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DEA Atrocities-Part 5

Even third world countries, like Central and South American countries, have signed a treaty guaranteeing its citizens the right to their own bodies. The United States has not signed the Inner American Treaty; but because of my work with the FBI and the torture of me as a result of this work, the President of the United States has ordered all of the agencies to abide by treaties that may be ratified in the future. One of these treaties would be the Inner American Treaty. This order was Presidential Executive Order Number 13107, dated December 10, 1998. A copy of this Presidential Order is enclosed with this letter (see Excerpt) for the court.

We also had files and papers on the designing of devices that could be incorporated into jewelry, buttons, clothing, credit cards, driver's licenses, tooth caps or even glued to the person for up to 90 days. Some of these monitoring devices also caused a wide range of illnesses and/or conditions like Epstein Barr virus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Yuppie Flu, Gulf War Illness, Tinnitus, Arthritis, Childhood Leukemia, and many others. The cause of these illnesses in many of the cases was and is these monitoring devices. It is true that autoimmune diseases do occur naturally in the population but this is rare and cannot account for the number of illnesses currently in the American population. I read in the newspaper recently that 17 million Americans suffer from Depression.

Depression is one of the leading effects caused by these devices. Did the court know that countries that are not under their control, like Russia or China, have very few cases of these diseases or illnesses in their populations and these diseases are almost unknown there due to the lack of use of these kinds of devices? I scanned the device that the DEA used to give me Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with in 1990 or 1991, and it operated on a frequency of 724.56 MHz, and when it was close to or in contact with my skin it gave me a disease known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which is an autoimmune response caused from the exposure to the fields from these devices. These devices are one of the most commonly used in the United States, and the device was made into my Levi button. By removing my Levi button from my clothing the symptoms of the disease would subside in about 15 minutes and I would almost fully recover in a couple of hours.

I also read files on the designing of many other kinds of monitoring devices that were used to monitor the general public without the use of warrants. One of these devices was a small microchip that was made into postage stamps and mailed into people's homes to monitor the general public for short periods of time. Another of these devices was a pen that was made to look like a standard government pen. Whatever the person using this pen wrote would also come up on their screen. This pen was also made in models for civilian use.

During the CIA and DEA research and experimentation with these devices on the American people and others, they found out that many of the people were committing suicide to escape the torture. After they had established that some of the targeted people would commit suicide to obtain relief from the torture, the CIA and DEA then tried to design the devices and the ways the devices were used to force the targeted people to commit suicide to stop the torture of them.

The court must understand that these devices are not used against drug dealers; if they were, there would be no drug dealers. These devices are only used against people for economic and political reasons. In the first year before the experiments about 9.4% percent of the people committed suicide to escape being tortured. This is when the CIA and DEA realized that with these devices it might not be necessary to assassinate people anymore. They then believed that they could force these people to kill themselves, which would make their job much safer and their exposure much more unlikely. They then improved the torture programs and devices and the death rate by suicide increased to about 11.5% and then they believed that they could accomplish their goals and force all the people to commit suicide.

They now had perfected the torture modes and were into the second year of this kind of research. After the second year when the death rate was calculated, the figure fell to about 10.6%. It was at this time that they realized they could not force everyone to commit suicide with the devices, and they had concluded from this research that only about one-third of the people would commit suicide. The others would allow themselves to be horribly tortured to death rather than commit suicide. Let the court fully understand that I would have committed suicide to escape the torture if I had been one of these people and did not know what the cause of my torture, pain and suffering was.

Another device that I did read in the files and papers on the designing, manufacturing and use of, were the devices designed to monitor our military troops in the field. These devices were much simpler than the devices injected into me. Still, these devices could cause a wide range of illnesses depending on the autoimmune responses of the injected person. We call this wide range of symptoms the Gulf War Illness. The court fully has the power to verify that these troops were injected with these devices before battle in their vaccination shots. The court also has the power to cover up these outrageous acts by the government, which will cause the suffering of many more citizens of the United States. By allowing us discovery, and letting this case go forward, we may stop the use of these devices, which has caused illnesses in millions of Americans.

By stopping this case and forcing us to appeal, which will eventually bring this case before the World Court on much higher charges, this court will violate the national security of the United States by forcing us to expose the truth before the world. This case was not intended to ever be public by me. I had always hoped that this could be fixed without the information ever becoming public. The Bad guys (namely the DEA) have refused every attempt by the President, FBI, others, and me to fix these problems and protect the American People. These acts are why this case is before this court now.

Today's date is November 27, 1999 and the time is now after 2:30 AM. The DEA is partially blinding me and is using a pulsed weapon that is incorporated in the implants to deprive me of sleep and even after my repeated demands to allow me to sleep, the DEA has refused to stop torturing me and allow me to go to sleep.

The DEA is covertly trying to stop this portion of the letter. The DEA is fully aware of the fact that my lawyer and I were planning to go fishing tomorrow and by depriving me of sleep tonight they know that I could not sleep tomorrow during the day so I would have to sleep tomorrow night and I would not be able to type on the letter then if they now deprive me of sleep. These plans may now change by the DEA using the implants on my lawyer to show that this didn't happen. Even if this becomes the case, I will still be too disabled from this torture session tonight to express and or enjoy my freedom of speech in the typing of this letter and the DEA fully knows this. These acts by the DEA are obstruction of justice and is witness tampering by the DEA. These acts are an attempt by the DEA to so delay this letter that it will stop this letter from being incorporated in the current filing into the Federal court so the court can make its ruling without the facts or this evidence. The court can then rule this letter moot and that it was not filed timely with the rest of the evidence. Now again I am going to try to sleep and again I believe the DEA will try to stop me from sleeping to so disrupt my life as to fix the evidence and court proceeding in their favor.

It is now approximately 11:30 AM on the morning of November 27, 1999. I was still tortured for awhile after I tried to sleep again last night, but the torture was slowly turned down until I was allowed to sleep. The second that I opened my eyes this morning, the DEA started to rapidly raise the torture until it became unbearable, then they reduced the torture to bearable levels until now. As soon as I started to work on this letter the torture was increased to where the DEA is again crushing my brain to intimidate and threaten me for typing this portion of the evidence for the court.

It's now 5:30 PM on November 27, 1999, and I just returned from going to the store with my lawyer. The torture was turned down during the entire time I was with my lawyer, and then the torture was dramatically increased as soon as he returned me home to disable me and limit my ability to write this letter to the court. It is true that the current modes and power levels of the torture are very low compared to the past but these modes still do constitute the use of torture against me by the DEA and/or others.

It's now about 7:30 PM on November 27, 1999, and I just got back up from bed. I had to lie down to recover from the torture. After I opened my eyes, the DEA brought up the sounds loud in my left ear and forced me out of bed. Then they brought up the bugging mode.

It's now about 11:00 PM on November 27, 1999. The DEA has changed its tactics and is now giving me flu-like symptoms. The DEA believes that giving someone the symptoms of diseases does not constitute torture. I disagree fully. The DEA also believes that by me telling the court what the DEA is really doing to me makes my statement to the court unbelievable.

It is true that it may be unbelievable that these devices are capable of imitating the symptoms of diseases to uneducated or ignorant people but we are fully prepared to be able to prove that diseases or the symptoms of diseases can be imitated electronically during trial. The court must understand that the human body operates on electrical impulses that are transmitted by the nerves. These electrical impulses cause the body to produce a wide range of different chemicals and immune responses. By introducing a much larger power supply into the body than the body's power supply can alter, change or imitate, the human body's electrical signals causes a very wide range of different symptoms--including the torture of the targeted person.

It's now about 10:15 AM November 28, 1999. The torture was different again this morning. The DEA brought up the screaming in my head from the implants very slowly until it was as loud as a jet winding up its engines right next to me. The sounds were all pulsed at different rates where I can hear between the pulses. Then the DEA reduced the sounds very slowly until it is almost totally quiet. It took about 45 minutes to bring the sounds up to the power level the DEA stopped at and it also took about 45 minutes for them to reduce the power to the current level. These current forms of harassment and torture are the nicest the DEA has ever been to me during torture sessions.

It's now about 5:00 PM, and the DEA reduces the torture they use on me in the other rooms of my house when I come in the computer room at this time. I'm still under torture in the computer room, but the mode is changed to where I'm not beating on my ears or doing the things that would make the torture so noticeable to others watching. The torture mode and/or modes are changed into a mode and/or modes where they are crushing my skull and removing the feeling from my hands, legs and feet. There is no question about why they use this mode on me while I'm trying to write this letter. The DEA's only intent using this mode is to mentally deprive me of my abilities to function well enough to accurately supply the court and others with the information.

We're now up to the year 1978 or 1979, and the DEA still monitors everything I do and tortures me anytime I say anything about the Don Bolles Papers. I am now being offered (about every 90 days) protection if I would agree to join the Dirty Dozen. These offers continued until the spring of 1991 when I went to the DEA and gave them information on a speed lab that produced 200 to 250 pounds of speed a week; after that all offers of protection stopped. No money or positions of power was ever offered to me again. Before I leave Seattle, Washington and return to Arizona the DEA takes my two passports out of my car and keeps these passports until about the fall of 1990 or the spring of 1991 and then returns them and puts them in my desk. There is no question if the DEA took them as I was leading the DEA around to draw them in close so I would be able to identify them when they took them from where my car was parked in a parking lot in Seattle. I had just hidden the passports in the liner of the overhead of the car. When I returned to the car they were gone. After the DEA returned the passports, I went through them and there were no new entries made that I could see. I believe they used the passports to have someone else pretend that they were me. I briefed the FBI on this in 1991 and 1992. About two years ago the DEA or others again came in and hid or removed my old passports. I do not remember where last I had put them due to the torture of me, but I did have them here in my home and they are gone. There cannot be any photos of me with or using these passports during the time they were removed from me. If any such photos exist they are not real.

I believe we are now talking about 1979. I'm falling down all the time from the effects of the bugging devices, and I'm also screaming from the headaches. Almost every time I stand up I lose my balance and everything spins from the effects of the bugging devices. I'm kept in a state of terror and mental depression and it is almost impossible to remember any events from this period of time due to the torture. Kathy, my girlfriend, is a go-go dancer during this period and is usually off partying with the Dirty Dozen and the DEA agents that are running this organized crime network.

I am so disabled at times that I am even unable to sign my own name and I require help at times. This is when I scheduled my first CT Scan at a trailer outside of John C. Lincoln Hospital on Hatcher Road in Phoenix. The CT Scan operator tells me there are a lot of people like me and all they can find wrong with them is sores on the outer covering of their brains. They inject the chemicals in me and give me a CT Scan. The results were there are no tumors but there are small spots on the outside of the brain but the operator doesn't know what they are.

I believe the time frame is now about 1980, and Kathy and I have moved to a trailer next to my parents' house. The DEA comes in my home using a warrant all the time after gassing me. Kathy is still partying with the Dirty Dozen. Years later I find out that "her old man" in the Dirty Dozen was a guy called Critter, and he lived off of North Central Avenue close to downtown Phoenix. The DEA has also started the attack against my parents, and my dad is becoming very ill from the effects of the bugging devices and/or implants.

I am not involved in drugs, and the only drugs I even see are when I'm at the bar going dancing. We would go to Gary's Lounge during those times and the Dirty Dozen would also be there. Sometimes I would smoke a joint of marijuana with the people there but this was the extent of my drug involvement. The DEA monitors me everywhere I go except when I visited someone under their protection. I watch them take photos and films of me and I am bugged all the time in the cover-up of the Don Bolles Papers.

The time frame is still approximately 1980. I'm now starting to feel a little better, but I am still bugged and monitored everywhere I go. I decide to go back into business again. The DEA had driven me out of business the last time by controlling my bank accounts, phones, pagers, and mail and by using the monitoring, control and torture devices against me constantly. The DEA had totally destroyed my life and had satanically tortured me for me refusing to sell their drugs and join them in the killing of all the little girls and boys they had been feeding the judges and other politicians in the different branches of the government. I have suffered an unmeasurable amount of pain for my refusal to murder people, steal, sell drugs and help the DEA and others in the protection of their organized crime empire. I now go back into business and start to again rebuild my life. I have lost everything I owned due to the control and torture of me by the DEA and those working directly under them.

After I go back into business I take out a yellow page ad in the phone book and the calls start to come in. It does not take long until I'm making good money and things are going pretty well. The DEA and others still monitor everything I do and follow me everywhere I go. I'm still constantly filmed everywhere I go and any time I say anything about the Don Bolles Papers I'm tortured and that night I'm gassed and taken out of my house and worked on. Sometimes the DEA keeps me for two or even three days at a time before bringing me home. The time frame is now approximately 1981. Things are going better and the torture is again reduced. Summer, one of my children, is very sick from the device the DEA injected into her and at times is dying from the Leukemia-like symptoms from the fields from the DEA's device. Summer was about two and a half years old when the DEA injected her with the monitoring device, which was done to monitor Kathy without disabling Kathy with the device so she could still sexually entertain the DEA, judges, and other politicians.

At that time I still did not believe what was happening and I believed Kathy and the other witnesses the Dirty Dozen furnished for her. I did not believe the people that were telling me the truth. During these years I would have to rush Summer to the hospital because she was dying from the effects of the DEA's monitoring devices. She would turn all white and be unable to stand. As the years went on she started bleeding very badly internally and would be laying in a large puddle of blood in the morning when I would go in to check on her. When I would rush her to the hospital the DEA agents monitoring and controlling me would sometimes pull up next to me and laugh about how there was nothing I could do to protect her. The court must understand that many of my friends and family bleed internally from the effects of these devices, and this is very documented and completely provable in a trial. These symptoms are exactly the same as the symptoms I read about in the CIA and DEA files.

The time frame is now approximately 1982. Our electrical business is going well, and I'm starting to make a lot of money. I'm acquiring a number of new accounts. Most of this electrical work is time and materials, and I do not have to quote a price for this work. Unknown to me during this period of time, the DEA and the Dirty Dozen were supplying me with much of my work. The DEA always monitors me and follows me everywhere I go. I am now starting to do a considerable portion of the organized crime network's work, and this drug cartel is under the direct protection of the DEA. I have little involvement or no involvement in drugs of any kind during this time period.

My dad is getting sicker from the effects of the implants and will die from the effects in the coming years. The court must understand that this is murder under the cover of law by the DEA. In the Don Bolles Papers we referred to the DEA as Murder Incorporated because of all the murders they had been committing. In these files we even had information on sending people like Phillip Jordan to Panama to train him and some of his men in the use of the devices to torture innocent people to death. The DEA, in these files, preferred to teach their men on torturing women and children to death to make sure they had what it takes to torture Americans to death. In the Don Bolles Papers, even they could be killed if they ever showed compassion or mercy to anyone, including children. Again, we are prepared to prove before the jury how satanic and sadistic the DEA is.

The court must remember I am sitting at my computer in a room that I have demanded that the DEA monitor and the DEA is still using implants to torture me with fully known that I'm being tortured and that under the torture there is no chance of the DEA ever really conducting a real investigation. There can be no other description of these or the others acts of the DEA other than satanic. The DEA has always had the authority and the power to monitor me without torturing me but torture is their only intent. I have always given the FBI and others my full permission and consent to monitor me in whatever way they believe was necessary. I have written the DEA and even offered to allow them to use FBI implants if they would remove these CIA implants that are torturing me. The DEA has always refused every attempt by me for any compromise and has demanded that they have the authority to use these torture devices against me with no regard to my health or well being. The court must be fully aware of the fact that I have repeatedly offered the DEA all drug information I have, and the DEA has repeatedly informed me that they don't want any drug information from me.

In other words, the DEA's only intent is to destroy my life with these torture devices. The court must be fully aware of the fact that only I can testify to the pain I feel. I am also fully able to supply the court with the declarations of many others, hundreds or more if necessary, that the devices are used for torture. I believe that we are fully able to prove beyond any doubt that these devices are used for torture. I expect the court to claim that such outrageous acts do not happen inside the United States and that crimes like this only happen in other countries. I believe that is what the German people were saying about the slaughter of the Jews. They were wrong, and if this court believes like they did, then this court will also be wrong and it will appear this court is a co-conspirator in the cover-up of these murders, torture, and other crimes against humanity, with greatest respect. (Every time I come into the computer room and try to work on this declaration, the DEA starts to crush my head with the devices. This is a very painful mode, and the use of this mode against me while I'm trying to write disrupts my ability to function as a human being. The use of these devices against me by the DEA as they try to stop me from writing gives the DEA a great advantage over me in their ability to fix these court proceedings in their favor by the use of torture against me.)

The time frame is now approximately 1983. I'm doing very well in business even with the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from the DEA's monitoring devices. I'm keeping my mouth shut about the Don Bolles Papers and the torture is only given to me if I say something I shouldn't say. If I mention the Don Bolles Papers I'm horribly tortured to where I will pass out if I do not shut up. I have now been seeing a number of doctors for many years for the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I have been diagnosed with all kind of things, and I have told my doctors that these symptoms are caused from the exposure to a bugging device and they all look at me like I'm some kind of nut. This is the same response the court has also given me so far. This has been done without allowing me to present any witnesses or even allowing me to appear before the court. The DEA this entire time has satanically tortured me to deprive me of my freedom of speech, freedom of travel, and all other civil liberties under the cover of a fabricated investigation using corrupt judges and other members of their drug cartel to create and authorize this outrageous conduct of the United States against me.

From 1977 until 1990 or 1991 when the FBI started to monitor my wife and me, I had diarrhea very badly every day from the bugging devices. I believe that the DEA used Judge Copple to obtain the warrants for the use of the monitoring devices against me. I believe this because Judge Copple knew that I was a witness against him, and I believe he was trying to collect anything possible against me to protect himself from my testimony against him. I had read his file in the Don Bolles Papers, and [knew] he was a very corrupt judge.

The time frame is now approximately 1984. I'm still doing very well in my business. The DEA will claim that this was Kathy's business. I did have Kathy put her name on the business as owner so she could sign the paperwork during the day while I was at work. This also gave her a morale boost and made her believe she had something to work for, which she did. It is also true that Kathy did put about $3,000.00 of her money into the business or at least give me the money and tell me to do what I wanted to do with it. In reality I was the business and I did almost all of the work, and I ran everything. Kathy had nothing to say about the business and had no knowledge of Electrical Contracting or any other kind of business. I made out all the paperwork and I did the taxes, and then I would have Kathy recopy it because her handwriting was so much better than mine was.


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