kill me or until the court rules they are illegal and I'm paid in full, or all of the way through the World Court for the United States violations of all of their Human Rights Treaties. Don't misunderstand me, I fully know that I have little chance against the DEA and the Rockefellers with the courts protecting them from being prosecuted for their crimes. I fully understand that I will most likely die in the process but that would be far more merciful than allowing me to suffer as I have so far. I know I do not stand alone in this case. All of the other agencies have waited in line to stand behind me to show the FBI, IRS, and the others that they are also on my side. When I would go to the bar to go dancing sometimes the bar would be full of agents supporting me as the DEA tried to conduct their covert operations under the cover of law against me.

I considered many of the Federal agents as friends and I have watched them put their bodies in between those trying to kill me and me to defend me. I have talked to many of these agents and I know where they stand. They have brought their wives and girlfriends to meet me. I have shot pool with them and even danced with them. Many of these agents guarded me for many years and I fully plan on using them as witnesses in court. No one wanted this to become public and everyone hoped that it would not become necessary. Every effort possible by me and the other Federal agencies has failed and the DEA demands that it had the right to use torture against American Citizens under the cover of authority.

From this time forward everything will be done in the federal courts and trial. Let me make myself even clearer. When Janet Reno blocked the FBI from destroying the DEA to stop the torture of the American people and drug running by the DEA and murders, the Officer in charge of the Phoenix Office of the FBI got on TV and attacked Janet Reno for her refusal to stop this corruption by the DEA. This is not my interpretation of what happened; this is what happened.

Today's date is December 11, 1999. The torture was very low during the day at work today. It was the lowest torture in a very long time. After my return home from work the torture was again dramatically increased. I asked the DEA to allow me to sleep to recover from the torture. The DEA then started to turn the torture modes down. As they decreased the power levels they increased the pain and suffering that the implanted devices were causing me. The DEA continued to ever so slowly turn the devices down for the next hour or so as they tortured me. It became obvious that their intent was not to allow me to sleep but only to torture me as they turned the devices down in power. In other words, the DEA refused to allow me to go to sleep, as they do every time that they know that I'm going to be working on paperwork like this letter. I am still being tortured as I try to type this letter and I'm in great pain and I am suffering horribly from the effects of the devices on my mind and body. These acts are being done to deprive me of my freedom of speech and to deny the court the truth.

The time frame is now about 1991. Harold Elston and I now go to the FBI. The FBI agent identifies himself as John Smith. He knows very well what is happening but he has little knowledge of what was in the Don Bolles Papers. I give him a short brief of what has happened and he then asks me what was in the Don Bolles Papers. At this time it would be impossible for me to tell him the truth, and if I had told him what was in the files he would have thought that I was nuts. I tell him to bug me if he wants to know the truth. I then say, "Do you hear me, you bug me." The FBI now monitors me all of the time from this time until the present and will for most likely the rest of my life because of what was in the Don Bolles Papers.

The DEA is now very paranoid of the FBI and me and now tries to convince the FBI that none of this is real. The following is one of the covert operations that the DEA conducted to convince the FBI that none of this is really happening. The DEA had been using my Levi buttons with the monitoring device built into them to monitor and control me and my actions. When I read one of these devices on an old British scanner it operated at 724.56 MHz. I went to MHz Electronics and used Richard's scanner who is the person that owns MHz Electronics. It was an old crude scanner, but it did have some features in it that allowed me to dial the bugging device in. I set the scanner to 8 foot and started scanning.

I then slowly reduced the distance on the dial of the scanner until I had the device located. This scanner did not have a read-out on it, and I had to establish the frequency using a dial and by reading the numbers next to the dial. The court must understand that I read the designing, experimentation, and use of these devices in the Don Bolles Papers.

To destroy the evidence that the DEA had been using these devices against me, they furnished me with an apartment. This was a covert operation and it is not necessary to explain the details in this letter. Next, they monitored me and also had the Dirty Dozen monitor me. This was all being done while the FBI was monitoring me. The DEA then used the Dirty Dozen to burn down the Laundromat at which I was using to wash my clothes in the apartment complex to cover up these devices. They took all of my clothes except my pants and piled them in a pile and started them on fire. In the ashes of this fire there were zippers from sleeping bags, metal buttons from shirts and other clothing parts. All of my pants had been removed before the setting of the fire. This was done to cover up the use of the devices against me.

This kind of device had been used by the DEA against me during the 1980's and on into the 1990's. This kind of device gave me massive depression which is known to the general public by many names like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein Barr Virus, Yuppie Flu, Gulf War Illness and by a wide range of other names and symptoms. The cause of these diseases is unknown medically because these diseases are not medical diseases; they are an autoimmune response of the human body caused from the effects of exposure to the bugging device which causes millions of Americans to suffer horribly. In the CIA and DEA files we had, they fully knew what the cause of these diseases was. They even deliberately used these devices to cause these illnesses. This is a crime against humanity.

The time frame is now about 1992. I am now living with my girlfriend Tammy Erwin. The FBI protects us from the DEA, but the DEA using the Dirty Dozen conducts many covert operations against us to discredit us and gather information to be used against us for political reasons. The FBI now is required to escort me everywhere to protect me from assassination attempts by the DEA and Dirty Dozen. I am now trying to go back into business but the DEA controls my phones and pager and other forms of communications such as my mail.

I start supplying the FBI with more names of people to monitor as I had in the past but now I did it in a way that the DEA could not find out whose names I was supplying. I use Bill Burnstein, who owns Glendale Steel to have the letter delivered by hand. During this period of time the DEA uses Wilkey to monitor me during the day as he had for many years before. Wilkey now drives a white Dodge car. The DEA, using the Dirty Dozen, now moves in next to my shop. Dan and his girlfriend whose name is Sherry Lathum, are now to conduct the DEA's covert operation against me.

Next, the DEA starts to supply Sherry with drugs, and Sherry befriends Harold Elston and myself. This entire operation is a DEA directed and controlled operation. The DEA next has Sherry have sex with Harold and me to befriend us and to get us to trust her. She didn't fool me for a second because I have watched many such DEA operations over the years against political witnesses. Next Sherry starts to bring small amounts of drugs over to our shop. Then she takes me to her shop and shows me a kilo of cocaine. This is the same synthetic cocaine that the DEA was having produced to use against the blacks. I go along with Sherry as much as I can and I supply the FBI with the information. Sherry now says she is broke and wants to know if there is someone I can sell a small amount of the cocaine to for her. This is the standard set-up to remove political witnesses in the United States and has been done against political dissidents and witnesses hundreds of thousands of times. I refuse. Next they step up the operation and have Sherry come over to my shop and give me some of this cocaine free. If they cannot get you to buy it or sell it, then they give it to you free. These kinds of DEA covert operations are how the DEA has always covered up political corruption like the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Martin L. King, Jr., and/or the thousands of other assassinations we had in the Don Bolles Papers. The court must understand that during this time I called the DEA and told them I was working with another agency. There was not and there is not any good faith by the DEA. The DEA fully knew that I was supplying the FBI with information and that by doing this I would destroy the drug cartel known as the Dirty Dozen who worked for the DEA.

During this period of time the DEA would also conduct covert operations using the Dirty Dozen against Tammy Erwin's brother and his wife and supplied them with drugs and used hot drugs to destroy them as needed to achieve their goals. During this same period of time the DEA, using the Dirty Dozen, conducted the same kind of covert operations against Dan Pomeroy to discredit him as a witness for me to cover up their political corruption. The DEA, using the Dirty Dozen, furnished Dan Pomeroy with his girlfriend whose name was Lisa Alandt but who also went by the name of Lisa Reynolds. The DEA and others then used Lisa to fabricate evidence, plant evidence and give false statements and testimony before the court to authorize the monitoring and torture of Dan and myself and others. The DEA had Lisa set up people and bust other people to give her the appearance of a credible witness to make her perjury and false testimony about Dan Pomeroy and myself believable before the court. They then also had people befriend Dan and offer him $50,000.00 in cash and some kilos of cocaine to start him in business and told him, don't worry about paying us back we just want to get you started in business. Dan Pomeroy refused; then, the DEA had no other choice but to frame Dan Pomeroy and me to justify our torture and the bugging of us by the corrupt DEA agents conducting these operations under cover of law and color of authority.

Similar covert operations were conducted against everyone I knew to cover up the information I have, and all of these covert operations were conducted under the direction of the DEA. The court must understand that I read the DEA's files, and every informant that worked for the DEA was a member of the Dirty Dozen or other covert operations that the DEA ran.

During this period of time the FBI called a meeting with me and Harold to find out if some other information they had obtained from the bugging of the people I had given them was correct. The names I had given the FBI in writing include the name of a federal judge. This was very unbelievable information, which will most likely become public in the future but at this time it should still remain unknown to the public. This was information concerning corruption in the courts and other positions of power. I do reserve the right to disclose this information before the court at the necessary time.

By staying in Phoenix I was going to get all of these innocent people imprisoned or killed by the DEA using the Dirty Dozen to set them up as they had done to many others in the Don Bolles Papers. The DEA had to pretend that they were not interested in me. They had to allow me to leave because the FBI was monitoring everything.

I now packed up and left Arizona to teach the FBI the information they needed for the coming battle with the forces of darkness. After leaving Arizona I did not see the FBI or the DEA or the Dirty Dozen until I crossed the border into Texas. The court needs to understand that the three drug cartels that supplied the United States with drugs in the Don Bolles Papers were run through the States of Texas, Florida and Arizona for the most part. There were others like the Marcello family in New Orleans and others also in the files. After crossing the border into Texas the Dirty Dozen tried to get at me and the FBI was there and I got away. I proceeded to New Orleans. I was living out of my truck and the FBI was always with me.

During this time I continued to supply the FBI with the information they would need to understand before I could tell them what this was really about. While sleeping in a park in New Orleans the police called in on me. I then informed the FBI that the DEA monitors all such police calls and they now know where I am.

I then informed the FBI that the DEA had to stop me no matter what the consequences were. I then told the FBI I would be the bait for them and anyone that attacks me will be one of them or someone under their direction. I further told the FBI that I will not sell drugs, steal or do anything other than what the people around me are doing. I then told the FBI that all I have to do now is return to where I was pulled over and the DEA will be there waiting for me. Next, I rented a place and got everything ready to return to where I was pulled over at so I could lead the DEA back for the FBI to monitor. The court must understand that at this time the FBI knew that this was about massive corruption in the government, murder, drug running and many other crimes. At this time I had not let the FBI know what I really knew, but it was starting to become very obvious that I knew something of a great threat to the DEA.

I'm now ready to return to where the police called in on me, to allow the DEA to follow me back to where I was staying. I then returned to where I was checked out by the police. Wilkey from the DEA was there waiting for me in a white Dodge. I then parked my truck and walked out onto a jetty which protruded into the lake, to allow Wilkey to bug my truck so I could lead him back to where I lived so the FBI could monitor the DEA and document everything. After leading the DEA back, things started to heat up around me real fast. The first thing the DEA did was move a drug dealer into the motel room next to me to monitor me. The DEA then started to launch their attacks against me and cars were speeding around me all the time as the DEA and the FBI played their parts in this operation. Next, the DEA supplied my maid with cocaine through their people; she asked me for a ride; I told her that I could not give her a ride and that I was working with the FBI against them. After the DEA realized it would be impossible to directly get at me and kill me they started to use the Dirty Dozen and the Aryan Brotherhood to conduct the DEA's operations for them.

I was now working at Shell Oil Company on a new refinery. My employer was EIU Electric. The FBI was on the job with me and lined the streets with their men on my way to work and on my way from work to protect me and monitor the DEA and their men. For cover they would play the part of people fishing, power company employees and others. The DEA was surrounded and did not have a chance against the FBI and was unable to kill me.


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