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What is the difference between Israel and the state of Israel?

When you see the word, "Israel," what do you think? Do you think of Jacob or do you think of the state of Israel instead? If you think of the state of Israel, I'm certain you're not alone for most if not virtually all people think of Israel as the land of milk and honey where Jewish people live, where the Knesset stands and where so much bloodshed occurs regularly against both sides in the conflict.

But Israel is not this concept. This concept is the state of Israel, a state which only exists because of the deceits and schemes of a few.

Orthodox Jewish rabbis even declare that, "there shall be no state for the Jews." They, in turn, are treated as second class citizens by the Israeli government, according to one of my supporters, a woman who is married to a Palestinian, resulting in her traveling to this country to meet her husband's parents long ago when these two had only married a short time earlier in the United States.

It's important to me to distinguish between the state of Israel and Israel, because one is honest and the other one is dishonest, but the Jewish people who live there don't understand, something that allows them to be controlled by those who control us all.

For those of you who are reading this article, will you help me to cause others to understand that there are two Israels, one illegitimate and the other one pure? We need to distinguish between the two because at the present time, no one thinks of Jacob being renamed by Yahweh (this is God's name) and the twelve tribes as anything at all, whereas everyone thinks of the National home for the Jews as Israel, because this is what they who control you want you to believe.

If you have not read "Who is Israel?" I strongly recommend that you do. It's at Very enlightening, I assure you.

Thank you very much.


Arlene Johnson



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