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Did You Know?

Spanish Prime Minister

The Spanish Prime Minister pulled out the troops from Iraq, but then he doubled the troops in Afghanistan. With him, Spain has more soldiers out than with any other PM. He is friendly with dictators as Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. He spends the money of the State for a luxury life. He takes private trips with his family using the official airplane. For example, a week-end to London to buy at Harrods. He has never worked; he has been a Congressman all his life. Spanish Congressmen simply receive a salary and vote what the Party says; it is not considered a job there. For 20 years he never said a word in Congress, and nobody knew him. He never worked in any firm or had any job in the public sector. His first job was to be Prime Minister. When he goes to a meeting in the EU, he does not say a word because he does not speak any language, only Spanish. The only thing he does is smile.

He says one thing and does the opposite. Two weeks ago he was in Mexico where he said "I am here is to destroy the wall between Mexico and USA," but there are two cities in the north of Africa called "Ceuta and Melilla" that are Spanish. These cities had a wall two metres wide, and every night a lot of illegal African immigrants jumped inside. Two years ago he had a wall built of six metres with hooks in order to prevent Africans from jumping over so several immigrants have died when they tried to jump. Here in Spain everybody calls him "MISTER BEAN" because really he is stupid and a liar.


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