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DEA Atrocities-Part 7

In fact, the owner of Fry's died while I was supplying the FBI such information. He died in his 40's of a heart attack, which was one of the most common modes of assassinations in the Don Bolles Papers. I do agree that I do not have any first hand knowledge of this natural or unnatural death. I am just stating the facts, as I understand them, to the court. Many people died near the time I was supplying the FBI with information. Again, I have no personal knowledge of most of these deaths. My personal knowledge comes from me reading the Don Bolles Papers, which should have been called the Rockefeller files.

Many thousands of assassinations were detailed in these files, and these assassinations appear random to the general population but after reading these files these assassinations are no longer random. Political assassinations are conducted along a wide range of different profiles and for many different reasons but the result is directed to achieve a single goal, which is the control and domination of the American people while giving them the illusion of liberty, freedom, and justice. The court must further understand that I grew up around these people, and I had personal knowledge of many assassinations and/or murders. I watched the drugs being run under the cover of law. I watched the witnesses being hunted, entrapped, prosecuted and imprisoned under the cover of law and in the name of justice and the DEA was the Federal agency that directed these operations under the cover of law. The court must further understand that not all cameras that the DEA and/or others under their direction and/or control installed are under warrants directed at me. Many of these cameras may have the warrants directed at others but I am the real and only target of the DEA in this fabricated and created investigation. The court must also understand that this information was obtained by me reading many DEA files and papers. In these files and papers this was the way that covert operations were directed at targeted political witnesses who had information against the DEA and/or others under their protection, like the Dirty Dozen and many others.

I am still in the time frame of 1988. Bob Owrso was also now suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from the bugging of him by the DEA. The DEA was now bugging everyone I came in contact with to protect them from the information I had against them. They would gas me at night in my home and come in and work on me anytime I said anything about the Don Bolles Papers. The DEA followed and filmed or took photos of me everywhere I went, and I suffered horribly from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from the bugging devices the DEA was using against me. Anytime I was not in sight of the DEA and they were too lazy to look for me, Kathy would call me on the radio and ask exactly where I was and then the DEA would reappear in a few minutes.

During this time frame I did many jobs that were covert operations of the CIA, DEA, Dirty Dozen, and Arian Brotherhood, and some of these jobs were for the corporate empire that the Rockefellers controlled or directed. One of these jobs was the wiring of a Chemical Plant. I was escorted daily to this plant by the DEA and everything I said or did was monitored by the DEA and others.

It wasn't until near the end of this job I realized that I had been set up by Kathy and the DEA to wire this plant for the production of Crack Cocaine. This plant did cut and bag or package thousands of pounds of synthetic cocaine daily. This synthetic cocaine was cut using Freon and then in this process Freon was boiled off by the tons daily into the atmosphere. You could say that the hole in the ozone layer was responsible in part to the boiling off of this Freon into the atmosphere. I had known how this process worked because Carl Altz had invented it and had briefed me on this process back in 1976. This synthetic cocaine could be produced for $1.28/pound at the time Carl Altz briefed me on the process in 1976. This is the main reason that Carl Altz was brought into the DEA for the manufacture of this synthetic cocaine and many other kinds of drugs; this is why the DEA needed Carl Altz. Carl Altz ran many drug labs for the DEA over the years and was responsible for a significant portion of the drugs in the United States through the DEA. Carl Altz ran and/or directed all of the Dirty Dozens main production drug labs from 1977 until 1991 when I started to bust this operation working with the FBI.

This part of the story is very long so I will only detail it briefly and leave the rest of the information for trial. My point is I am not the drug dealer but the people that the court has authorized to hunt me are the people who were running, producing, and protecting the drugs.

Let's add a few things about Carl Altz and the DEA. Another of the processes that Carl Altz had designed was the manufacturing of speed using Ephedrine. In 1976 Ephedrine was used in allergy pills like Actifed and others. These pills were prescription pills and not readily available to the public for the use in the manufacturing of speed. The DEA was fully aware of the fact that if these pills were ever made non-prescription that the speed would flood the streets. The DEA then allowed Actifed and other types of pills containing Ephedrine to be made widely available to the public for the production of speed and the further decaying of America under the DEA direction and control. Kathy had informed me in about 1987 that Actifed was to be made a non-prescription drug. At that time I did not realize the effects of this. Later as I assembled the information I had, everything became much more clear to me. When the DEA realized that I was putting it together they would have the Dirty Dozen again offer me protection and ask me to join and when I would refuse the DEA would horribly torture me with the devices they were using against me at that time.

I have now been tortured over 22 years in the cover-up of the information I read in these papers and files and other information I knew about. During this period of time the DEA conducted many covert operations against me to make it appear that I was involved in making or selling drugs, but I did not make or sell any drugs to anyone and I haven't sold any drugs since the 1970's. During this time period I repeatedly informed the DEA that if they didn't stop these covert operations against me to frame me and torture me and my family, that I would go after them and destroy their operations. The DEA laughed at me and let me know there was nothing I could do against them or those under their protection.

I believe that the court may claim that this is all preposterous or say its surreal or fantastic as Judge Broomfield did. Let me inform the court that there is documentation of how the DEA ran the Crack houses. One piece of such information or evidence would be when Geraldo Rivera did his investigation into the Crack Houses. The Crack houses that he investigated on his show were being run by the DEA as sting operations and people had been murdered in these crack houses. Geraldo Rivera conducted his investigation of these Crack houses and these facts were very well documented on TV during his show. Fact--the DEA ran these Crack houses. Fact--the DEA sold Crack Cocaine. Fact--people were being murdered in these Crack houses while the DEA ran these operations.

We are prepared to present to the jury a large volume of evidence supporting our position that the DEA did in fact run the drugs. Did the court know that when the FBI bought drugs with marked money to find out where the money would lead them that this marked money ended up in the DEA's bank account? In other words, it is a fact that the DEA sold drugs.

My first attack against them started when I watched the Attorney General of Arizona on TV telling everyone that he was willing to talk to anyone that had information on the murder of Don Bolles. He also spoke of how no one knows what Don Bolles was conducting an investigation on, or what information he had or something like that. I then called and went to the Attorney General's office and tried to speak to someone about the information I had from the reading of these files. The DEA escorted me to the Attorney General's Office and waited outside while I went in. The blonde lady at the desk to the right of the door who was the receptionist refused to allow me to see anyone or leave my phone number and firmly informed me that no one was going to accept any information from me and that no one was going to call me. When I left there were about six different cars that escorted me. That night the DEA then again gassed me and took me from my house and worked on me again. The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome now dramatically increased and I was horribly tortured by the DEA in the cover-up of the information I have.

The DEA and/or others have now so increased the TORTURE against me that I cannot continue the writing of this letter to the court. The TORTURE of me is now being done in the most horrifying and satanic ways that I can only interpret it by me as a threat of death by the DEA. I must stop writing now due to the TORTURE.

The time is now about 12:00 midnight.

I believe we are still in approximately 1988 or possibly 1989. My wife Kathy gave me a card from the bank and asked me to sign my signature on it (on I believe the second line) as a signer on the account. I asked her why, and she told me the bank, which was Valley National Bank, wanted to upgrade my signature because it was so old. At the time I didn't think anything of it; so I went ahead and signed my name, leaving the card on the desk for her to sign as the owner and to return this card to the bank. Now I believe this was also a set-up by the DEA to frame me as having an account that was involved in drug proceeds. I have never had any such account, and if there is one, then I was framed by the DEA with this account.

In the Don Bolles Papers, the DEA often opened up accounts at banks they controlled or the Rockefeller empire controlled such as Valley National Bank, to justify the framing of innocent people so the DEA could torture and or control them in an investigation. Sometimes this was done with millions of dollars in planted money. They would not lose the money because the person would never even know it existed and in reality it only existed on a piece of paper and was not real. To cost the DEA these funds, I wrote them this year and demanded that they seize any such monies for court and trial. This way I will cost the DEA and their drug cartel the money with which they planted to frame me. Again, there can be no films of me in the bank signing this card because it never happened. The best the DEA can hope for is to pay someone that worked for them to commit perjury and testify that they saw me sign this card in the bank. I would like to challenge any such witness or witnesses if they exist in court in a trial.

I believe I will be able to prove perjury against any such witnesses if they exist. The court should be fully aware of the fact that in my first trial the judge found that the DEA had repeatedly committed perjury against me. I do firmly believe that covert operations and the other operations of the DEA to frame me as being a drug dealer during this time frame were done to cover up me discovering that the chemical plant I had wired for them was in reality manufacturing Crack Cocaine for the destruction of the blacks in the inner cities of the United States.

Today's date is December 5, 1999. The torture today has been very light. On December 3, 1999 the torture was also light during the day at work, and I was allowed to work some. After I started home the torture was dramatically increased and I was tortured horribly with sonic shock waves that made it impossible to work on this letter. On December 4, 1999 I was disabled in the morning and went to work in the afternoon. I went to bid a job and work on the owner of Glendale Iron's house. After I arrived at the house the torture was slowly increased until I was very sick. After leaving his house the torture was so bad that I had to pull over into a parking lot and lay down in the back of my truck until I recovered enough to drive the rest of the way home. I was too sick from the torture to write on the letter so I went to bed. The DEA tortured me all night long. They would bring up a sound in my head and increase the number of impacts per second and power level until I would throw up; then they would change the mode until the diarrhea would be so bad that I would mess my bed.

Then they would repeat the same process over and over all night long. The court may say that I had the 24-hour flu. I did not have any illness but I was tortured by the DEA all night long for what I'm about to type in this letter to the court. During these kinds of torture sessions, death would be a blessing.

(The DEA is again threatening me for typing this part. They are bringing up sounds and pain on the right side of my head.) The DEA has tortured me many times to the point that I have thrown up, and diarrhea was always part of this kind of torture session. When the DEA would use my Levi button to do this kind of torture to me, I would cut the button off my pants and the diarrhea would end in 15 minutes. Then I would not throw up anymore, and in about one to two hours I would feel great again. (The DEA is again torturing me and making me scream for typing this part.)

The time frame is now about 1989. The set-up of me by the DEA has again increased and the DEA constantly monitors me and tortures me everywhere I go. Every time I go fishing in Mexico, the DEA escorts me everywhere I go in Mexico. The DEA sets up motor homes on the beach and at other locations to film me. My boat is monitored with cameras and the DEA sends a boat out to sea with me when I go out to go fishing. The torture is always turned down while I'm in Mexico. The torture is not only turned down while I'm in Mexico but is also turned down while I clean the boat, buy fishing bait, and while I'm getting my truck ready to go. If I try to go to one of the local lakes the torture is dramatically increased to stop me from going. In other words, the DEA will only allow me to go to Mexico or I will be tortured. Sometimes I am gassed on the beach at night and so is everyone else with me. I believe we were removed for photo sessions but I'm unsure and I have no memory of the event after the gas was turned on. The next day I would awake laying in the sun soaking wet with sweat and the temperature being over 120 degrees out. The time would be about 11:00 or 12:00 AM. In other words, no one could have slept in such conditions.

We would all awake at the same time. All of our belongings had been gone through. The boat drifted away during the night or was high on land due to the tide change, depending on which time these events took place. Everyone with me on these trips is prepared to verify these facts in trial. The DEA sometimes would have people approach me asking me if I wanted to buy drugs and I always said no and I have never bought any drugs in Mexico nor have I ever smuggled drugs from Mexico into the United States. Sometimes the DEA would furnish our fishing guide and even though I don't understand Spanish, I'm sure that this person talked to us about drugs in Spanish. I am sure that the DEA cannot have any reply from us because we did not speak Spanish. On the fishing trips that some one came on that did speak some Spanish, like Harold Elston, they would always furnish us with a guide that did speak English. The DEA can not present any real conversation of me ever speaking Spanish and cannot prove I ever understood Spanish. I do not speak or understand Spanish.

I would always flip the DEA off in Mexico, and sometimes I would ask the others to help me put on a show for them or give them something they could take to Kathy, my wife. One time on the way back as we approached the border the DEA was in front of us, behind us, and along side of us. I asked the others that were in my truck with me to go along with me and put a show on for them to record. The court must understand that none of the people with me believed that these people really were the DEA because all of these people with me knew I would not sell drugs, and they could not believe the DEA would be spending millions of dollars investigating me knowing I did not sell drugs. The court must understand the DEA is little more than a joke to me. They are an evil, corrupt bunch of murderers and drug dealers and that was what they were formed to be in the CIA files we had. Everyone said sure, so I said, "Are we going to be able to get this drug shipment across the border,?" and everyone went along with me and then after we crossed the border I said, "We got our drugs shipment across the border," and some other things like that.

During this entire time I was flipping the DEA the bird. These were the same DEA agents that were having sex with my wife while I was at work and these were the same DEA agents that called me every time I had sex with my wife and commented on it as they watched us have sex. These were the same corrupt DEA agents that were framing me as a drug dealer; these were the same corrupt DEA agents that were using torture against me. The court must understand that the DEA deleted the first part of our conversation, the middle part of our conversation and the last part of our conversation and then used only the parts in between to discredit me and frame me as being a drug dealer. This was done after I had repeatedly demanded that the DEA maintain the entire conversations. There was no good faith by the DEA--there was only the intent of framing me as being a drug dealer using the cover of law.

As the DEA tried to frame me as being a drug dealer they also conducted many other kinds of covert operations against me using my wife Kathy who I later demanded a divorce from over this and other things. One of these covert operations was the altering of my tax return for either 1988 or 1989, which I refused to file after it was altered. Kathy had me look over the tax return that night and then in the morning the DEA tortured me badly and Kathy said I had to sign the return and it was on the desk for me. I went downstairs and sat at the desk and saw that this was not the tax return I had looked over and that the figures had been reduced by about $71,000.00 on the return. I then asked Kathy why she hadn't signed it and she told me to sign it and she would sign it when she mailed it. The tax return had been changed and it was not the same tax return that I had read the day before. I refused to sign the return and left for work. This was a set-up by the DEA to make it look like I was cheating on my taxes and I wasn't.

The time frame is now about 1989 or 1990. The following is one of the many covert operations that the DEA conducted against me to cover up the information I have against them and to discredit me.

My ex-wife Kathy Schlund is now remarried and known as Kathy Frohm and was working with the DEA in their covert operations against me. Kathy got remarried in about 1997. This is my statement of facts of how the DEA used Kathy Schlund and their surveillance cameras to generate fabricated and created evidence to discredit me as a witness against the DEA.

Kathy Schlund worked directly under Agent Wood at the DEA, who at the time was running illegal operations from his position in the DEA. The DEA had decided it would be necessary to discredit me as a witness because they knew there was never any chance of directing me into a position where I would ever become a drug dealer. This made it necessary to show that I had read my DEA files and didn't disagree with them. The DEA, Dirty Dozen, and my wife conducted this covert operation.

Kathy's brother, George Griffith, asked me if I would like my DEA files if he could get them for me for free. I said for free sure, and that I would like to see what is in them if they are free. George Griffith told me he could do this through some other guy's case that I didn't know. I then told other people that I was going to get my DEA files for free. I later asked George Griffith if he was still going to get me my files, and he said yes. I never heard back from George Griffith and never did anything knowingly to get my files. Now that the DEA had a tape that I was going to get my files, they proceeded forward with their covert operation to generate and create photos that I did request and get my files. This covert operation was conducted by Kathy Schlund working for the DEA to discredit me as a witness, and Kathy Schlund believed she would be killed if she didn't do this covert operation as ordered by the DEA.

The first step of this covert operation was to get me to unknowingly sign the request form. At this period of time the DEA was torturing me satanically with a bugging device that with long exposure causing an Auto Immune Disease known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This disease was severely disabling me. I believe that the DEA or others under the DEA then gave Kathy Schlund the form to be signed by me and had Kathy Schlund put it in with all the other forms that I had to sign that month in my business papers. Kathy would review these forms and have me sign them; this was part of the partnership we had. If I did sign a FOIA form for the DEA it was unknown to me and the DEA would have not maintained sound and a video of it because the DEA knew that I wasn't knowingly signing this form. The DEA would have taken only a picture of the signing to use as fabricated evidence. There can be no video and sound of me knowingly signing this paper. To conduct this covert operation the DEA would have had to make this look like some kind of form instead of a letter. After the DEA completed this phase of their covert operation they then used Kathy Schlund again.

This phase of their covert operation was conducted at Kathy's mom's house. While at Kathy's mom's house, Kathy Schlund handed me a large envelope addressed to me and asked me to take this out and put it in the car. I asked Kathy what this was and Kathy told me it was papers for her brother and his appeal. I then asked Kathy why it was addressed to me. Kathy replied that her brother had to have someone to send it to. I said all right and took the envelope out to the car and put it, I believe, on the back seat. At this time the DEA again photographed me creating fabricated evidence that I had knowingly received these files.

I believe Kathy asked me to also pull the car out into the street but this I'm unsure of. I then returned to the house and ate dinner; when we left I asked Kathy where this envelope was. Kathy replied that she had put it in the trunk of the car; at this point we proceeded home. Some days later when I was leaving for work and had to look in the schedule book on the desk there was a pile of papers on my desk. I asked Kathy what these papers were. Kathy replied that they were her brother's papers for his appeal. Kathy then told me I could look at them if I wanted; I then looked through these papers a little for about one or two minutes. Again, the DEA started to take photographs to generate fabricated evidence to show that I not only got my files but that I had read my files. Again, the DEA couldn't have taken a video and sound because this would prove that I didn't know what these papers really were.

The DEA knew the whole time that I had never knowingly requested or knowingly received my files. In these papers there was nothing blacked out to indicate these were freedom of information files and all names were included but I only looked for about one or two minutes and didn't recognize anything in these files. Later that week Kathy handed me the garbage bag that had been tied up and asked me to carry out the garbage. I told her to do it herself and she replied that I had to do it right now before the garbage man came. I protested but rather than fight with her I carried out the garbage. Again the DEA starts taking photos of me to create fabricated evidence that I was now throwing away my files. During this period of time I had no idea that any of this took place. Later after Kathy and I had broken up and were divorced, Kathy started telling me what the fabricated evidence was in my DEA files over the phone.

The FBI who I had gone to and requested to be monitored was taping this conversation. I asked Kathy how she could have read my DEA files with me knowing I have never requested or received them. This phone call led me to discover how the DEA conducted their covert operation to frame me and to generate fabricated and created evidence that I had knowingly requested, received and deposed of my DEA files.

Then the DEA and/or other co-conspirators did inject Kathy Schlund with CIA designed monitoring and torture devices to threaten, intimidate, and torture her to control and manage her to conduct the cover-up of their covert operations. These acts were covert acts to obstruct justice and threaten her as a witness under cover of law and cover of authority.

After all this took place, I did request my files; and the DEA has and is still denying me this evidence. This is being done to deprive me of evidence needed to show how the DEA conducted its covert operations to frame me as a drug dealer, the DEA fully knowing this whole time that I was not a drug dealer. This evidence is needed in my lawsuit against the DEA and is being denied to me to obstruct justice and delay my trial against the DEA. This conspiracy is part of the cover-up of the assassination of John F. Kennedy and must be stopped so the truth can become openly known.

Let me explain this a little differently. I requested my DEA files in 1978, and the DEA replied that there were no DEA files on me other than what they had given us on the filming at Mike Joyce's house. Now, let's move up to 1989 or 1990. The DEA frames me to make it look like I requested my DEA files and that I received, read and disposed of my DEA files. None of these events really ever took place. They were all staged by the DEA and others working under the DEA.

Now let's move up to the present, starting in about 1996. I requested my DEA files that the DEA claims I have already received, and the DEA refuses to release these files. The DEA fully knows that this request under the FOIA is to obtain evidence needed to show in federal court how the DEA fabricated all the evidence and committed perjury before the federal court to obtain false warrants to justify the torture of me to cover up the information I have against the DEA and others like corrupt federal and state judges. Next, the federal court, using one of the corrupt judges I had been supplying the FBI information on, throws my lawsuit out to stop discovery to stop the release of the evidence to me in the release of my records.

We refiled and are now before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Next, the DEA will be forced to release the evidence that they have first refused they had, second framed me as already received the evidence, third refused to release the evidence. (The DEA is increasing the torture dramatically to threaten me while I'm typing this part. The DEA scrambled my brain so badly that I do not know what I'm doing as I try to write this letter. My freedom of speech has been denied me by the use of torture against me to deprive me of my right to a trial to cover up the truth until I can be murdered by the DEA and the files will then be released or until I'm close to death where the files will do me no good.


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