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DEA Atrocities-Part 6

During this period of time the DEA would brief Kathy on where I went and everything I did. The DEA would also use Kathy to generate conversations to be used against me to discredit me if anything ever became exposed. The DEA always used Kathy to generate conversations to discredit me and make it appear that she was the good person. The generation of such conversations is standard practice by the DEA to discredit targeted individuals, and has been used since the formation of the DEA. (I got tortured and threatened for the typing of that.)

During this time period I had not sold any drugs to anyone since 1977 or 1978 and I was followed every day everywhere I went and everything I said was recorded by the DEA in the cover-up of the Don Bolles Papers and other information I had against the DEA. I did not sell drugs to anyone and I did not make or smuggle drugs. What I am trying to explain to the court is that the DEA knew there was no chance of me selling drugs so they believed it was necessary for them to protect themselves and others I knew of, and they believed the only practical way of protecting these people was to frame me as a drug dealer to authorize the collection of evidence to discredit me. The DEA funneled monies out of the government to cover up criminal activities by them and others under their protection to conduct a created, fabricated and generated political investigation to remove me as a witness to their drug dealings, murders and other corruption's. They then used these funds to monitor me and control me to cover up their crimes and the crimes of others under their protection. The DEA also used corrupt State and/or City agents to support their fabricated findings to justify the continual investigation, torture, and control of me. The DEA also used other individuals in the Dirty Dozen and their associates to create conversations in support of the DEA position. This conduct by the Federal and State governments and others was not done as an investigation but was done to protect the corrupt Judges, Congressmen, Senators, Federal agents, police officers and many others that I had read files on in the Don Bolles Papers.

During this period of time my daughter Summer was very ill, and some days was unable to even walk due to the monitoring devices that were installed in her by the corrupt DEA agents. My father was also very sick from the constant exposure to the devices and was slowly dying from the effects of the devices. My brother Tom had developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 1977, like me, and was sick until I went to his house in 1992 with the FBI and had him also give the FBI permission to monitor him without the use of a warrant.

During this time frame (1984) Kathy went to the hospital to have her tubes tied. During this operation, which was done at 24th Street and Roosevelt at Maricopa County Hospital, Kathy died on the operating table and had to be revived. The doctor took X-rays to see what had happened. He told me that it looked like there were six dimes in Kathy's left lung on the X-rays. The doctor then went over the X-rays with me. The doctor wanted to remove these to see what they were, and I agreed and told the doctor to remove them. The doctor told me he had never seen anything like this before. The doctor then left the room and started to walk down the hall, and I saw one of the DEA agents that had been escorting me at times pull the doctor to the side and talk to him. The doctor then returned to the room and said "It's OK, I think it's OK, they said it's OK." I then was sure that these were the same kind of implants that I had read about in the DEA files I had read in 1977. This kind of implant was designed to be removable in case the DEA was exposed conducting this kind of criminal behavior.

I had long suspected that this was one of the ways that the DEA was monitoring Kathy and me. Kathy had been complaining to me about me sticking things down her throat in the middle of the night. I would often wake up with needle holes in my arms from the IV's, and the DEA on some nights would even leave the bloody cotton ball on my arm where the IV was installed during the night. This court may believe that it's all right for the government to conduct secret medical procedures in the middle of the night on American citizens under the protection of a warrant issued by the Federal court, but I'm sure the jury in trial will disagree in the strongest ways possible.

It's about 10:00 PM on November 29, 1999. The DEA turned the screaming in my head down very slowly last night as I went to sleep. The mode they were using was not a very bad mode--it was just loud and impossible to sleep until it was turned down. It most likely took the DEA about one and a half hours to turn the mode down so I could go to sleep. The DEA then only woke me once during the night for a very small torture session. This morning when I awoke the DEA didn't torture me much at all and I was able to get some things done and go to work. Today was one of those days that I did little actual work but I did go three places to pay my taxes and I did do a little job and pick up some material and other things. The torture was very light until I reached Arizona Brake and Clutch in the late afternoon.

Once I was at Arizona Brake and Clutch, the torture was increased to levels that I was in pain and the noises were quite loud in my head. The court must understand the DEA has always had cameras everywhere I work to totally monitor me. The torture was not bad enough to make me very disabled and in all, the day was one of the nicest in many years. As I headed home the torture was increased and decreased at times.

When I got home, my face was distorted from being microwaved; and my cheeks were swollen and saggy and I also had many other signs of being tortured. After I got home, I became a much greater threat to them because it was now time for me to work on this letter to the court. The torture was then increased to disable and threaten me. I then answered some e-mail on my computer, and then I ate and laid down to recover from the mild torture. Now they worked on me harder, but at very low power. When I awoke and got ready to type, the implants were put in four different modes at the same time. One mode is a rapid pulse on the left side and one mode is a much heavier and slower pulse on the left side. The third mode is a crushing effect on both sides and the fourth mode is just a whining sound on the right side. The power levels are very low, except for the slow pulsed mode which, I believe is the mode they use to microwave me. This mode is also on low power but it is capable of torturing badly on low power and is capable of causing death on high power. I'm now about 60% physically disabled and about 75% mentally disabled which isn't bad compared to the last 6 years.

My eyes are not good and I'm somewhat limited in my vision from the current modes. I checked my blood sugar for my diabetes, which has been high and is usually high after I'm tortured daily. My blood sugar was 68 which is below normal and is the lowest reading I have had in some time. It is still possible that my diabetes will not be bad if I get some relief from the torture soon. Without some relief soon, the diabetes will continue to get much worse as time goes on from the never-ending torture.

I'm also always tortured if I play with any of my grandkids. When I was reading the behavioral modifications studies in the Don Bolles Papers this was how they controlled the behavior of targeted individuals and/or groups of people that were interacting with each other. I know from reading the CIA and DEA studies that the torture while I'm playing with children is designed to make me violent and stop normal interactions. These studies were always successful in the Don Bolles Papers and this was a good way of discrediting targeted people. The power levels of the torture are not so severe now but I'm totally unable to control anger. I believe the reduced power levels of the last couple weeks or longer are a direct result of some of the letters I have written the Department of Justice and others and that there is someone new watching about which the DEA is a little paranoid. Don't misunderstand this, I have never been a violent person unless I was attacked first. Irritable under torture would be a better term.

It is now about 2:30 AM on the morning of November 30, 1999. I have been in bed for some time and have repeatedly asked the DEA to allow me to sleep. The DEA's reply has been to harass me with this pulse weapon on the left side while holding a constant hum on the right side. If I beat my ear hard and make a lot of noise, I can scramble the filter in the implant and the implant stops the pulsed sounds and goes into a constant sound which really isn't torture...the constant sound is just harassment. As soon as I stop hitting my ear the sounds start to condense and in about one minute the DEA has condensed the sounds into a pulse of sound again to torture me. This pulse of sound is made up of a bunch of 'milli-second in duration' sounds of different frequencies all bunched together into close to a single pulse. These pulses are produced at about eight per second. This is the current way the DEA uses to deprive me of sleep and by using this type of pulsed sounds they can deprive me of sleep for up to about one week and not allow me any sleep at all. I generally fall to sleep within one minute of the pulses being turned off. I am insane while the pulses are being used against me and I am not responsible for what I say or do during this form of torture--depending on power levels. The best way I could explain this form of torture to the court is it's like a flash bulb going off inside your head eight times a second. After about two hours of this I start to lose it and degrade from that point. This torture mode is usually used about eighteen hours a day against me. This mode is usually used with other modes but at this time it's the only mode being used on the left side. Sometimes this mode is used on both sides but because of where the implant is placed on the left side it's about twenty times louder on the left side so the DEA prefers to use the left side for this kind of torture. Currently the DEA is trying to deprive me of as much sleep as possible to deprive me of funds for Christmas. By depriving me of my ability to sleep, they deprive me of my ability to work and make a living and this mode is also capable of limiting my freedom of speech almost totally when it's used at higher power levels.

It's now about 6:00 PM. The torture was light today. I lost much of the feeling in my hands and feet after about the first three hours after leaving the house. This was a common symptom in the CIA and DEA files from the effects of the monitoring devices after being used against people for long periods of time. I was kept mostly disabled during the day but the torture was very light compared to the past. The DEA is trying to find a way to back off because the exposure of framing me as a drug dealer is too great. They are still using a pulsed weapon on the left side, and the right side is just humming right now. The pulsed weapon on the left side is many thousands of times below the power levels the DEA used against me in the past. My face is not distorted today as bad as it was yesterday. My checks are swollen some and saggy from the torture. I'm now starting to feel my fingertips as the DEA reduces the torture since my return home. This is very unusual, and in the past the torture has always been dramatically increased after my return home.

It's now about 1985 and the DEA monitors and controls me all day, every day. My home is always under 24-hour surveillance by the DEA. I now live at 5327 West Riviera in Glendale, Arizona. Things are going really good at work and the DEA does not torture me near as badly as they had in the past. I'm still followed everywhere I go, and if I say anything about the information I have, I'm horribly tortured. The DEA totally directs my sleep and awake patterns most of the time. If I do anything they don't want me to do, I'm disabled with the devices, and if I do what they want me to do, I'm rewarded. I'm seeing Dr. Ceransky regularly for my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as I have been for many years. I have already consumed thousands of pills and I have had all different kinds of shots and none of this helped the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The court must understand that the DEA is satanically torturing me right now as I type this letter to stop me from typing and the information contained in this letter may not be correct to the exact time frame due to this torture but the other information is correct.

During this time frame, I was not aware of the fact that Dr. Ceransky was one of them and had been furnished as my doctor by Kathy and the DEA for the purpose of controlling me. I did not become aware of this fact until about 1990. I should have known, because of what the doctor had told me in the past; but I was too sick from the bugging devices to be able to fully function as a human being during this time frame. Dr. Ceransky had told me a few times that if I would keep my mouth shut, the illness would go away. Kathy had also settled down during this time, and I wasn't openly having all the trouble with her that I had been having in the past.

The time frame is now approximately 1986, and nothing has changed. The DEA still controls me and monitors everything I do and say. I do not sell drugs, steal, or hurt people but the government, using the DEA, monitors everything I do and say, and has total control over me with the devices they are using against me. The only thing I do every day is work 12 to 16 hours a day. My employees, Danny Pomeroy and Harold Elston, are also showing signs of being bugged very badly by the DEA and they are also under constant surveillance. The court must also understand that when I was reading the designing of these devices I also read the DEA experiments and research on using the devices to force people to use drugs to obtain relief from the torture. The court must understand the DEA fully knew this entire time that I was a witness against them and others, and that the DEA investigation of me was to cover up their crimes. During this time frame I had to let Danny Pomeroy go due to the effects of the bugging devices. He could not remember what he was doing, and was too sick from the bugging to be able to work. The DEA will claim drugs caused this, which is totally untrue.

This was done to Danny Pomeroy for the sole reason of removing him because he was a witness against Kathy and against the DEA following me everywhere I went during the day, every day. He was also a witness for me that I do not sell drugs to anyone.

The time frame is now approximately 1987. Kathy is partying with the Dirty Dozen again, and on some days the DEA is in my house with Kathy; when I get home, the DEA and me play a game of seeing if they can get away without me catching them. This only happens if I drop by my house unannounced during the day while I'm driving by, going from job to job. In other words, this only happens when the DEA have their pants off while they are in my house with my wife. In the 1970's I would have to drive Phillip Jordan out of my house and now during the 1980's I have to drive other DEA agents out of my house, like Wilkey, who was one of the DEA agents who had been following me daily. The control and torture of me by the DEA is now increasing, and at times it's impossible to work when the DEA turns the torture up. I am followed everywhere and photographed by the DEA and Dirty Dozen at times. The DEA has cameras in my home, and I do not sell drugs, make drugs, or smuggle drugs. When I have sex with my wife, the DEA calls me on the phone afterwards and comments on the sex. The Dirty Dozen also does the same thing. During many of the past years, I have been working on many of the DEA, CIA, and Dirty Dozens covert operations. These jobs included work at many of their corporations, businesses, houses and others. The DEA monitors everything I do and say to control me and uses the devices they are using against me to torture me when they need to.

The time frame is now approximately 1988. Kathy's activities with the Dirty Dozen have dramatically increased, and Kathy is also in constant contact with the DEA. These activities are done while I'm at work. The DEA takes photos of me during the day and briefs Kathy on my whereabouts and everything I said that they can use to make her help them in the set-up of me to frame me as being a drug dealer. I sell no drugs, I don't steal, I don't hurt people, which leaves the DEA no chance against me without first framing me as being a drug dealer. Kathy actively works with the DEA in the framing of me as being a drug dealer.

One of these operations is as follows: I was going fishing at Rocky Point, Mexico for the weekend. Kathy asked me to drop by the drug store in Rocky Point and pick up some Retin-A. Retin-A is a skin cream that is sold very cheaply in Mexico. The DEA had used Kathy in this operation to make it appear that I was making Speed. When I went into the drug store the pharmacist holds up a bottle of cough syrup and says something to me in Spanish. I do not speak or understand Spanish. The DEA takes a photo. Next Bob Owrso, Randy Owrso, and I walk to the counter and ask for some Retin-A. The pharmacist goes and gets some Retin-A, but first he sets the cough syrup down on the counter next to the cash register. When he returns with the Retin-A, I inform him that I also want some Amoxycillin and he goes and gets that and returns and sets it down on the counter.

The pharmacist then rings up my purchases and puts everything in a bag. He then picks up the cough syrup and puts it in the bag. At this time the DEA takes a still photo. It could not have been a movie because I made him remove the cough syrup and told him I did not want any cough syrup and asked him if he charged me for it. He pretended that he doesn't speak any English. A few days after this happened Kathy asked me to go upstairs and get some cough syrup out of our medicine cabinet for her because the kids had a cough. I told her to get it herself and that I was late for work. She then jumped on me about how I don't help her and I said OK and went up and got the box of cough syrup out of the medicine cabinet and returned downstairs with it. Kathy and the kids had left and there I was holding a box of cough syrup. I then set it down on the bar and went to work. I'm sure the DEA then again took some still photos of me to frame me as being a speed manufacturer.

All of this was a set-up by Kathy and the DEA to make it look like I was buying cough syrup to make speed with. There can be no film or video or sound of these events, because it never happened, but there can be some still photos of the set-up of me to make it appear that I had bought some cough syrup. I had known that the Dirty Dozen went to the pharmacy in Rocky Point to buy cough syrup to make speed with, because this operation was under the protection of the DEA who ran the drug cartel known as the Dirty Dozen. Carl Altz who was the informant that the DEA used in court in my trial had told me back in the 1970's that he had designed this process to make speed. The DEA in my trial referred to Carl Altz as Special Agent Carl Altz.

To get Kathy to help the DEA in the framing of me as being a drug dealer, first they needed to make it appear that I was cheating on Kathy. I was not cheating on Kathy. To conduct this operation the DEA would block me at an intersection like Van Buren and approximately 29th Street and have this big fat black crack addict jump in my truck. The DEA who was behind me and driving a silver or gray Mercedes would then take photos of her getting into my truck. They couldn't have taken any photos of me driving away with her, because I forced her back out of my truck. When I got home that night, Kathy had already seen the photos. When I was at Dr. Ceransky's office for my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome a couple of days later, he had also seen the photos.

This is why the DEA (who is an American Gestapo) was formed to violate Human Rights and Constitutional Rights under the cover of law and to operate as a covert operation of the CIA. In the Don Bolles papers the DEA was responsible for most of the crime in the United States and was a covert operation of the CIA. The DEA bugged all political witnesses that were witnesses against the people they protected. The DEA directed the running of most of the drugs in the United States and was directly responsible for the distribution of these drugs to the American cities. The DEA conducted the investigation that led to the murders of the people under investigation. The DEA oversaw and protected the production of the child pornography that was used to discredit political threats. The DEA maintained false files on political threats to the empire that they protected which was run by the Rockefellers. These false files were used to discredit political witnesses and dissidents.

Today's date is December 2, 1999. The DEA harassed and tortured me most of the night last night for what I typed in this letter to the court yesterday. After I got up this morning the torture was light during the first part of today. I was working at Glendale Iron and Metal changing a motor out on a conveyor. While I was working on this job the DEA started to use one of the torture modes against me that they have used many times over the years. As the DEA started to torture me with this mode on low power, I became severally disabled due to the torture. (The DEA just now changed modes and is making me scream some, torturing me to threaten me for what I'm writing now.) The torture mode that the DEA used against me at Glendale Iron started when I had Richard, the maintenance man, help me by using the cutting torch to remove some metal that was in the way of the motor I was installing. After Richard had finished his work the torture by the DEA continued until I started to leave the job at about 3:30 PM. I was also tortured at other times during the day while I was driving in my truck across town to get the motor and as I returned to Glendale Iron.

After I left Glendale Iron, the torture was reduced; but I was still tortured with different kinds of modes. After I got home, and it was time for me to work on this letter, the DEA again changed modes and I lost much of the feeling in my hands and feet and there were also many other effects of the devices that stopped me from working on this letter. I laid down to try to get some relief from the torture and to try to recover from what the DEA had done to me earlier in the day. At that time the DEA changed the kinds of torture they were using against me and started to make all kinds of different sounds in my head to stop me from sleeping and being able to recover from the earlier torture. These actions were done to me again to stop me from writing and to limit my freedom of speech as much as the DEA thought they could get away with. As I'm working on this letter, the DEA is changing modes to blur my vision and they are also crushing my skull or at least giving me the sensation of having my skull crushed to further limit my ability to type and to deprive me of my abilities to write this letter to the court.

I do have to stop writing now to recover some from the effects of the torture and I will return to the writing of this letter as soon as the DEA allows my mind and body to function well enough to accomplish this task. I do not believe that the DEA will allow this but I still will try to write some when I recover enough.

I just returned from Fry's Food Store where I had to buy some groceries. The torture was light on the way to Fry's, and I was only tortured a few times while I was shopping. While I was in the check-out line under the DEA cameras, the DEA increased the torture to unbearable levels in different modes about six times. The court must understand that I am a political witness against the DEA and the DEA has used thousands of cameras over the years against me and has installed a camera or cameras everywhere I go. Many of these cameras are store cameras but stores like Fry's are associated with Kroger Foods, who in the Don Bolles Papers, was part of the Rockefeller empire.


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