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DEA Atrocities-Part 4

The first stage of the DEA's plans was to take over the drug cartels and control the flow of drugs in order to authorize slowly depriving the American People of their privacy and rights. To get authorization for this war against the American People they needed not to stop the drugs but to control the drugs in the ways necessary to create the crime necessary to justify the laws that they needed. The Democrats, corporations, judges, congressmen, senators, and others they needed to monitor could now be investigated under total secrecy and the cover of law in drug investigations. There could never be another Watergate, because these kinds of operations would now be conducted as drug investigations under the total protection of the law, and these operations would also be secret where no one could legally expose them.

In the DEA files I read, no one would be able to get by their judges for a trial and no one would be able to obtain their real records of how the DEA injected them with the devices to torture them. When the DEA would release records they would delete all of their covert operations from the records like how they had gassed these people in the middle of the night and how they had preformed these secret medical procedures on them. By the DEA obtaining these powers it then also allowed them to proceed with biological medical weapons research on these innocent American citizens under total secrecy and the cover of law which resulted in many thousands of deaths. All of the experiments that the CIA had been busted conducting, like the experiments with LSD, were now being conducted secretly under the total protection and cover of the law by the DEA. These people had no chance of anyone ever obtaining their records due to the protection of the DEA by the Federal courts and the Federal Judges that had been appointed by the Presidents, which the Rockefellers had financed, and put into the Presidency of the United States.

In other words, medical research was now called investigations, and by calling medical experimentation investigations, they were now covered under the law. Their victims could not testify against them because they were placed in an unconscious state after being gassed in the middle of the night by the DEA using a warrant. These people were framed as being drug dealers, and the DEA would never allow them the files on how they were gassed. This was the secret government operating in covert operations as the actor played the role of freedom and justice. Again, the court will say surreal and fantastic.

There is a very good documentary called "Cover-up: Behind Iran Contra" This documentary details how this secret government operated and ran the drugs, smuggled arms, and violated all the principles that America was founded upon, and it did all of these acts under the cover of authority and the protection of the government. This is very well documented, provable, and a small piece of my case along with information I was supplying the FBI and others when the DEA injected these devices to stop me.

The DEA in these files and papers also took on many other kinds of responsibilities like the cover-up and misdirecting of the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin L. King, Jr., Mary Jo Kopechne, and the thousands of other assassinations that the CIA, DEA and others had committed in these files. The DEA also would be responsible for the removal of future threats to the Rockefeller's empire and their enemies. There were many such covert operations in the files we had like the framing of Ted Kennedy as being involved in the drug trade to authorize using the new torture and control devices against him. We had many such files and plans like the plans to frame Cher Bono to disable and torture her. Another example would be the girl who had played the part of the young girl on the TV series Walton's Mountain.

They had convinced her that in order to become an actress and continue her acting career she would need larger breasts. When she had these breast implants installed, the DEA installed a microchip in the breast implants to monitor, control and direct her. She then suffered horribly for the next 20 years from the effects of this device until the removal of the breast implants and the microchip.

It is very important to disclose to the court how the torture and disabling of the political witnesses and others is done. First let me quote Jose Delgado. Jose Delgado worked for the CIA and conducted experiments on the control of people electronically. Jose Delgado was Director of Neuropsychiatry at Yale University Medical School. His research was funded covertly by the CIA, and it did lead to the designing of the torture devices in part, that the DEA is currently using with which to torture me under the cover of law. The following is a quote from Jose Delgado. This quote is in the Congressional Record No. 26, Vol. 118, February 24, 1974:

"We need a program of psychosurgery and political control of our society. The purpose of physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated."

"The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective."

"Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electrical stimulation of the brain."

The electrical stimulation Jose Delgado was speaking about is now called the Gulf War Illness and is currently being investigated by a commission under Jay Rockefeller. Now that the court should understand who the DEA is and what the intent of the Rockefellers, CIA and DEA was in the designing of these devices, let's now go to the portion of the documents I read from the United States Department of Justice. I read the memos from Nelson Rockefeller to the United States Department of Justice asking if he could legally use the devices against the American people. The United States Department of Justice replied informing Nelson Rockefeller that it would be illegal to use these devices except in National Security investigations where no laws would pertain. Nelson Rockefeller then sent another memo to the United States Department of Justice asking for a list of the relevant laws that forbid him from using these devices.

The reply from the United States Department of Justice was a long list of rulings and laws. I do not remember all of these laws due to the torture of and the amount of time since I read these files. I do remember some of the laws that would be hard for a normal person to forget like the ruling of Roe vs Wade. This ruling was not just an abortion ruling according to the United States Department of Justice but it also could be interpreted as a Human Rights ruling giving the people rights over their own bodies. Another ruling I do remember vaguely is the Supreme Court ruling that no punishment may be given to a citizen of the United States without a conviction first. The act of injecting these devices can be interpreted as an act of punishment in itself. There were also many listings in the United States Departments of Justice reply that referred to violations of the Constitution of the United States and many other laws and rulings.

Nelson Rockefeller then established covert operations through the CIA and DEA to justify the overturning in part of these laws. These operations were conducted with the intent to make legal the devices they wanted to use against the American people.

The following is a statement from me and is not from the files I read. Although I do not like abortion, after reading these files on why the Republican Party was going to try to overturn, in part, the decision of Roe vs Wade, I do now support the right to abortion, as would most Americans if they knew the truth behind the political attacks against the ruling. The United States Department of Justice briefed Nelson Rockefeller that there could be no defense if he was caught using the devices, and that any citizen would have the right to full compensation in a court of law for the damages caused from the use of the devices against them. The United States Department of Justice also briefed Nelson Rockefeller on the use of the devices on the American Military and had ruled in these papers and files that military personnel would not have any rights to compensation and that they had forfeited those rights by enlisting in the Armed Forces of the United States. The United States Department of Justice also briefed Nelson Rockefeller on the Geneva Convention and informed him that it would be illegal for these devices to be used on prisoners of future wars or conflicts. In these files, Nelson Rockefeller had decided to use the devices anyway and would count on the Federal Judges he had put into their positions of power to protect him and his secret government from any suits that may result from the use of these devices.

Today's date is November 26, 1999, and some of the above was written today. After typing some of the above information, and after I had left the computer room, the DEA then used two different modes from the implants on both sides of my neck. These modes are one of the most life-threatening modes that are incorporated in these implants about which I know. The DEA has used these modes on a much higher power than they did today many times over the years against me, which I believe almost resulted in my death many times during these torture sessions. I believe the DEA used these modes to threaten me with death for what I was typing. I then tried to lie down in my bed to recover and the DEA just played with me while they turned down the devices and continued to torture me satanically. I then went out into the back yard to lay down to try to recover.

It did take some time until I was allowed to go to sleep to recover some, but nowadays it does appear that the DEA has to allow me to sleep and did eventually turn the devices down enough for me to be able to sleep. As soon as I reopened my eyes the torture in a different mode was brought up to further torture and threatened me for what the DEA knew I was about to type next on the computer. Currently the DEA is mildly crushing my skull and the implants are making different sounds in my head. I have lost much of the feeling in my hands and I do have chest pains that come and go. All of these symptoms are the result of the light torture that the DEA is currently using against me. During the entire day the torture was the lightest it's been in a long time and it appears that the torture is gradually being turned down day after day, week after week and month after month. I am currently only about 75% mentally disabled as I try to write this letter, and about 60% physically which is the best it has been in a very long time. In other words, the DEA is currently limiting my freedom of speech by only about 75%. In the past it was impossible to write such a letter as this because the torture was so severe that I was almost totally disabled from the torture during times I tried to write.

Next, I'm going to try to explain to the court what I remember from the experiments on the designing, testing and use of these devices against the American People and others.

While I was reading these papers one of the most interesting things in these files and papers were the files on the experimentation of these and many other kinds of monitoring and torture devices. These government documents that I was reading referred to the use of some kinds of these devices and or implants as a form of mind control. After Jose Delgado and many of the others had mapped out the control points in the brain and what stimuli was needed to control these areas of the brain, it then became the responsibility of the engineers designing the devices to incorporate these electronic control mechanisms into the monitoring devices. Many new technologies had to be engineered and designed and tested to achieve their goals. These files detailed the funneling of many billions of dollars out of the government in the engineering, designing and testing of these new kinds of electronic devices. This money was directly funneled out of the government in covert operations with few of the people involved in the actual funding or experiments even knowing what the end product would be.

The first devices that were developed in the 1950's and 1960's were just monitoring devices and the only kind of implant they used during those years (from my memory) were the kinds they install in the targeted person's lungs or they could also be installed during surgical procedures. I do not remember how the devices were installed in the lungs of targeted people but I do remember that it was being done during those years. Other devices most likely did exist during those years but I have no memory of them from my reading the files. As technology progressed and miniaturization became more possible, many new kinds of devices were designed for the monitoring of the general public and others around the world. In the early 1970's the designing of the devices that would be widely used against the American people was to a point where it was for sure that these devices would work and could be used. I am uncertain of the year but I believe we are now talking about 1973 and the devices are ready for the first mass experiments on the American People.

Into these new devices had been incorporated a wide variety of control and torture modes to torture and control political dissidents, political prisoners, and others inside the United States and around the world. These new devices were capable of making many horrifying sounds that were totally unnatural and hideous. The designing of this part of the devices had originally started with the torture of the Jews with sound under the direction of the Nazis and these experiments were continued in the United States after the war and were still on going at the time of the designing of these and other devices. The CIA had concluded in these files and papers that sound was a very effective weapon and could be used to force targeted people to do what they were trying to force them to do, and was even capable of disrupting the mind and body functions and could even cause death. Another part of the devices was used to generate different kinds of magnetic fields, which were very effective in mind control and torture.

The CIA had known for many years from the illnesses that workers had suffered from exposure to high strength magnetic fields what the effects of prolonged exposure would be. A good example of exposure would be the illness rail yard workers showed from their exposure to DC magnetic fields, which has been well documented over the years--the most noticeable symptoms being fatigue, dizziness, and diarrhea. The CIA had also concluded that many kinds of interacting radio frequencies could also be used to torture and control people and that they could actually cook the brain from the inside out with some of these microwave and other radio frequencies. Again, these technologies are very well documented and the biological damage is also very well documented from exposure to microwaves and other radio frequencies. The CIA had also concluded that it was necessary in some cases to discredit the person without physically torturing him/her.

In other words, it could be necessary to make people believe they were mentally ill. To accomplish this function the devices also had incorporated into them speakers so they could talk to the targeted person through the implants that had been injected into them using a warrant under the cover of law. This gave the CIA the means to discredit and direct the person as needed. In other words, people who hear voices are not credible witnesses and the average person would believe they are mentally unstable, and a doctor would diagnose them that way. The time frame is about 1973 now, and the CIA using its agents and others is ready to conduct the first mass experiments with the devices on innocent American citizens and others. During briefings and discussions we had in these documents, the CIA had concluded that the first experiment would be conducted on children, because an adult may be able to figure out what is happening to him/her.

These devices were then used in a group of different studies on children to determine their effectiveness against the targeted people. The children became very ill and under torture immediately upon the injection and use of the devices against them. The parents of these children then started taking these kids to their doctors, and the doctors came back with a wide range of different causes.

As the torture of these children continued, some of the children developed Leukemia type symptoms and died. Other children started to commit suicide. The court must understand that these were only children, ranging in age from 8 years to 14 years of age, and they were committing suicide to get relief from the torture. Again, experiments on children by the CIA have been well documented, and I have found evidence of this on the Internet. While I was reading these files and papers, I remember holding the picture of a 14 year old girl with long blond hair, and reading the file of how she had killed herself to escape the torture from the devices they had injected into her. This study was conducted in Michigan. These were not studies of a few children; these were mass studies involving a great number of children.

The CIA had concluded these studies to be a success and was now ready for the next studies, which were conducted on college kids and others in the population. These studies were designed to determine if the devices were capable of changing the behavior of the individuals and if they could direct the outcome of the targeted person's life during these studies. Again, this was a massive study involving a great number of innocent American citizens. This was the first study that was conducted under the cover of law using warrants to inject the devices into the people in some of the cases. As this study went forward, the CIA and now the DEA and others learned a great deal and realized that these devices gave them the power to totally control and direct the lives of the targeted individuals. These studies now had proved that they could take an A student and force them to become an F student.

These studies also proved that they could direct the lives of the targeted individual by giving pain or pleasure to control the behavior of the person. Anytime the person did something they wanted to stop them from doing, pain was given and anytime the person did something they wanted them to do, pleasure was given. By directing the person this way they learned that, in time, they could totally control what the person would do and when they would do it. This included their use of drugs and alcohol and also included their control over sex, interactions with other people, learning abilities and all other aspects of their lives.

The CIA and the DEA were now ready for the use of these and other kinds of devices against the American population. In the findings from this research the CIA and the DEA had concluded that this form of torture was far better then any kind of physical torture they could use. Not only could they give the illusion that the person was free to decide his or her own destiny but they could also torture the person far more horribly than with any physical torture and not even leave any marks on his/her body. In other words, the torture would be done from the inside of the person, which left no marks on the outside. Their dreams of controlling political witnesses and prisoners in the United States were now at hand. All of this satanic conduct could also be conducted under the total protection of the law using warrants in drug investigations. Anyone could be easily framed as being a drug dealer, and they had concluded there would be no chance of these people defending themselves. The next step was to use the devices against their enemies. The following is a short list of the kinds of people the devices were then used against:

1. Heads of corporations that were in competition with the Rockefeller's.
2. Police that were not under their control.
3. Judges that were not under their control.
4. Politicians that were not under their control.
5. Schoolteachers that did not think as they believed they should think.
6. Key figures in the Democratic Party in order to disable them and/or to obtain information to be used to attack the Democrats with.
7. Political dissidents and political witnesses.
8. Scientists that operated in competition against them.
9. Employees of newspapers they needed to monitor and control.
10. Employees of radio stations they needed to monitor and control.
11. Employees of magazines they needed to monitor and control.
12. All kinds of government employees: federal, state, and local.
13. Employees of corporations under their control that could understand information that they have access to which could become a threat against them.
14. Other people that they believe may become a political threat to them in the future.
15. Lawyers that may become a threat against them that may and/or are defending people they are trying to remove.

I have personal knowledge of all of the categories I have listed, and I am or have been in contact with many of these people and as this case goes forward they would like to also include their statements or affidavits in support of my case.

Now let's go to the effects of the devices over extended periods of time. This information is directly from the CIA and DEA research I read in their files in 1977. From the CIA and DEA research and use of the devices, they gathered information and experimented with the devices further and learned a great deal more information. By using these devices they learned they could cause the targeted person to develop diabetes in many of the cases. It is a well-known fact that people and other animals' sugar levels dramatically increase under exposure to radio frequencies. This was a simple process and all they had to do was repeatedly deprive the person of sleep while they tortured them for extended periods of time while they used radio frequencies, magnetic fields, and other forms of energy from the implants and/or other devices on them. Older people would experience the symptoms of diabetes more rapidly than younger targets.

Almost all the targets would develop diabetes if tortured long enough at high enough power levels. The amount of time varied depending on the physical structure, age, and sex of the targeted person.

Next, they learned that if you tortured someone long enough and kept them exposed to the magnetic fields from the devices long enough they would, in many of the cases, develop Lymphatic cancer. I am now diabetic and the diabetes is getting worse with the torture and my diabetes was caused from depriving me of thousands of nights' of sleep over the years from the DEA torturing me and from the constant exposure to the devices. I most likely will develop Lymphatic cancer in time, which will cause my death. The court should understand that I did tell the FBI while I was working with them the name of a person that would develop Lymphatic cancer from the devices that was in the files I read. Years later this person did develop Lymphatic cancer and died from the cancer. This person's name would be a national security issue if released in this letter or if it ever became public. I also gave the FBI the names of others that had died from the effects of the devices, like Fan McKelvey, who was a person who covertly worked for them. Supporting evidence of the devices causing Lymphatic cancer would be the fact that the rate of Lymphatic cancer is increasing currently at a rate of 3% a year in the United States. In trial, I will be calling witnesses who developed cancer from the devices; but the use of the devices was and is still unknown to them at this time. They believed their cancers were natural. I read their files and I know otherwise.

Next, I would like to go to the designing of the devices. I did read the designing of the earlier models of the devices that they are using against me currently. The basic model that they were producing by the millions in 1977 was made of a Titanium capsule that was porcelain coated and was designed with a porous covering so it would bond with the tissue that it was injected into.

This would stop the device from moving in the body after injection. In these files I was reading about the bimetal power supplies, and I believe this is the power supply in these devices. This power supply would last over 100 years, and there are no warrants that were intended nor are there any warrants that are legal to last over 100 years. The microcomputer that was incorporated into these devices was designed on a thin silicon film so it could be folded and or rolled depending on its intended use to fit into the capsule or other types of enclosures. Between the power supply and the microcomputer was a multi value capacitor. The film was very thin that the circuitry was etched onto...much thinner than a sheet of newspaper paper, and 5VDC powered the device.

A filter had been designed and incorporated into the device to filter out body noises and background sounds, and this filter was also able to be remotely programmed to allow the controller to use it to filter out the sounds they were using with which torture the targeted person. By rolling the film, they were able to create large magnetic fields with which to also torture the targeted person. The film was insulated with a fine spray insulation that was only microns thick before it was folded or rolled and installed into the implants or others. It was not necessary for the monitoring device to be powered by 5VDC, but it was necessary to adequately torture the targeted person. Filters are never incorporated in legitimate monitoring devices because it is necessary to hear all sounds during real investigations. In a legitimate monitoring device, the filter is always installed in the receiving end of the equipment so no sounds are deleted.

The court must understand that the designing of these devices was not to simply monitor the person but to torture the person and this is why such a large power supply is incorporated into the device and it's also why the filters were incorporated into the devices. The court must also understand that secret government technology is always 20 to 40 years ahead of what the general public knows of. This is done to protect national security.

During the assembly of the devices, these devices are injected with fine glue to bond the devices together and stop them from shaking apart during the torture of the victim. To de-engineer the devices it is necessary to soak the electrical components of the devices in a solvent to dissolve the glue and then the silicon film can be unrolled or unfolded to examine the circuitry under an electron microscope. The CIA at the time I read the files was very paranoid that the Soviet Union may obtain one of these devices and de-engineer it. The court must understand that it would be impossible for me to have this and the other information without me reading their files. The court is fully capable of verifying this and other information if the court is interested in justice and the protection of the American people from corrupt agents that are acting illegally under the cover of law. It is also within the power of the court to allow this satanic conduct to continue which will result in the torture and death of many more thousands of Americans and others around the world. No free country can allow their government the power to invade the bodies of its citizens in secrecy.


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