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DEA Atrocities-Part 8

The following is some more information on this set-up by the DEA. After the DEA had the Dirty Dozen frame me for charging many thousands of dollars at AMFac, next they had Kathy continue to make conversations on the phone to further generate evidence that this is what had happened. The DEA fully knowing the entire time that none of these events ever took place. Next, they had Kathy give AMFac a bad check for $8,000.00 to generate more evidence that these events happened. All of this was a set-up by the DEA to frame me, discredit me and then make it look like I had committed suicide. In other words, their plans were to murder me. All of these DEA operations were conducted under orders from Wood who ran the Phoenix Office of the DEA. All of these operations were done under the protection of a warrant issued from the Federal Court.

After supplying the FBI with the above information, all of the above was documented and proved by the FBI and many others. George Griffith who also had been released from prison for his shooting of two police officers has now been returned to prison. John Bashem should also be in prison but at this time I have no information on him. The last information I had on him was when he called where I lived and said he was going to blow my brains out. I sent the tape-recording of this to the FBI. AMFac closed all of their operations down and the old AMFac Electric Supply is now Arizona Electric Supply. The bank they used against me was Valley National Bank, and it has changed hands because of this and is now Bank One.

The FBI and the President of the United States William Clinton went to Janet Reno and tried to destroy the DEA and have it incorporated into the FBI to control the massive corruption. Janet Reno blocked the President and the FBI and the DEA still continues to conduct these illegal covert operations against innocent Americans. The other agencies then had new laws passed to limit the abilities of the DEA. One of these laws was the requiring of two agencies to obtain a warrant against the corporations. This was done to stop industrial espionage. Next, because of the planting of drugs by the DEA against me to use to frame me, a rule was passed forcing them to keep the drugs locked down and accounted for.

The Federal court may again say fantastic or surreal. Let me inform the court that all of this is very real and provable in trial. The court may also believe I went too far in the information I'm supplying the court. Let the court fully understand that I am not releasing the real damaging information at this time. The court must understand that I'm being satanically tortured as I type this letter even though the DEA is not making me scream at this time. My body is functional to a high degree of about 50%, which is very good under the torture. The DEA is scrambling my mind badly with the implants and I am in a great deal of pain as I try to write this letter to the court. I am about 50% mentally disabled which is also good compared to normal but I'm also in a lot of pain from the torture of me by the DEA. The amount of information required to understand this case is massive and spans many years and many covert operations. It will be hard for this court to even begin to comprehend the facts in this case while I'm held under the control of the DEA and under torture and this is what the DEA is planning.

If I was given relief from the torture I could make a case against the DEA so damaging that no one could protect the DEA any longer. I will do the best I can under the torture, which is designed to fix this case in the favor of the DEA and give them an unfair advantage over me to cover up their crimes against the American People and me. If there is any part of this information that the court does not understand then please inform me and I will try to supply this portion of the information to the court. The court must understand that the DEA used its powers and authority to fabricate evidence and or take real evidence and then submit it to the court under perjury or in a false and misleading way to frame me as being a drug dealer. The DEA fully knew that I was working with the FBI in a national security investigation and things I said were said as part of this national security investigation, and then the DEA submitted these conversations to the court in a false light to obstruct this national security investigation to frame me as being a drug dealer to justify using torture against me to destroy the FBI's investigation of the truth. This is my statement under oath and it is truthful and correct and most of the government stands with me before this court and against the DEA. What my case is really about is: Can the DEA frame me and torture me under the cover of law and be protected by the court because the DEA claims it is conducting an investigation? The DEA claims it can and has the full authority of the court to torture me and destroy my life fully knowing that it will never arrest me or prosecute me or gain any real information that it will use in the war on drugs or against me.

Today's date is December 7, 1999. The DEA harassed and tortured me during my sleep and as soon as I was going to get out of bed they satanically tortured me with sound waves. I'm sure the court believes sound waves are not torture but sound waves can do far more than just torture; they can also kill. There are sound weapons. After I got into the shower the torture was reduced and after the shower I got dressed and went to work. My first job was a meeting on the designing of a new 40,000-sq. ft. building. The torture was mild during this meeting but was ever present. After the meeting I picked up my helper and headed for some jobs. During my travels the torture was real bad at times and not so bad at other times. During one torture session the DEA tortured me so badly while I was driving that I almost wrecked the truck as I was screaming in pain driving down Cave Creek Road. After my return home the torture was reduced instead of increased like normal lately. I am still being tortured as I try to write this letter, and if I get on the phone the torture is dramatically reduced. The reduced rate of torture since I have been home is still very horrible and is a human rights violation.

The time frame is now about 1991. The DEA is conducting every kind of covert operation against me possible to make it appear that I'm a drug dealer. I now know for sure that it was not the FBI who was following everyone after we had the Don Bolles Papers; it was really the DEA pretending to be the FBI to conduct the cover-up of the papers that I have always called the Don Bolles Papers, which really were the Rockefeller files.

The DEA now knows for sure that something is very wrong, and believes it's me working with the FBI. Kathy now sets me up for the DEA to find out if it's me feeding the FBI the information. I come home from work and Kathy tells me that John Brown called and said it's important and I need to call him as soon as I come in. I tell Kathy I will call him later and ask who he is. Kathy tells me she doesn't know who he is and acts like I should know who he is. I tell Kathy I don't know who he is and I tell her I'll call him later. Kathy then insisted that I call him immediately. This in itself was strange. I then go to the desk and look in the schedule book and his name is not in the book. This book is for everyone who calls. I ask Kathy why his name is not in the book and she makes up some excuse. I then call the guy and he asks me for the information. I have no idea of what he is talking about. This conversation goes on for awhile and I have no idea of what the guy is talking about.

I have known since the 1970's that John Brown is one of the names the FBI uses in its investigations. This is very common knowledge. It took me awhile to figure out what had just happened but when I did, it all came together. Kathy had set me up and I was talking to the DEA and I was supposed to think it was the FBI who the DEA believed I was working for. I later found out for sure that this was what had happened by monitoring the phones and from what Kathy had said on the phone. Now I know for sure that the DEA is afraid of the FBI. The FBI is also now conducting the investigation into the assassination of Don Bolles.

I had read many FBI files in the Don Boles Papers like when they placed a man in the cell with Cornwall while he was in prison. I understood how the FBI would investigate, and I understood their limitations. In the Don Bolles Papers the FBI had placed a man in Cornwall's cell to protect him after he was convicted of perjury for truthfully testifying before the Grand Jury in Arizona. When they placed the man in his cell they worked with the Warden of the prison who was the Dirty Dozen. This gave the FBI no chance of success because their enemies knew who they were and what they were doing. The court must understand that I read many FBI papers that had also been removed from the FBI. The same was true of all of the agencies. Now I knew who was who and now I had to figure out a way to prove the information I had to the FBI without letting them know too much because I wanted to live and the information was so unbelievable. I do not want the court to misunderstand my statements. In reality, I was stumbling through most of this, and I was mostly blind. I was having a very hard time separating the FBI from the DEA and/or others.

The DEA now has to stop me because billions of dollars of their drug proceeds and drugs are now in jeopardy. The DEA is now desperate to frame me as being a drug dealer. The DEA now has Kathy use John Reed for the set-up of me. John Reed is a friend of mine from work. John Reed is also working on my boat making repairs to the hull; this is the same boat that I always take to Mexico when I go fishing. The DEA now has Kathy make a date with John Reed and has sex with John Reed in the parking lot of Basha's grocery store in John Reed's van.

John Reed has been in trouble with the Dirty Dozen for some time. Kathy promises John protection if he helps in the set-up of me and also offers girls and drugs in exchange for his help. The people working on my boat also work for the DEA and set up my boat to make it appear that I'm a drug dealer smuggling drugs from Mexico into the United States. John Reed's wife, Manny, warns me. I already knew; I tell her don't worry. The DEA has the Dirty Dozen install a jamming device in John Reed's shop to stop any attempts by the FBI at monitoring me. I am now using John Reed's wife as my secretary and I am sharing the shop with John.

Jim Welheim is another person I knew, and I asked him how will I know when the DEA takes him and forces him to work against me to frame me as being a drug dealer. Jim was a petty drug dealer who sells speed that was manufactured by the Dirty Dozen under the protection of the DEA. I then tell Jim a small amount of information. Jim then tells me I will know when he gets a phone. Jim tells me he would never have a phone, it's too risky in his business. Kathy now contacts Jim Welheim and makes the same offer as was made to John Reed. I try to pull over Kathy, Jim, and one other person at 24th Street and Thomas. I did believe that the other person was DEA. Now I believe it may have been one of the Dirty Dozen's private investigators that the DEA had used to convince the FBI that it wasn't them doing all of this to me. This type of covert operation was standard, and the DEA had used private investigators many times to gather information when they believed it was against their interest to do so themselves. It is possible that I do not understand a small part of this exactly correctly, but it is correct in general. Now I need to prove everything I believe is happening is really happening as I believe it is happening. To go to the FBI at this time would certainly mean my death and I still didn't know for sure that all of the FBI are good guys.

The DEA now needs photos of me with drugs to use to frame me as being a drug dealer. I'm headed for Jim's and John asks me if I will bring back some speed from Jim's that Jim has for him. John tells me he will pay me for it when I get back. I say sure and I do pick up a small amount of speed from Jim and when I return to the shop I give it to John. I was not selling anything, I just picked it up for John as he asked. John pays me back and the DEA gets their photos of me, money and drugs to frame me with as being a drug dealer. The court must understand that the DEA monitored almost every word of every conversation I made since the Don Bolles Papers until the FBI started to monitor me and the DEA had to back off.

Jim now moves to a new location and gets a phone, which tells me they have him. The only thing I say to Jim is you got a phone and Jim gives me the eye and lets me know that they have him. I then said a little more about the phone. The DEA does have a tape of this conversation if we can get it. The Dirty Dozen is now staying with Jim and they are armed with their 41 Magnum revolvers. One of them was armed with a 45 Cal. Auto. The DEA is monitoring everything and is also taking lots of photos of me while I'm at Jim's. They even took photos when I got off the freeway and headed to Jim's. They even followed me all the way to Jim's as they have followed me everywhere I go for over 22 years now. They have Jim ask me if I have ever made speed and I say sure then I repeat what the DEA expert witness in court during the framing of me said on the stand, which was anyone can make it...its easy. In the Don Bolles Papers it was the DEA's job to justify fabricated investigations. To do this most of the time, they needed to get a conversation from their victim. It did not matter how many times someone said that they did not sell drugs; it only mattered if they could get them to say they did one time--then they had them. Even though the DEA knew this was not true it authorized their operations and there are many different ways to achieve this in their covert operations.

The court must understand that the DEA has spent 100's of millions of dollars to frame me as being a drug dealer to protect their operations and all of this money was funneled out of the government to conduct a strictly political and targeted investigation with the only goal being the removing of me as a witness against them and those under their protection. The DEA had set me up many times in many ways to try to get a conversation like this from me and the DEA has always known that I have never made drugs and the DEA has known for over 20 years that I do not sell drugs and that I haven't sold any drugs since the 1970's.

Next, the DEA using the Dirty Dozen, moves Jim to a house which is a HUD house or other government funded property. This is what Jim told me. Jim would never live in town and he had also told me this many times. The house they moved him to was close to my house so it would be easier to conduct the set-up of me. Next, I pulled over one of the agents that I believed was involved in the operation. I know for sure that he was following me. I asked him to talk to me and he refused. Next, Dennis Cruse and I went to Jim's house and I told Jim I knew everything. Jim then cried and the tears were even dripping off his chin. I told him it was OK and to go ahead and do it, then Dennis and I left. The court must understand that people like Jim that refuse to cooperate are always discredited, imprisoned and/or killed. I then returned to Jim's house and told Jim I know someone that's in town that no one knows I know, and that he has speed for (I believe I said $2,800.00 a pound). I got this price from the bugging of my wife about a speed lab that was under the protection of the DEA that the Dirty Dozen was running. This speed lab produced 200 to 250 pounds. of speed a week. The DEA now had the conversation they needed and now they needed to know how I knew the Dirty Dozen's lab under their protection was wholesaling the speed to the members of the Dirty Dozen for $2,800.00 a pound.

Next, I allowed the DEA to continue their covert operations against me. They no longer needed Jim so he was arrested. This would further document the DEA operations. I then backed off so the DEA couldn't catch me bugging Kathy the real way.

Next, I called the DEA and talked to Wilkey and we agreed to meet at Park Central Mall in the parking lot. I then went to Park Central Mall and met with Wilkey and his partner. I then gave them the information that would directly lead them to this speed lab. I gave them one of the main numbers to the Dirty Dozen and told them the number was call forwarded to the address I gave them which was at Bethany Home Road and 20th Street. Cameras surrounded the place. It was the location that John Bashem worked out of. The phone was answered Del Trailer. John Bashem had just recently killed George King in my house to threaten Kathy to show her how serious all of this was. This killing was done under the protection of the DEA while my house was under 24-hour surveillance by the DEA. Wilkey had been following me during the day for a long time before this happened. Wood, who was in charge of the DEA in Phoenix, was in charge of this operation. Wilkey at that time drove a tan Plymouth with dark colored windows. I also gave Wilkey information on the killing of George King by John Bashem, George Griffith, and Pete Minor. Wilkey's partner was upset about the killing and told me that the Dirty Dozen killed people all of the time. I then replied, "Then you know I'm a dead man?"

Now I have forced the DEA to accept information they had always refused to accept from me. Now I waited to see what the outcome would be. The DEA stood back and hunted me and only me. Next, I started to repeatedly call the DEA and try to give them information on the Dirty Dozen. The DEA refused all information and Wilkey would hang up on me when I called. I was the DEA's target and the only target and I was the only one that didn't sell drugs. I then led the DEA around to gather information to use to discredit me and watched to see if they would prove that their only intent was to discredit me. I proved beyond any doubt that this was the case. (The DEA is again using the sound waves to threaten me and is breaking my teeth torturing me and I'm in horrible pain. As soon as I returned to the computer room the torture was reduced to where I was not screaming much anymore but the pain is still unbearable. The time is now about 12:30 AM December 9, 1999.)

It's now about 11:00 PM on December 7, 1999. The DEA is shaking the inside of my head and I'm losing it. The torture is not to the point where I'm screaming but I am unable to continue under the pain and torture even though this is the best its been in years. In the past it would have been impossible to even type this letter because the DEA would erase it from my computer screen as fast as I could type it. Or they would jam my computer and I would lose everything. This happened almost every time I tried to type something about my case. I will try to complete the letter as soon as I can which will be as soon as the DEA reduces the torture to the point I can continue.

Today's date is December 8, 1999. The torture was heavy at times during the day and light at other times. The DEA has changed the forms of torture they are using against me again and I was somewhat crippled most of the day from one of the modes they used. The DEA is using an extremely horrible torture mode on me right now as I try to type this letter. The pain is beyond imagination. This torture mode is done to me by using sound waves. I'm sure the court has seen commercials on TV where sound is used to break a glass. The implants are used in the same way against the targeted person's teeth, bones or other parts of the body and the pain is beyond imagination. If I lay down the DEA then turns the torture off to reward me for not working on the letter. If I get out of bed to work on this letter the sonic, ultrasonic or other kind or kinds of sound weapons contained in one or more of the devices in the area of my head is turned on and I'm tortured horribly. If I go into the bathroom or some other room other than the living room or computer room the torture is also increased.

The living room, kitchen and family room are all the same area or room of my house where there is no dividing wall. The torture is the same in this area as the computer room. If I enter some other room like the bedroom or bathroom the torture is far more severe, and they make me scream in these rooms sometimes. This form of torture is very painful and horrible beyond imagination. This form of torture has only been used in exactly these frequencies and power levels for a couple of years. Similar modes have been used in the past but they were distinctly different from the mode or modes the DEA is using right now.

I had briefed the FBI on the designing of this kind of torture many years ago. In the files we had, the CIA had known that sound was a very effective weapon and was even conducting experiments in the early 1950's on the effects of using sound as a weapon. We also had earlier Nazi, military, and OSS experiments mentioned in these files. While I was reading the CIA and DEA files on the incorporation of these kinds of torture into the implants in the 1970's again, they fully knew that sound was a very effective weapon. In the files I was reading, they were experimenting with implants using sound to destroy the targeted person's teeth to make it appear that they had been on drugs for a long period of time. The loss of teeth from the use of this kind of torture also made the person look like a non-useful person or as a low life which made the discrediting of them much easier. The court must understand that a person's appearance is what others draw conclusions from about whom this person is morally, socially and other ways. The CIA and DEA also knew that by causing extreme pain to parts of the body like the teeth and other parts of the body could be used to force the targeted person to use drugs to obtain relief from the pain. Again, this was a desired effect and could be used to further target the person under the cover of law and in the name of justice.

The DEA has now stopped using that sonic weapon against me but will most likely start again for my typing of this part of the letter. In other words, anytime I say what form of torture is being used against me, the DEA then changes that form of torture to another form of torture and if I say anything about the new form of torture it's again changed, and this continues until the torture goes in a full circle back to the original form of torture. The mode of torture is now a crushing effect on my skull and the sounds are completely different than before. I'm now being mentally disabled to stop me from further working on the letter. The sounds I hear are not the sounds used against my teeth. They are just sounds to enhance the other more silent forms of torture. In other words, if a sound weapon is used to cause pain it may be inaudible to the targeted person so they add a horrible sound or sounds also that is audible to help enhance the torture that is inaudible. By doing this it also helps in the discrediting of the targeted person. This information is from the CIA and DEA files I read. The court must understand that the torture is only the fist step in the process of removing the targeted person. The torture has to also be unbelievable so the targeted person will be discredited. To do this, they use one torture mode the person can hear so they will complain about it and they also use another mode that is actually torturing the person. Then they can show that the sounds the person is complaining about torturing them can be played to another person in law enforcement and the same painful effects will not occur.

This makes the targeted person's statements and complaints about the torture invalid. This is how covert operations are conducted against their victims. Again this statement is not always true; some of the sounds that the targeted person hears are the actual torture.

Today's date is December 9, 1999. I went to bed at 2:00 AM last night or you could say this morning. The DEA slowly turned the modes they were using down until about 2:30 AM when they allowed me to go to sleep. They then allowed me one hour of sleep and awoke me at about 4:00 AM making all kinds of different sounds in my head with the implants. These sounds were not painful; they were just different kinds of loud sounds and noises. They then allowed me to go back to sleep in about one hour, as they turned these sounds down. The DEA then brought up some different kinds of sound weapons, which give me nightmares by stimulating different parts of the brain.

In the CIA and DEA files I read this was done by stimulating the nerves in the neck which sent signals to the brain. The part of the brain was just above the brain stem and is one of the most primitive parts of the brain. By using the correct frequencies of sounds, magnetic fields and radio frequencies they can stimulate different parts of the brain. This causes the brain to race through different kinds of dreams. In the files we had, when they were trying to make someone insane, to make that person do some kind of horrible crime or to just destroy his/her life, they liked to mix sex with blood and guts. These kinds of dreams are horrible. This is not what they did to me last night; they just used insane kinds of stimulation to deprive me of any useful sleep.

The first time they ever used blood and guts dreams against me was while I was in New Orleans working with the FBI. I had just maneuvered the DEA in position to be monitored by the FBI. The DEA then moved a drug dealer into the motel room next to me. The maid told me he was a big drug dealer known as the doctor. That was the first time these kinds of dreams were ever used against me but they have been used many times since then, depending on how the DEA needed to torture and control me.

The court must not misunderstand the information that I'm giving the court. They are not able to beam a certain dream into the targeted person's head. They are only able to stimulate certain parts of the brain, which will result in dreams developing that may cause the desired effects. These parts of the brain are primitive where instincts and other like instinct functions come from. This is why the devices are injected into the neck so they can control electrical signals on nerves like the Vagus nerve, which runs up the neck into this portion of the brain. The court must understand that there is no real reason other than this to inject the devices into the neck. The person can be totally monitored with the injection of the implant into other parts of the body. In my case more than one implant was injected to give them greater control over me. The court must realize that if you install two monitoring devices into a half-gallon of milk that both will hear the same sounds. The human body is basically water, like a half gallon of milk. Sounds travel real well in liquids and solids.


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