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DEA Atrocities-Part 2

28. Plans for future wars and conflicts and other files on the Cold War.

29. Highly classified information too sensitive to list.

30. Foreign intelligence information of a national security nature.

31. Files on Actors, Singers, Newscasters, Talk Show Hosts, Directors, and many
others that they controlled and directed.

32. The files on Magazines, Newspapers, TV Stations and Radio Stations that were directly controlled and or directed by them.

33. The files on Magazines, Newspapers, TV Stations, and Radio Stations that covert operations were being conducted against to takeover or control them.

34. Information on missions into outer space and to other worlds like the Moon and Mars.

35. Designing and manufacturing information on many future military and civilian systems like computers, and many other kinds of technologically advanced future equipment.

36. The designing, testing and use of new kinds of surveillance intrusion and monitoring, torture, and control devices.

37. The CIA's plans to monitor all Americans and many others around the world and the support of covert operations.

38. Files on the running of most of the drugs in the United States and the laundering of the drug money and the covert operations this drug money was used to support.

39. Corporate files such as the plans for the break up of AT&T and many other corporate files that were under their direction and control.

40. The making of many movies, TV shows, and TV series.

41. The framing of many political witnesses and others to imprison them and discredit their stories.

42. The answers to many of the mysteries of the past 70 years.

43. Files on the monitoring of Judges, Congressmen, Senators, actors, singers and many others to direct and control them as needed, or to collect information to be used for blackmail, to discredit or destroy their lives and/or assassinate them.

44. Briefing from the United States Department of Justice on the legality of the use of these new kinds of torture and monitoring implants and other electronic devices.

45. Plans to build the Fiber Optics Network.

46. Plans to build the Cable TV Network.

47. Files on the designing of Cellular Phones and the plans to build the Cellular Phone Network.

48. Corporate files on many major corporations under their direct control and direction.

49. Secret sites of mass graves of people that had been murdered for political and other reasons around the world including papers on such graves inside the United States.

50. The plans to take two obscure street gangs known as the Crips and the Bloods and make them into a national drug distribution network for the destruction of the inner cities of the United States.

51. Files on the making of most of the child pornography to be used to discredit and destroy the lives of political targets.

52. Their plans to control religion, including the plans to place their people in key positions of power in the church and others not under their control for political reasons.

53. Files on the running of the Italian Mob, Jewish Mob, Irish Mob, Dirty Dozen and many other organized crime networks.

54. Holographic experiments.

55. Computer printouts, files, and papers on Global Warming from the increased CO2 output into the atmosphere during the industrial revolution and the coming effects of Global Warming due to the continued increase in output of CO2 into the atmosphere. These CIA papers, printouts and files included world-wide printouts on future projected climate changes. These papers also had the CIA's cover-up of what was happening. In the CIA's report in 1975 the CIA had concluded that the earth was going into an ice age. They made this report fully knowing that 2/3rds of the sea ice around Antarctica had melted by 1975 due to the warming of the planet. This report by the CIA was done to protect the Rockefeller's and their empire, which was based on the burning of fossil fuels, which was responsible for the increase in CO2 output. We also had all the projected climate changes and the projections of the fall in oxygen in the atmosphere, which would stabilize at 19%. This will be a catastrophe in the short term, but in the long term, it will be of a benefit to mankind due to the increase in land that will become habitable and be available for cultivation. The warming of the planet will move the wheat fields north into Canada and into Siberia, which will allow the existing crop land to be used for other crops.

56. The detailed plans for the break-up and destruction of Rock and Roll music including the assassinations of many people to achieve their goals. The detailed plans to replace Rock and Roll music with All-American music called Country Western. This massive CIA and DEA covert operation was being conducted to stop political overtones in the Rock and Roll music and to stop foreign influences on Americans caused by the exposure to foreign music. This operation was conducted because the Rockefellers had lost the Vietnam War because of the protest that was in part directly linked with Rock and Roll music. In these files, the Rockefellers had needed the natural resources of Vietnam for the expansion of their corporate empire, and they blamed the loss of the war in part on Rock and Roll music. The assassinations started long before Vietnam but the plans to replace Rock and Roll with Country Western music started during the Vietnam War and have continued to the present.

Editor's note: In terms of the financial gain that the elites garnered, the Vietnam War was a success, not a loss.

57. In these papers and files were the launch codes and targets for all IMBM's, ICBM's, and other nuclear weapons worldwide. The launch codes of the Soviet Union were made up of the Russian alphabet, which is comprised of 36 letters. As I read through these launch codes for the different ICBM's and their targeting, I remember asking the others that were reading the papers and files with me why the launch codes hadn't been translated into English. The others laughed at me and told me the Russian launch codes could not be translated into English because the English language only had 26 letters in its alphabet. I then asked why the Russians had used their alphabet instead of just numbers in their launch codes; and at that time the others made me read the files on the Soviet Union's nuclear weapons in their entirety so I could understand the information correctly.

58. There were plans to build a national newspaper in the United States. This newspaper could not be profitable without being heavily subsidized by the CIA, DEA, and others using covert operations such as drug proceeds and/or other funds that had been funneled out of tax revenues or directly from the people by corporations they controlled. This national newspaper then could be used for political reasons and to direct the people in the ways they needed to direct them. By directing the public, they would also be able to direct the public opinion and have some control over who the public voted for in public elections. This would help them in the fixing of public elections in the United States. Today's date is November 21, 1999. I'm going to add into this letter how I was tortured while I was working on this letter to show the court how these devices are used against the American people to control, disable, and torture political witnesses, dissidents and others that are of a threat to them in the United States.

Yesterday I was tortured almost all day with different kinds of sounds that were pulsed in my head from the implants. These hideous sounds disabled me so badly that all I could do was watch TV until evening. These sounds were pulsed by the implants to deprive me of my ability to write this letter to the court and to deprive me of my Constitutional Rights, Civil Rights, Human Rights, God given Rights and other rights of mankind. The court must understand that the facts are self evident in my case. I'm being tortured in my house by implants. Any amateur DEA agent could monitor everyone in my home, including me without using implants and torturing me with them. The DEA's only possible intent is to deprive me of my liberties in the most hideous ways possible.

As I'm typing this letter, the DEA has changed modes to where they are crushing my head with magnetic fields, radio frequencies and/or other modes they are currently using against me. This is what I feel from the implants, and it is very painful and severely limits my freedom of speech and _expression. The pain is torture, and this is an entirely deliberate act and is not being done under good faith by the DEA and/or others. Anyone could easily monitor me totally while I'm sitting in front of my computer typing, without using implants to monitor me. The use of these implants is a deliberate act to deprive me of my rights so that the DEA can torture me under the protection of the law and the courts. There can be no freedoms or liberties when the government has the rights to the person's body. The only thing that we really own in our lives is our body, and the government has no right to violate our bodies under the cover of law without a trial first. This court has no right to electronically change us into robots or zombies and torture us as long as we are still a free people. I am trying not to make my statements too overpowering to the court, but there is no nice or easy way to say this.

These acts are treason against the American Constitution and the rights of mankind. These acts are politically motivated, deliberate and satanic in their intent and nature. The case against me is simply an act of funneling monies out of the government to torture me to remove me as a threat against the DEA and others about whom I have criminal information. These acts are more than just Outrageous Conduct of the United States. They are acts of treason against the American Constitution and the American People.

It is my belief, and from the United States Department of Justice files I read, that it is illegal to gas someone in the middle of the night to keep them in an unconscious state while the government serves a secret warrant on them and performs secret medical procedures on that person. It is also not within the powers of the government to have my CT Scans, X-rays and other medical records altered under the protection of the court to deny me critical evidence for court or for any other reason. The government does not have the legal authority to have records altered. I believe it is also illegal for the government to take that person from his home in an unconscious state as was done to me, to set that person up for photos, and to work on them to frame them as a drug dealer to justify the government's hideous and outrageous conduct. All of these things have been done to me. I must protest in the strongest ways possible as a American about these injustices and the conduct of the government, and I must try to right these wrongs for the coming generations so their rights will be preserved intact for all of time.

Back to the letter. As we started reading these files in the spring of 1977, I asked the others reading them what we should call these papers. We had the assassination of Don Bolles in these files including the orders to kill him. These orders came from the Attorney General of Arizona who at that time was also running the Gang known as the Dirty Dozen. This Gang was comprised of Arian Brotherhood and CIA agents and other prospects and associates. I asked the others if we should call them the Don Bolles papers. Some of the papers had been removed from Don Bolles before his assassination and were about corruption in Arizona while other papers were on corrupt government officials. We all agreed that the Don Bolles papers was as good a name as any until we read the files. For the next four or five weeks we organized and read the files. Then the others decided to bring other people into the investigation. There were some investigative reporters coming to town to investigate the assassination of Don Bolles and the others picked certain people from these investigative reporters that they believed they could trust to help in this investigation. You must understand that this investigation was way above our heads.

At about six weeks into the investigation, I asked Evelyn if these files and papers really prove the systematic overthrow of the United States by the CIA. Her reply to me was very disturbing. We had just read how the United States military was going to adopt the American version of the old German helmet for our troops, the plans for future wars and other files on the plans for the New World Order. We had also just read the files on Japanese war criminals that the United States had brought to our country, and other places to continue their research, and the same with German war criminals. You must understand that I was not an investigative reporter like the others, and at that time I did not know who many of the people in these files were. The files were very unbelievable to me, and I did not believe it would be possible for the things listed in these files to be true or come true. Evelyn answered my question with this: "These papers prove far far more than just the systematic overthrow of the United States by the CIA; they prove the rise of the Fourth Reich; the conquest, enslavement and slaughter of mankind." I understand that my statements are of a nature that the court won't want to hear, but nevertheless, they are based on fact and are very truthful and accurate in their content and are very provable during trial.

As new investigators entered the investigation they brought new skills with them including the ability to decode some of the documents with the code books that we also had, and at that time the information became more believable and understandable. With these new people also came the threat of exposure of these documents. The period of time is now, I believe, about May of 1977.

The CIA, DEA and others now knew we had the documents. I was at Richard Remender's house, and we were talking about the papers; and Richard asked me what it would take to get me to change sides and join the CIA. I asked what he meant. He then asked me if I would change sides for a million dollars. I then replied, "You mean in cash", and he replied that it would be paid to me in a contract as an Electrical Contractor. I then replied that, "No, I wouldn't change sides." Richard then offered me two million dollars and then three million dollars. I then said that three million dollars is a lot of money, and I asked him what did they want me to do for this money. He then told me that they wanted me to become a DEA agent. I asked Richard what they wanted me to do as a DEA agent. He told me they wanted me to help in the running of the drugs to the inner cities of the United States, and my job would also require me to set up and frame the witnesses and help in the assassinations of witnesses and political dissidents. I then told him I wanted to think about it. He replied that I did not have any choice and that I had to give him my answer then.

I asked what would happen if I decided to fight them and refused to join. He told me that they are the law, and that they are above the laws, and that there is no way I can fight them. I then told Richard that I do not even have a high school diploma and that I can't become a DEA agent. Richard told me they would furnish all of the necessary documentation and that I would be rapidly promoted in the DEA and take a position of power. I told Richard that I did not want to bust people and destroy people's lives as a DEA agent. He, then, again told me that I did not have any choice and that in exchange for my loyalty, I would be rewarded in any way I desired, including sex with girls, boys, or whomever I wanted, and that I would have the power to use the newly designed monitoring and torture device to torture to death whomever I wanted. I replied that I did not want to torture anyone to death. Richard then replied that the price was for my soul; and I replied that my soul wasn't for sale for any price. I left Richard's house and went home and told Kathy what had happened.

I can no longer feel most of my hands or fingers from the DEA torturing me to disable me in order to stop me from typing this letter, and I have to lay down to recover enough to try to type some more. There is only freedom of speech in the United States if you're ignorant of the truth or if you're a witness against their enemies, then you can say what you wish. For people like me there is only pain and torture to punish me for my _expression of freedom of speech.

A day or two later, Richard asked me again if I would join their operations as a Phoenix Police Officer or in any other position that I would like. Yova and others had also tried to get me to join the Phoenix Police years before this and I had also refused then. When I was discharged from the Marine Corps, the FBI and the California Police at that time tried to get me to join for non-corrupt reasons; and I had refused them also. Richard told me I could be an actor or a singer or anyone I wanted to become. I then told Richard that I can't sing or act and there is no way I could become an actor or a singer. Richard then told me that I still didn't understand and that they can make me anyone I wish to become in exchange for my loyalty to them. Again I refused to sell my soul, and I refused to join their operations. It was at that time incorrect to kill me, because I knew so many of them and I was or had been friends with some of them. It was their policy not to kill people in the inner circle, because it made others wonder if they were next and that disrupted their organization. This information was in the DEA and CIA files we had.

In the next couple of days, Mike Rapasoda's dad came over with his new girlfriend. He worked for the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas. The owner of the Riviera Hotel was involved in Valley National Bank in Arizona, and this was where they had been laundering billions of dollars in drug proceeds as cited in the Don Bolles Papers. His girlfriend is now a super star. She asked me if I would deliver some classified documents to a Russian agent for them and in exchange she would pay me. The first offer was eight thousand dollars, and when I refused it was raised to fifteen thousand dollars. I threw both of them out of my house and called the FBI and told them what had happened. I believe that was on a Saturday and on Monday when I had returned from work Kathy gave me the card of an FBI agent who had come to the house. Kathy told me I was not to call the FBI again unless Mike Rapasoda's dad or his girlfriend contacted me again and that the FBI said that they were conducting an investigation into the Don Bolles Papers as well as her offering me money to deliver classified documents to the Russians.

At that time I did not understand that Kathy was working directly for the DEA and that her boss was Phillip Jordan. Her sister, Reta, had brought Kathy into the operation as a child for sex with high-ranking political figures in the government. About a couple of weeks after that, Evelyn came over to my house and asked me if I would sell her a lid of pot. I had sold her pot for some time, but it was usually Mel that came over. I went out back and picked some pot from the six or so pot plants I was growing in my back yard, and came back in the house and started to dry the pot in the oven. Evelyn asked me if the FBI had contacted me and told me that (again I have to stop typing because the DEA is crushing my brain to disable me to force me to type things inaccurately. It is impossible to remember the events correctly while I'm being tortured by the DEA. I must stop, and then the DEA will reduce the torture and I will recover enough to begin again. If I try to continue the information will be all mixed up and not in the correct order or time frame.)

Richard had been busted by the FBI and that the FBI was conducting an investigation into the papers and that Richard had told her that it was a national security investigation and that we were no longer allowed to talk about the papers. Evelyn then took me to the front window of my living room and showed me the car that had been following her. The car was a large car and was dark colored. She thought it was the FBI, and there were two men dressed in suits in the front seat of the car. I lived at 15446 North 23rd Lane in Phoenix at that time. (Kathy had moved out a couple of days or so earlier, for some unknown reason, and now lived with Ron Brownel who lived at approximately 83rd Avenue and Indian School Road in Phoenix.) I then told Evelyn that I had not heard from the FBI and that I had called them just after we lost the Don Bolles papers and told them about the files. I then believed this was why the FBI had busted Richard. I then told Evelyn that the DEA had moved into the house behind me and was monitoring everything. She then said, "What about the pot? Aren't you afraid of being busted by them?" I replied, "How can they bust me? We had just read their files on thousands of political assassinations and the files on the DEA's running of billions of dollars of drugs." She said, "I see what you mean," and told me she was afraid and didn't know what to do. I told her there is nothing we can do and that the cat is now out of the bag. That was the last time I ever saw Evelyn. Years later, she died in a helicopter crash, from what I heard. From the profile I read in the Don Bolles Papers, I believe this was a political assassination by the DEA. Let me re-phrase that...I know that it was a political assassination, but I cannot prove it.

Over the next month, the DEA controlled all of my mail and had my phone disconnected and repeatedly gassed me at night. The phone was disconnected, even after I paid the bill; and I could not get the phone company to turn the phone back on.

They even had the Phoenix Police take my dog, and the dog pound would not give the dog back. They claimed that the dog had bitten someone that morning, but my neighbor, who had filmed them taking the dog, said he was out in his front yard the entire morning and that the dog was never out of the back yard, that the police and the dog catcher had to throw a rope on the dog from the front yard and drag the dog over the fence. I had the fence nailed shut, and there were no holes in the fence for the dog to have gotten through. The dog pound would not tell me who the dog had bitten or give me any information about the event. This, of course, was because the event never happened. I had to go into the dog pound and kick the door open and take my dog, with everyone watching. The time frame may be a little off. I believe this happened just before Kathy left, or just after she returned from Ron Brownel's. My neighbor even filmed this and given me a copy of the film of the police and the dog catcher taking my dog, and then the DEA came in the next night and took my copy of the film and my neighbor's copy of the film from his house.

The DEA now physically followed me everywhere I went and filmed everything I did. At that time, the DEA controlled all forms of my communications. At that time I did not know for certain that Carl Altz had also joined the Dirty Dozen who was under the direction and control of the DEA. During this same time frame (1977), Carl Altz had come over to the house with some speed--all packaged up in pre-weighed sealed plastic. I asked him what was this, and he told me he was just giving it to me. I asked, "Why are you giving this to me?" He then told me to just give it to people and see if they like it. I then said again, "You're giving this to me for free?" and he said, "Yes." I then hid these packages of speed outside in an old car in the back yard. Kathy and I went somewhere that night; and when we came home, these packages of speed were all over the street in front of the house. I picked them up and took them into the house. I now know for sure that this event was all staged for the DEA to take photos of me with the speed in the house. This was done to make it appear that I was a speed dealer. This was done to remove me as a witness against the DEA for murder and drug running.

Not long after these events, I believe within a month, Kathy said that she had to move to Seattle, Washington with her mother. This was very strange, at the time, for Kathy to just pack up and leave; and she wanted me to follow as soon as possible. She was being very loving at the time, and writing me some very nice love letters after she went to Seattle. I then packed up and left for Seattle, Washington. I now know this was to get me out of Phoenix while the cover-up of Don Bolles assassination and the other files we had were being completed by the DEA and the State of Arizona. After my arrival in Seattle, Kathy told me, "You understand, it's you and me against the world?" And she was right.

Once I got to Seattle, Kathy was up to her old tricks and again partying with the Dirty Dozen, who were the DEA's main drug distribution network in the Western United States. She was again working as a go-go dancer, and the DEA escorted me everywhere I went. The DEA filmed me everywhere, and I had caught them doing this many times. I would lead them around and take them to places that I could draw them in close and see them so I could identify them while they were following me.


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