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DEA Atrocities-Part 3

During this time I called Carl Altz, and he was planning to make some speed with a High Pressure Hydrogen Shaker and he wanted to know if I would lend him some money so that he could build the apparatus at work. Carl Altz worked in a machine shop at that time. As these conversations went on with Carl Altz, he kept trying to make it sound like this was my idea. I even asked him on the phone why he was trying to make it sound like this was my idea. He then backed off so he wouldn't scare me away. The DEA cannot have any tapes of me asking Carl Altz to make speed. I never asked him to make speed. Carl Altz had always made speed for as long as I had known him. He had also designed the manufacturing processes for making many other kinds of drugs. In fact, he was the person that had designed for the DEA the new kind of cocaine known as 'crack' for the destruction of the Blacks in the inner cities. This kind of cocaine was made synthetically and designed to target blacks by Carl Altz who was working for the DEA.

This process was also done in a high-pressure hydrogen shaker. Carl Altz had worked for the DEA running the Dirty Dozen's drug labs for all of these years now, until I busted the DEA and the Dirty Dozen, starting in 1991 while I was working with the FBI. I had no idea of how to make speed, and I didn't know anyone who wanted any. The Dirty Dozen was the organization that made most of the speed. Carl Altz was the only other person I knew of that also produced speed. I finally agreed to lend Carl Altz some money so he could finish his machine. Now, Kathy had decided to return to Phoenix, and so we returned. The DEA escorted me all of the way back to Phoenix, and even had the Highway Patrol pull me over for speeding in Riverside, California. I had been stuck in rush hour traffic for over 45 minutes when I was pulled over, and I hadn't gone over 25 miles an hour on the freeway during that time. I told the Highway Patrolman that I would not pay the ticket, and he told me that he didn't care and not to return to California. I told him I wouldn't. We then finished our trip and returned to Phoenix, Arizona. Once I was back in Phoenix, Carl Altz continued his setup of me for the DEA.

On the day we set out to go to Mike Joyce's house so he could try out his new high pressure hydrogen shaker, I had no idea that he had a case of Phynel-2-propinal with him. I did know that he was going to make a small amount of speed, but I did not have any idea that he had any chemicals for directly manufacturing speed with him. During the week before we went to Mike Joyce's house, the Dozen had been over at Mike Joyce's, and had asked him if he wanted some of the five gallon cans for gas cans that they had in the back of their truck. Mike said sure, and they gave him some empty five-gallon cans. These cans were part of the evidence that the DEA seized during the raid on Mike's house. The DEA had these cans covertly placed there to make it appear that there had been enough chemicals to really manufacture speed. There were not enough chemicals to manufacture speed, and the DEA has always known this.

This entire set-up of me by the DEA and Carl Altz was to cover up the Don Bolles Papers including the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The assassination of John F. Kennedy by the CIA was one of the many assassinations we had in the files and the DEA was now responsible for the cover-up of this crime.

After I had picked up Carl Altz and headed to Mike Joyce's, Carl Altz kept trying to make it sound like it was me that wanted to manufacture the speed. I couldn't make speed if my life depended upon it, and I have never made any kind of drugs nor have I ever bought any chemicals to make speed or any other kinds of drugs. I'm just the patsy like Oswald said. The only difference is I have the entire FBI and most of the other agencies protecting me, so they can't kill me to do the cover-up like they did Oswald. The good guys like the FBI and the others are going to make sure I make it to court and that I get my day in trial. NOTE: The DEA and the corrupt judges under them, job is to stop the trial and make sure there is no chance of me giving the truthful information in court and proving that the DEA is really a covert operation of the CIA and was directly responsible for the much of the crime in the United States.

After we arrived at Mike Joyce's house, Carl Altz handed me the boxes he had brought, and I carried them to the trailer. Carl Altz then began to set up everything. This was when he showed me the chemicals he had purchased to make speed with. I asked him where the High Pressure Shaker was and he said he didn't need it and that he was able to buy the chemicals. This was a shock to me, because he had always wanted to make a High Pressure Shaker because it didn't require any chemicals to make speed or other drugs with, such as synthetic cocaine. This is when it became obvious to me that this was a set-up of me by Carl Altz for the DEA. The DEA had set up a motor home next door to Mike's to photograph me from during the set-up of me, to remove me as a witness against the DEA and others. Carl Altz would then stay in the trailer and mix and/or measure chemicals and have me stand outside for the DEA's cameras, to make it appear that it was me making the speed. Carl Altz would then have me pour these chemicals into a container and stir them for the camera. Next, Carl Altz sent me to the store to buy some tin foil and some paper towels. The DEA escorted me there and arrested me on the way back. Phillip Jordan was in the DEA's car when I was arrested. Phillip Jordan was the largest drug dealer I had ever known, and in the Don Bolles Papers, he was one of the people directing many of the political assassinations for the CIA and others. I was then taken out into the desert and held for some time while Carl Altz set up everything for my bust. The DEA then raided Mike Joyce's and took me back there for the bust. I was then transported to jail.

Today's date is November 23, 1999. I was tortured some last night for what I had typed in this letter. When I finally went to bed the DEA slowly turned the torture down and finally allowed me to fall asleep. After I was asleep I was repeatedly reawakened by the DEA using different forms of torture against me to limit my sleep and to further limit my ability to work or write and deprive me of my freedom of speech. This morning after the DEA had awakened me, they then refused to allow me to go back to sleep using pulsed hideous sounds in my left ear. Just before I left for work the torture was decreased to where I was somewhat crippled most of the day and my ability to function as a human being was limited by the torture during the day.

When I dropped off Danny Pomeroy after work (he is my helper at work), the torture was then again increased and is ongoing. After I got home, I laid down and the DEA ever so slowly turned the torture down and finally allowed me to sleep. After I was again asleep, they slowly increased the torture in an attempt to deprive me of rest, which would limit me from typing on this letter tonight. When I finally started typing, they threatened me some and made me scream a little and then changed modes to make me feel very sick and just limit my ability to write and deprive me of my freedom of speech. The DEA is also using a mode on me that feels like they are pressurizing my skull, and it is very painful and limits my freedom of speech to a great degree.

Back to the letter. I was released from jail in three or four days on bond posted by my brother. We now started to prepare for trial. I hired two lawyers: Stephan Remp and John P. Moore. As I told my lawyers my story, they did not believe me; but they were willing to take my case for $5,000.00. I no longer had a job, because Phillip Jordan had gone to Reynolds Electric, where I had worked, and told them that they had to fire me to get their truck back, which I had been driving. The DEA, namely Philip Jordan, also told them that I was a major drug manufacturer and dealer...a real bad guy. None of this was true, but I had sold some drugs over the years, but nothing that I would call major. Most everyone I knew in the 1960's and 1970's sold or did drugs. During those times it was an American pastime to be involved in drugs in some way. This is, of course, only my observation from everyone I knew and what I saw.

The Arizona Republic and Phoenix Gazette Newspaper in Phoenix, Arizona had printed a large article on the drug bust, claiming we had a mobile speed lab capable of manufacturing 5 pounds of speed every so often (I don't remember if it was a day or a week or exactly what they said). There was a photo on the page showing guns and what the DEA claimed was a machine gun. Of course, there was no mobile speed lab or sub machine gun. There was only a set-up by Carl Altz (working for the DEA) to remove me as a witness so I would no longer be a threat to them. If I had gone to prison, they could have forced me to join the Dirty Dozen and take my position in the drug cartel. The only person there carrying a gun was Carl Altz, who had a 38 revolver in his pocket; he was a convicted felon who was working for the DEA. There were other guns seized that belonged to Mike Joyce that he had stored on the property. I did not have or own any guns at that time.

Judge William P. Copple was appointed as the judge to hear my case. I protested to my lawyers and told them that Judge William P. Copple was listed as a corrupt judge in the files we had. My lawyers said they were going to file a Notice of Recusal against William P. Copple; a day or two before we were ready to file the Recusal, Judge Copple removed himself from the case for personal reasons. The real reason he removed himself was to stop us from filing the charges, which could have exposed the cover-up of the Don Bolles papers.

Next, a new judge was appointed to hear my case, and his name was Judge Lacey from Newark, New Jersey. I had never heard of him before, and I didn't have any grounds to protest his appointment to my case, so the trial went forward. The trial started, and the prosecution made their case against me. I then called my first witness to prove that the prosecution's case was fabricated and that I was entrapped and set up.

During the trial, the DEA was using the CIA designed control and torture devices I had read about in the CIA and DEA files we had. I had read the designing of these devices and how they were used against political witnesses and how they were using the devices under the cover of law to disable people in trials to fix the trial in the favor of the DEA and or others under their protection. I was so sick from the use of the devices against me during the trial that I could hardly hold my head up to defend myself. They were so scrambling my brain with the devices that it made it almost impossible to defend myself, and this almost assured the DEA that I would be unable to defend myself during my set-up in the trial.

My first witness was Robert Snow, who worked with Carl Altz. The DEA or others under their control went to interview Bob Snow at his house, and when Bob Snow told them what he was going to say on the witness stand of how Carl Altz had always been a speed manufacturer and had always wanted to be and was a major criminal, the DEA or others then threatened Robert Snow and told him that if he said anything other than the 5th Amendment, they would slit his wife's and kids' throats before he left the witness stand. This is what Robert Snow told me the next day or days after taking the 5th Amendment. Judge Lacey had demanded that Robert Snow be given immunity so he could testify truthfully, and the prosecution refused, saying that if Robert Snow had any information, they wanted to prosecute him for it. The prosecution was corrupt, and part of the conspiracy against me to remove me as a witness to cover up the Don Bolles papers, which should have been called the Rockefeller files. The Judge then said the reason for this trial was to get at the truth, and he wanted to hear the testimony of the witnesses. I believe he talked to Robert Snow in the back after this, but I'm uncertain.

My second witness was my brother, William Schlund. Again, the DEA or others under their direction interviewed him and told him if he acknowledged taking part in any illegal activities, they would prosecute him for those activities. My brother told the prosecution, "Go ahead and prosecute me," and told them he's going to testify.

The Judge was becoming outraged at the corruption of the DEA and their perjury before the court in my case, and the way the trial was going in general. Judge Lacy now called my lawyers and me before the bench, and told us in front of the DEA he was going to rule outrageous conduct of the United States of America and gave us the case law and told us to look it up and return to court prepared, and to read this case back to him so he could make his ruling on outrageous conduct of the United States of America against Charles A. Schlund. We did as the judge had asked and returned to court the next day, prepared with the case law. At this time the judge asked us if we were prepared, and we answered we were.

At that time the prosecution interrupted and asked to approach the bench. (I had to stop typing as the DEA tortured me, making me scream in pain for what I was typing for the court. The court must understand that I'm being satanically tortured to deprive the court of this information and to deny me of my right to a fair trial.) The prosecution then apologized to the judge and said they were sorry, but they had just found the DEA files on Carl Altz. They claimed they had overlooked them. They then offered these files to the court and asked the court to review them before the court ruled. These files firmly established that Carl Altz was a well-known drug manufacturer and that the DEA had always fully known this. My lawyer had requested these files before trial, and the DEA had claimed that it had no files on Carl Altz or me, other than what had been presented to us, which were only the files on the drug bust. Judge Lacy then acquitted me of all charges and demanded the arrest of the DEA agents for perjury in the trial.

The prosecution refused to arrest the DEA agents which outraged the judge further, and the judge then said that no one commits perjury in his court and demanded the arrest of the DEA agents again, and again the prosecution refused. Judge Lacy was standing and yelling and demanding that the DEA agents be arrested for perjury and I was trying to get to the judge to tell him what this case was really about, and my lawyers were trying to stop me, telling me I couldn't tell a judge what I had told them. The trial was over and I was now free.

I had hoped to expose the cover-up of the files I have always called the Don Bolles Papers in the trial, but the trial ended so suddenly, without any chance of me being able to disclose the truth.

Today's date is Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 1999. The torture was not too bad during the first part of the day, until I said something about reading an actor's file or papers about the actor that was on TV. I had read about this actor in the Don Bolles Papers. The torture was increased shortly after this by the DEA in retaliation for what I had said, as the DEA does every time I say something about one of the people under their protection. I then got dressed and headed for my mother's who lives at 2815 East Campobello Drive in Phoenix, Arizona. The DEA satanically tortured me during the drive to my mother's as they always do when I go see her. These torture sessions are done to divide me from my family and to isolate me from my friends and associates. This was how it was always done in the DEA files I read in the Don Bolles Papers. Once I arrived at my mother's, the torture was turned down but was still conducted in the most hideous mode they could do in the power level they were using at that time.

When I got to my mother's, I could no longer feel my fingers or my feet from the torture. They had mentally disrupted me badly enough to make sure I did not say anything while I was there. After leaving my mother's, the torture was not near as bad on the way home. After I was home and told the DEA what I was going to type after I laid down to recover from the earlier torture session the torture was then increased while I tried to sleep to recover. This was done to stop me and/or limit me from typing what I going to now type. Without being tortured, I can write very well; the torture is done to me for the purpose of limiting my freedom of speech and it works very well at that function.

The court and the jury must understand how important it is to the CIA, DEA and others to frame me as a drug dealer and discredit my testimony against them for the acts of treason against the American People listed in their files. The court and the jury must understand that these papers and files contained a lot of information on their plans for the systematic overthrow of the United States and all of their acts and operations were being conducted under the cover of law. In the following I'm going to try to explain in a limited way about their plans for retaking the Presidency of the United States back from their enemies, the Democrats. First, the court must understand that many of these files, papers and documents that I read had been removed from the government because Jimmy Carter had been elected the President of the United States. This information was removed to deprive Jimmy Carter and the people he would appoint to high positions of power in the government access to this information so they could control his actions and his Presidency.

Editor's note: Mr. Schlund clearly is not aware of the Trilateral Commission which co-opted the Democratic Party, and placing Jimmy Carter into the White House in 1976.

The following is some of the information that was contained in these files, and documents that I can accurately testify to, and this is some of the information with which I was supplying the FBI and others when the DEA injected these devices into my neck to stop me from disclosing the information.

Since the injection of these devices, they have been used every day to disable me and torture me to deprive me of my freedom of speech and to punish me and to stop me from disclosing this information. The court denial of my human rights and civil rights in this case using the cover of law is, in my opinion, an act of treason. The people I am trying to sue and testify against are torturing me under the protection of the court in an effort to deny the American People this information. This is being done, not as a drug investigation, because the drug investigation is a fabrication, and the DEA fully knows this. These acts against me are being done to alter the results of the coming presidential election in their favor. There can be no higher act of treason possible by government officials that have taken an oath to uphold the American Constitution and the laws of the United States. Torture is still against the laws of the United States, and any court or judge should stop any such acts without forcing the person being tortured to suffer further. Any judge or official of the law must stop these acts if such powers are within their powers or be branded as being corrupt.

While we were reading these files, it became very obvious that the CIA and others under their control, such as the DEA, were and/or had made detailed plans to retake the Presidency back from the Democrats. We had in these files the names and files of the five finalists that George Bush had selected to be the actor to play the part of the President of the United States of America. We also had the letters and other information from George Bush to Nelson Rockefeller for Nelson Rockefeller's approval of these plans. In other words, George Bush secretly worked for and directly under Nelson Rockefeller. The five finalist names were in the following order:

1. Ronald Reagan
2. Charleton Heston
3. Henry Fonda
4. I'm not positive of this name
5 Clint Eastwood

We also had the briefings back from Nelson Rockefeller and his approval of the plans. The court need not tell me how unbelievable this is, because I agree. I even argued with the others at that time on how no one would vote for an actor playing the part of the President for the Director of the CIA.

Ronald Reagan had worked for the OSS during the 2nd World War, like many of the others, and had made some of the wartime propaganda files for the war effort. After the war, the OSS was dissolved and later became the CIA, with most of the same people being brought back into the organization. As we read the files, we referred to them as the 'good old boys.' These people were trained during World War II in covert operations like the framing of people; fixing of elections; running drugs; counterfeiting money and documents; intelligence gathering; assassination; blackmail; using girls, boys and children to set up people; discrediting people and many other kinds of covert operations that were needed for the war effort. In other words, these people had become who they were trained to become, and they were very good at their jobs. Now it was the Cold War, and the CIA conducted the same kinds of operations against our enemies, as well as domestically. They used the military industrial complex under the Rockefellers, and others under the direction of the Rockefellers, to continue their covert operations. They believed that we were unable to govern ourselves, so they covertly picked our Presidents and others for us to direct the country and the world as they believed was in the best interest of us at first, and then later in the best interest of themselves.

Not all of their covert operations were successful. They placed Ronald Reagan in the position of head of the Actor's Guild, and later placed him in the position of Governor of California. I understand that the court will say that he was elected as governor, and this is also true; but they financed, supported and conducted covert operations to achieve their goals. Ronald Reagan, as governor, did not appoint the judges or others to their positions of power. He received orders to appoint these people to their positions. We had many such orders in the files we had. Ronald Reagan had performed well for them as governor of California and was a well-liked and a trusted member of their organization. There were few messes to clean up to make him President, and he did not have affairs or cheat on his wife, like many of the other nominees had. Nelson Rockefeller approved Ronald Reagan as the actor to play the part of the President of the United States for the Director of the CIA, George Bush.

(The DEA is shorting my eyes out and made me scream some for typing this part).

Before I continue this letter, let's go back to the formation of the DEA in 1973. The following information is from the CIA and DEA files I read in the Don Bolles Papers. The CIA was domestically in trouble for conducting experiments on innocent American citizens and other kinds of outrageous conduct that was being committed against the American People. They had been bugging or monitoring Congressmen, Senators, Judges, and President's phones, mail and everything else illegally, and conducting break-ins, like Watergate, and had been running the drugs and doing political assassinations inside the United States. Congress was about to pull the reins in on the CIA, and the CIA fully knew this. At that time, neither the CIA nor the Rockefellers controlled enough people in the Senate and Congress to protect the CIA. The FBI and the other government agencies were not under the control of the CIA, but they did have their men in enough of the positions in these agencies to control them to some extent.

Richard Nixon's brother had been busted running drugs. They needed a new federal agency that could tap phones, do break-ins, run drugs, conduct political assassinations, monitor competing corporations that were not under their control, and collect information to discredit political dissidents and witnesses like me. Nelson Rockefeller had concluded that the only way he could monitor competing corporations and the American population was in drug investigations. The DEA was directly responsible for many of the hostile takeovers in the United States during the 1980's, and the information for many of these takeovers was obtained using warrants to monitor these corporations or people working in these corporations. We had the direct orders to Richard Nixon from Nelson Rockefeller to conduct the covert operation of the forming of the DEA. The DEA was formed as a covert operation of the CIA to conduct its operations under the cover of law inside the United States. If the government was really just interested in fighting a drug war, all they had to do was give the FBI the men they needed. This is not what they did; they formed a whole new agency.

The Drug War begins, which was really a war against the American People by the Rockefellers and those under their control like the DEA. With this Drug War they imported most of the drugs into the United States and other countries. They formed the drug cartels inside the United States to distribute the drugs and to set up the political witnesses to justify the surveillance of them and the torture of them with new monitoring and torture devices. They then used the funds from these drugs to finance political elections; churches; advertising to support TV, radio stations, newspapers, magazines and others like the Christian Coalition; Pat Robertson and the 700 club; National Rifleman's Association; Heritage Foundation; Accuracy in Media; and many others.

These and many other covert operations are political action committees that were covertly used to alter the outcome of elections in the United States in favor of the Republican Party. These are acts of treason against the American People. Laundered drug funds were also used to finance political elections. All of these operations were under the direction and control of the DEA working under the control of the CIA under the Rockefeller's.

I'm sure the court will say this is unbelievable or surreal and fantastic. It is the truth, and we believe it is provable in trial. The court must understand that it was well documented that the IRS tracked the drug proceeds to the Attorney General of the United States Edwin Meese. The IRS agents were then fired.This new agency, with its almost unlimited powers to obtain warrants, now oversaw the Drug War. In these files and papers it would only take two to three years to bust the major drug cartels and stop the largest flows of drugs and lower the crime rate. This was not their intent. Without the drugs they could not authorize the Human Rights and Civil Rights violations against the American People. Without the drugs, they could not tap millions of phones and monitor the general population. Without the drugs they could not dress police in all black wearing Nazi helmets and black masks to hide their identity. The DEA was formed as an American Gestapo. They couldn't authorize them to carry sub machine guns and throw stun grenades into people's homes while they were asleep without the drug war. Without the drugs they could not overthrow the United States and make us a totalitarian society and deprive us of our liberties.


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