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DEA Atrocities, Part 1

Mary Jo Kopechne:
The True Story of Chappaquiddick

[Note: The Schlund Affadavit is a lengthy document (approx. 450Kb).
This document was written by Charles A. Schlund under severe *torture*.
This is an EXTREMELY important document!!! Please take the time to read the *entire* affadavit. Please copy it, download, reproduce it, and share the information with as many people as possible!

Mr. Schlund provided this document to Mr. Martin F. Abernathy; as editor-in-Chief of this magazine, I gratefully acknowledge that Mr. Abernathy posted this information on the CIA-DRUGS listserv.

The corporate-controlled media REFUSE to discuss this case -- it is *off-limits* ! Please demand that the government compensate for its action and never commit this heinous crime again. YOUR *LIFE* AND LIBERTY ARE AT STAKE !]

Martin F. Abernathy ---- [] -------- 8/14/01 --------- Bronx, NY 10473

The following is my affidavit before the courts including the United States Supreme Court. The courts are bought and paid for for the most part and I had no chance of them ever hearing my case, and my case was to prove this to those watching like the FBI.

Charles August Schlund, III
XXXX N. XXth Drive
Glendale, AZ 85XXX
(602) XXX-XXXX
Plaintiff in Pro Per

Randy D. Lang
XXXXX North XX Drive, Suite XXX
Phoenix, Arizona 85XXX
(602) XXX-XXXX
Plaintiff in Pro Per



9th Cir. App. Case No.00-15126
an individual, et al,

Case No: CIV98-1875PHX ROS, reassigned to RCB




County of Maricopa , et al.,

I, Charles Schlund, III, declare: The facts herein are of my own personal knowledge and belief, and if called to testify concerning such matters, I could and would do so competently. As to those facts pled on information and belief, I believe such matters to be true on such information and believe, as follows: Charles August Schlund, III ("Appellant"), pursuant to his reservation of rights, as set forth in the Motion for Reconsideration and Supplementals therewith, dated Sept. 14, 1999 (Excerpt No. F), which are incorporated herein by this reference for further clarification on the issues of fact as set forth herein.


First of all, I have never pled in my Complaint any assertions whatsoever about mental telepathy, despite the United States District Court tries to erroneously compare my case with others strictly involving mental telepathy (i.e. Doran). Because of this erroneous understanding by the Court of the nature and context of my allegations in my Complaint, I believe it necessary to set forth the following to clarify the facts to assist the Honorable 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, who will now review this matter as follows.

I would like to inform the Court of the facts involved in this case. These facts are quite unbelievable, but this has nothing to do with their truthfulness or accuracy. We believe we will be well prepared to prove our case to a jury when this case comes to trial. I would like to use what U.S. Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter's reply to a eyewitness's description of Auschwitz in 1943. "We believe this is a good example of how good men refuse to believe the truth when the acts of their fellow men are so hideous and outrageous. "I know that you believe what you are telling me is the truth but I cannot believe it." U.S. Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter's reply to a eyewitness's description of Auschwitz in 1943.

I'm going to try to explain how the DEA has framed me as a drug dealer to cover up their covert operations against the American people and me. This is a very long story and I'm mostly disabled from the torture and control modes that the DEA is currently using against me with the electronic implants that the DEA injected into both sides of my neck in about 1993.

My health is failing slowly from the continual torture by the DEA. The DEA is systematically murdering me in the most satanic ways possible with technology, including but not limited to electronic implants. These were injected into both sides of my neck. The injection of these implants was, and is, a covert operation by the DEA to cover up their criminal actions by removing me as a witness against the DEA and others. The injection of these devices into my neck is and always was an attempt by the DEA to deprive me of my Civil Rights, Human Rights, Constitutional Rights and God given Rights. These implants were designed by the CIA to remove political witnesses and other threats against the CIA's and the DEA's organized crime network and to also protect those under their protection.

You must understand that I'm very physically and somewhat mentally disabled from my torture by the DEA. My mind is gradually being burned out using the "weapons systems" that are integrated in these implants, according to the Bolles Papers read by me. I am slowly dying as the DEA tortures me in the most hideous ways possible. Pain and suffering are invisible to the eye with the use of these devices. These are the most technologically advanced torture and mind control systems ever designed by mankind, this system is and has been used widely by the DEA for over 25 years, which has resulted in the deaths of thousands of American citizens under the protection of the courts and the laws of the United States.

NOTE: Some of the names in this letter are from memory and may be misspelled and I reserve the right to modify my statement to reflect corrected dates, spelling and/or other information that may need correcting when the torture is stopped by the DEA and/or others. This in no way is intended to reflect that any of my statements are untrue or incorrect. I firmly believe my statements are correct, to the best of my knowledge and beliefs, and I do believe I have the necessary information, evidence and witnesses to prove my case before a jury after we are allowed to proceed with discovery.


On or about 1968, I was discharged from the Marine Corps on 11 February 1968, just after my return from Vietnam. When I returned to Arizona, an old friend from school looked me up. We had been buddies in grade school and high school. His name was Yova Klusar, and he resided in an old house near 8th Street and Osborn in Phoenix, Arizona. We started to associate together again as we had in school. I would often drop by his house after work to party. There were always drugs and girls at his house and there was usually a party going on. During my visits to his house I would meet many people--friends, some were CIA, Dirty Dozen, Hells Angels, and others. As I was introduced to the many people, it became very obvious to me what was happening even though I was very naive at that time.

I would be over at Yova's house when drug shipments would be delivered. Phillip Jordan delivered these drug shipments at times; he was a State agent or police officer. When he would deliver these shipments of drugs, Yova and Phillip would go into Yova's bedroom and conduct business. I was never present during the transfer of monies but I was present during the unloading of these drug shipments. I would also meet many other local people and others from around the country at Yova's house. Drug buyers would come into town from around the country to pick up the drugs which Phillip Jordan had delivered, and shipments of pot would be sold for $66.00 a brick. A brick weighed from 1.5 lb. to 2.5 lb. and sometimes varied. As I watched these transactions, I was offered the opportunity to also purchase some of this pot for the same price but I did not have to buy a minimum of 100 pounds as the others. The local police under Phillip Jordan and others, protected these drug shipments and were involved with the CIA.

Pot was not the only drug sold. All kinds of drugs were sold and shipped from Phoenix to around the country. There was also a large number of murders being performed by these same people to protect these drug shipments as well as to cover up their organized crime network. This was all done under the cover of the law and all of these shipments were protected by police and others.

Yova was taking his initiation into the Dirty Dozen at that time and he had made it perfectly clear to me that Phillip Jordan wanted me also to join the Dirty Dozen and help in their drug operations and murders. Yova had told me in 1961 or 1962 that his dad was CIA, but at that time I did not believe him or really know what the CIA was. I had also met many others who were involved in these drug operations such as Wayne Woods and Garry Abbott. At that time I was naive but everyone I knew was doing drugs. The drugs and murders didn't bother me. I had just come from a war where they murdered people all the time, and even these deaths (as long as I wasn't involved) seemed normal to me. As time went on I would meet other people who were not involved in this drug cartel. These individuals were more the peace and love type people, and I liked them better than being around these murderers and organized crime figures. By now I knew the top drug dealer as well as the drug users. Hippies would be the correct word for these people.

We're now moving up to about 1970. I would still see Yova and the others, but they were becoming too evil and doing a lot of murders to protect superiors who were in positions of power in the State and Federal government. The size of the drug shipments had increased. Phillip Jordan and his men monitored me most of the time to make sure I didn't say anything to anyone and to collect what information they could to discredit me. I would be asked repeatedly to join the Dirty Dozen but I always refused due to all the murders they were committing and because of their setting up people in order to imprison them so they could be removed as witnesses and/or competition to their drug cartel.

We're now moving up to about 1973. I would not see Yova much anymore and I was not in contact with many people that were in the drug cartel. I was trying to keep it that way. There was still drugs around me all of the time and I smoked and sold pot and so did most everyone I knew, but we were not involved in the drug cartel.

We're now moving up to about 1976. Most of my friends had changed by this time, and I had very little contact with any of the members of the drug cartel so Phillip Jordan's men had backed off because I was no longer such a threat to their drug operations. I had been selling some pot but none of this pot was coming from any of their drug operations. I did know many people that were involved in drugs but few of these were in organized crime--such as the Dirty Dozen, and only a few of these people were protected where they could not be arrested for drugs or other crimes.

The only person I knew during this time period that made drugs was Carl Altz. He wanted to become a major drug trafficker and was a true criminal at heart and also evil. He was only in it for money and power and would never even try the drugs he made. He would always use others to experiment on and try his drugs. My steady girlfriend at this time was Kathy Griffith or Kathy Meyer (she used both names at that time), whom I later married.

We're now moving up to 1977. My friends were people such as Richard Remember, Evelyn Thomson, Mel Ford, and Jim Andrews (who I would go fishing with) and many others. I would see Gary Abbott, and once in a while I would see Yova or one of the others at a party or a wedding, and at other places--like a bar. I would also see Wayne Woods sometimes, and he was still setting up people to be arrested to protect their drug operations plus give the appearance that the police were really doing their job busting drug dealers. Wayne was still killing people to protect their drug operations and political corruption.

(NOTE: The DEA increased the electronic torture against me after I typed this part of the letter.)

Mel Ford and his wife, Evelyn Thomson, and Richard Remender along with others were now looking for information on the massive corruption in Arizona due to the assassination of Don Bolles, who was a reporter for the Arizona Republic and Phoenix Gazette newspapers, as well as other information they had. Richard Remender was defending Cornwall in his conviction for perjury before the Grand Jury in Arizona. Cornwall's wife was working for Richard Remender in his office to help pay the legal expenses. Richard was sharing an office with John P. Moore and Novak. I was working as an Electrical Contractor and Jim Andrews would sometimes work for me. I'm not sure if Kathy Griffith was divorced yet or if she was still using her married name of Kathy Meyer. Kathy was working as a go-go dancer.

A thief who had just gotten out of prison broke into a safe in a hotel on Central Avenue, which he believed contained a large sum of money because it was so well guarded. I do not remember his name anymore and I only met him a few times. I believe his first name was John, but I am no longer certain of that. This safe was a walk-in safe (from what he told me) and was very large. When he realized there was no money in the safe but it contained only a large amount of paperwork, films, tapes, photos, maps and other such things, he then believed these papers must be worth a large amount of money because they were so well guarded. From what he told me, he then loaded up as much of these aforementioned items into the full size pick-up truck that he was driving could carry. He filled the entire bed of the truck with these papers and the passenger side of the front seat and then drove off with papers blowing out of the truck and headed home to see what these papers were. Once he was home he started to read through these papers and files and realized that many of these files were government documents of the most sensitive type. In the small amount of the papers he read were CIA documents of the running of the Aryan Brotherhood and other racist organizations. While he was reading these files he was watching TV, and Evelyn Thomson was on the news. He then thought it would be safe to call her to see if he could sell the files to her, because she was Black and the CIA documents were racist in nature.

After calling Evelyn and agreeing to let her see the papers, he then took these papers over to Evelyn's house. Evelyn lived in a two-story house built by Ponderosa Homes in Ponderosa Homes South. Evelyn and Mel's house was located in the area of 40th Street and Southern. Their home had a double car garage where he unloaded the files and papers for Evelyn to read. Evelyn told him she would try to get him some money for the files; he wanted $10,000 or $12,000 for the files. As Evelyn and Mel started to read the files they realized that they had the files on the framing of Cornwall for perjury, whom Richard was now defending in his appeal and the assassination of Don Bolles--including the orders to have him killed.

I am not really sure what happened next. I believe Evelyn was at my house, and she told me about the files, and I was going shooting with Richard the next day, but this is only a guess at how we all got together and started reading the files. Evelyn may have called Richard directly, but I don't remember for sure how we all got together to read the government documents.

Within the next couple of days Richard and I went over to Evelyn's house and got some of the files to take over to Richard's house to read through them. The files were all mixed up from the thief throwing them into the truck and then taking them into his house and then putting them back into the truck to take to Evelyn's house, and then from us taking the files to Richard's house.

As we started to read through these files and papers, it became evident that either we did not have all of the papers from the individual files or that some of the papers had been mixed up with the other papers at Evelyn's house. We then decided to put all of the files in one place and sort through them, and put them in order, to try to reassemble the files correctly. Next, we moved all of the files to Richard's house and placed them in his garage. Then we started to bring the papers into the family room of his house to sort through them, to try to reassemble them in an order where we could understand what the files really were. Richard Remender at that time lived at 526 West Vernon in Phoenix.

The first thing we did was to sort the files into the agency from which they originated. There were files from almost every agency in the government. These files included CIA; OSS; DIA, DEA; FBI; IRS; ATF; SS; NSA; NRO; FMS; Justice Department files; AF; Army; Navy; Presidential and Vice Presidential papers; and even some Corporate files. We also had Grand Jury testimony and papers from the Warren Commission as well as many other kinds of files and papers. The vast majority of these papers and files that were dated 1973 and later, were CIA and DEA papers and files.

(NOTE: The DEA is horribly torturing me as I try to write this letter. I'm not screaming as they used to make me do, but I'm at least 90 per cent mentally disabled at this time due to the torture.) The torture mode they are currently using on me consists of a number of different frequency sounds (I am unable to tell how many but I believe there are about 10 to 20 different frequencies in millisecond pulses which are all bunched together to make a sonic pulse or electronic bullet that is very disrupting.) These sounds so occupy my mind with the torture that it is impossible to concentrate, write, or function as a human being. These sound pulses are very painful also and do constitute torture.

These short bursts of sound are pulsed at about 5 times a second with 10 to 20 different sounds in each pulse and these different sounds do not overlap each other. They are all bunched together to make one single sound or close to one sound. This kind of sound and/or noise does not exist in nature nor have I ever heard anything like it before these implants were injected into my neck. They are now changing the pulses to where they cannot be counted because they are dividing the individual sounds into equal spaces between them instead of bunching them up into a single pulse. This doesn't sound like torture from the way I described it but it is a very horrible form of torture. This is being done from the left implant and the right implant is just making a whining sound. They did make me scream a little for typing this using very short pulses of pain in my chest and down the right side of my body. The DEA is using this form of torture to limit my freedom of speech to stop you from getting the full information. In my opinion, this is an act of treason by the DEA against the United States Constitution and the United States of America.

I stopped typing this letter an hour or two ago because of the torture. The current torture mode is far more severe than it was while I was typing before. I can walk but the torture has been dramatically increased to threaten me with death if I continue the typing of this letter. The DEA knows it can murder me at will with the devices they injected into my neck and ears.

The DEA also knows that the cause of death will be listed in the autopsy as death from natural causes. The cause of death is usually listed in the autopsies as being from a heart attack or stroke. In the DEA and CIA files we had, they had murdered, in this way, many of the witnesses and people that were of a political threat against them. I am almost totally disabled at present and it is taking me a very long time to type this paragraph. The DEA is now using the sonic modes against me from both sides of my head and has added a constant hideous sound with the other pulsed sounds. You must understand that I'm only describing the modes that I can hear but the DEA is doing other things to me at the same time. I will not yield to torture and the DEA will have to kill me to stop me from completing this letter. The only thing that will stop me from typing this letter is the DEA's agreement to my terms of a settlement and I do not believe there is any chance of that. It would be very politically incorrect for the DEA to torture me to death at this time but they may not have any other way or choice of covering up the information and protecting the members of their drug cartel and others in high positions of power in the State and Federal governments.

As Richard, Evelyn, Mel, and myself started to read these files and papers it became self evident that these papers contained the orders for many thousands of political assassinations in the United States and around the world. These papers contained the files or papers on many of the political assassinations that had taken place in the United States and also contained the information on who had committed these crimes and who had ordered them. We also had many other kinds of files including files on how the CIA had or had tried to, or was going to, alter the outcome of future, present, and past Presidential elections in the United States as well as in many other countries. We also had files on many other kinds of Federal, State, and local elections that had been covertly directed by the CIA and the DEA, and others under the CIA's direction and control. We also had the plans of the CIA and the DEA under their control to retake the presidency from the Democrats. These files also contained files on the bugging of President "Jimmy Carter" to direct and control his Presidency.

There were also files on the funneling of billions of dollars out of the local, state, and Federal governments in the CIA's covert operations. These files contained so much information that it would take 50,000 pages for me to try to reassemble them in just a limited way. All of this information was of an illegal nature and the total sum of these papers amounted to the systematic overthrow of the United States by the CIA.

The following is a short list of the kind of papers, files, and documents contained in the paperwork we read through. I am limiting some of the details at this time for security reasons and to make this letter more understandable. I have never believed that all of the information should be released. The release of this information is only being done to defend myself and is an attempt by me to stop my torture by the DEA in the cover-up of these papers and files. Some parts of the information I'm sure should be released to correct past wrongs by the government and to stop future corruption by the government.

1. Files and papers on the assassinations of two Presidents of the United States: Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy.

2. The plans of the Rockefellers, CIA and DEA to covertly direct future Presidential elections in the United States and place their people in these positions of power.

3. The framing of people like Ted Kennedy for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick.

4. Files and papers on the assassination of Martin L. King and the framing of Ray for this assassination.

5. Files on crimes against humanity and acts of genocide and other human rights violations that had been secretly or covertly committed.

6. The framing of many people like Ted Kennedy as being involved in the drug trade to authorize the monitoring and control of them.

7. The framing of many people like Federal Judge Carl Mickee. I'm sure this name is misspelled. In the Don Bolles Papers, President Kennedy had appointed him and they could not kill all the Judges that President Kennedy had appointed because it would look too suspicious. The Judge I'm speaking of retired a couple years ago from the Federal Court in the District of Arizona. They needed to monitor him because they believed he posed a threat to them so to obtain the warrants necessary, they framed him secretly as taking a bribe in a drug trial to justify the investigation against him. This was never to become public; it was only done to authorize the monitoring of him. We had many such secret warrants that had been issued against people in positions of power in the Don Bolles Papers.

8. The assassinations of other heads of state around the world.

9. The assassinations of Congressmen, State Judges, Federal Judges and many others in high positions of power in the government to replace them with their people.

10. The assassination of many thousands of political witnesses, threats, and dissidents in the United States and around the world.

11. Files on the overthrow of other countries around the world.

12. Files from the Vietnam War.

13. Files from the Korean War.

14. Files from the 2nd World War.

15. Files on Federal and State Judges and others in other court systems that were under their direct control and direction.

16. Files on Senators and Congressmen that were directly under their direction and control.

17. Files on Police Chiefs, Governors, Mayors and many others that were under their direction and control.

18. The orders and plans to replace the CIA in the United States with a new Federal agency called the DEA.

19. Plans to put people in positions of power in the future such as Senators, Judges, and Congressmen and many others.

20. Radiation experiments.

21. ESP experiments.

22. Files on Mind Control experiments and other experiments such as the LSD experiments that had been secretly done on American citizens.

23. Bending light experiments and reflected light experiments.

24. Project Blue Book and other files on the cover-up of extra-terrestrial life.

25. Future weapons systems and the funneling of billions of dollars out of the government into these and many other research and development projects.

26. Biological weapons experiments.

27. Genetic engineering experiments.


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