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Did You Know?

Cain's wife Lillith

Lillith-Kali-Isis-Ishtar is the wife of Cain in Gen. 4:17, the ancestral mother of the Serpent race of Jews according to the Talmud and ancient folklore. It is a counterfeit race not created by Yahweh (God's name). Their white blood corpuscles are not human, they do not have a "floating rib," their fingerprints are formed differently from man's, their mind power is diametrically opposed to man's and they do not have the corona of light around the brain nerve fibers as in man. It is the Devil's offspring. In India , he has always been Naga. In Assyria and Babylonia, he was Akki. In Egypt, he was Naka. In Hebraic, he was Nachash. It means Satan, or the Devil, yet called the supreme being.


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