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By Tom Heneghan
July 15, 2007

We continue to identify the Enemy of the Republic and The American Revolution of 2007 and accordingly and immediately order their Eradication. It can now be reported that the nine-year old tape involving Osama bin Laden recently promoted by FOX News aka FOX Noise was made in Las Vegas in 1998 under the supervision of FBI Division #5 and the rogue CIA Bush-Clinton Waymark Group. Remember folks, Bin Laden, who has been dead for over five years from kidney failure, was on U.S. government CIA payroll from the days of his recruitment from the 1980s, reference his roll with freedom fighters in Afghanistan.

Note: Bin Laden received dialysis treatment in a CIA hospital in Dubai, UAE in July of 2001. It can now be reported that covering up Osama Bin Laden 's death serves the purpose of the British-Yiddish Box Gang of keeping Bin Laden's CIA custodial accounts open, and accordingly not subject to dispersal to Bin Laden's relatives and estate based on his will, which has been shredded and destroyed by the Bush Administration.

This is allowing the criminal Bush Occupation Government to create U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve derivatives utilizing Chinese foreign currency for the purpose of supporting the U.S. stock market and keeping the U.S. media filth in payola. Announcing Bin Laden's death might launch a massive IRS audit against the U.S. Federal Reserve and known money launderer Alan Greenspan. And it gets worse.

When Tony Blair and Warren Buffet along with FOX Noise (FOX News) Bush-Clinton bagman Rupert Murdoch-Greenberg met in Sun Valley, Idaho they conspired to have the bogus Bin Laden tape released from Waymark Productions in Las Vegas in an attempt to create more bogus U.S. Treasury derivatives located at Citibank and J.P. Morgan for the purpose of aiding Murdoch-Greenberg in his attempted takeover of Dow Jones News Service and the entire U.S. media. How dare you, you conspiratorial Tyrants and Kings and notable Queens.

Reference: The Bank of International Settlements is poised to declare an emergency questioning how much U.S. currency in circulation, i.e. U.S. Treasury derivatives, are now counterfeit. The Bank of International Settlements is focused on the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) along with Mossad agent Michael Chertoff 's terrorist headquarters at the Department of Homeland Security.

It can be reported that Russian FSB personnel hired by Chertoff for anti-terror programs on American soil are currently being looked at as the counterfeiters of millions of hundred dollar bills.

P.S. Message to scumbag and homosexual in-the-closet George Stephanopoulos of ABC News: You are a cheat, weasel and piece of cowardly filth. You are so desperate to keep duly elected President Albert Gore Jr. from running for re-election you have to smear his son. Was it you, Georgi Pooh, that tipped off the FOX News NASA satellites to follow, stalk and trap Al Gore 's son on a 24-hour basis? We have already found you guilty, Georgi Pooh, and have ordered a new, sharpened guillotine ­ we have cleaned off the grease.

P.P.S. Message to Rupert Murdoch-Greenberg, unelectable Hillary Lesbian-Rodenhurst Clinton'šs bagman: You are not going to buy Dow Jones News Service. You are not going to buy anything. In fact, the IRS may want to audit your books, given all of those profits you have disguised from those kiddie porn sites you set up offshore.

Question: Is that Murdoch'šs hedge fund? And one last note: Congratulations to Representative Ron Paul of Texas for telling the truth that the criminal occupation of the Bush Administration may stage another terrorist event on U.S. soil. Message to cover up queen, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi: Do you think Ron Paul read those secret 9/11 files you have been trying to keep from the U.S. Congress?

Conclusion: The American Revolution Continues..... It is time to have the U.S. Military stand up, arrest this filth and take them to Guillotine Headquarters in Lafayette Park . That is right folks, those Squirrels are Hungry for their Basket Lunch. How Dare You? You Tyrants, Kings and notable Queens Remember the reason why we play the Famous French National Anthem is because of those Famous Words: To arms, citizens! Form your battalions! Let us march, let us march! Let impure blood of our enemies soak the furrows of our fields. We Continue to Identify the Enemy of the Republic and The American Revolution in the 21st Century and accordingly and immediately order their Eradication and that Enemy remains Americas oldest Enemy the British hofjuden Monarchy. And when all is said and done, when you turn off the Boob-Tube, the Rule Of Law says that Albert Gore Jr., remains the Duly-Elected President Of The United States Of America in the 2000 election. For more U.S. Intel Back Breaking News

Editor's note: While it is true that Al Gore , Jr. did win the 2000 election, the Illuminati control both sides, so regardless who wins, they win; we lose. Al Gore , Jr.'s daughter married Andrew Schiff, of the Schiff family which is in league with the International Bankers, which are the Illuminati.


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