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Is the joke on us?

It seems as though everyone looks toward President Chavez of Venezuela as such a paragon of virtue because he is a Socialist?

Well, let me tell you what a Socialist is. The powers-that-be wanted to trick you once more. So they created the word Socialist; it's really the same as a Communist. One of the people who is in my Address Book in fact stated that the word, socialist, is a more respectable word for communist.

Taken from "Taking Power Seriously: John Holloway and the Venezuelan Strategy By M. Junaid Alam - Seven Oaks Magazine is the following quote:

"...Chavez has now supplied the answer we are all familiar with: 'I am convinced, and think that this conviction will be for the rest of my life, that the path to a new better and possible world, is not capitalism, the path is socialism.'"

An article by Jackson Diehl, "Chavez's Censorship: Where Disrespect Can Land You in Jail" (Washington Post, Monday, March 28, 2005, p. A17), attempts to convince readers that a reformed Penal Code in Venezuela is somehow a repressive tool of an authoritarian regime. Diehl references Article 147: "Anyone who offends with his words or in writing or in any other way disrespects the President of the Republic or whomever is fulfilling his duties will be punished with prison of 6 to 30 months if the offense is serious and half of that if it is light."

Yet, this journalist fails to mention U.S. laws on the same subject matter, which are actually much stricter and truly repressive. Title 18 of the U.S. Code, Section 871, "Threats Against the President or his Successors" provides for up to five years of prison for any kind of "threat" against a U.S. President, Vice-President, his spouse or any one in the succession line who could become President, which includes a grand portion of Congress.

U.S. Code Title 18, Section 871 has been used to jail individuals for telling a U.S. President he "sucks" (17) , informing a President that, "God will hold you to account, Mr. President" (18) or for wearing "anti-war" or "anti-Bush" T-shirts. (19) And lest we forget the more than 1800 protestors jailed during the August 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City for the crime of protesting the president.

Moreover, by an Executive Order of the President of the United States and under the USA PATRIOT Act, a highly repressive law passed after September 11, 2001 by the U.S. Congress, any non-U.S. citizen " who has been deemed by the president to have been or have harbored a member of the al-Qa'eda organization, or anyone who has engaged in, aided, abetted, or conspired to commit acts of international terrorism, or acts that "threaten to cause, or have as their aim to cause injury to or adverse effects on the United States," is subject to trial in a military tribunal in accordance with rules and procedures to be established by the secretary of defense." (20)

Eva Golinger, a Venezuelan-American attorney, is the author of the book entitled, "The Chavez Code: Cracking U.S. Intervention in Venezuela," soon to be available.

These footnotes pertain to a portion of Eva Golinger's editorial:

(17) (Excerpt from an AP wire story dated October 30, 1996) "CHICAGO (AP) -- ... (two people) were arrested July 2 at the Taste of Chicago fair after President Clinton approached them and ... responded with a rude remark. She said the remark was, "You suck and those boys died," in reference to the June 25 attack of a U.S. installation in Saudi Arabia that left 19 American airmen dead. Secret Service agents initially said they heard something else that could have been taken as a threat against the president. Police said the (couple) were arrested for persisting to shout profanities while being questioned.

(18) (From the Washington Times, 12/27/96, page A5.) "God will hold you to account, Mr. President." "--Rev. Rob Shenck, to President Clinton during a Christmas Eve church service at the Washington National Cathedral, referring to the president's veto of a ban on partial-birth abortion. After the service, Rev. Shenck was detained by Secret Service agents who accused him of threatening the President's life.

(19) "the antiwar-T-shirt-clad mother of a slain soldier was pulled out of a Laura Bush speech in New Jersey and threatened with arrest. A West Virginia couple was detained by the Secret Service for wearing anti-Bush T-shirts at a July 4 rally" "Thou Dost Protest Too Much: An old law turns protesters into threats against the president." By Jonathan M. Katz. <>

(20) "Military Tribunals for Suspected Terrorists Raise Question of Justice Versus Rights" by Anna Gawel, <>

He [Chavez] signed an oil deal with China. This was taken from an April 2, 2005 post on CIA-drugs listserv, a listserv.

US Code, Title 18, Section 1752(a)(1)(ii) declares that it is a crime to intentionally enter a restricted zone during a presidential visit, and it has been used to arrest more than 1,800 demonstrators during the Republican Convention in August of 2004, despite the fact that the demonstrators were several blocks from President Bush's location; it was also used to arrest a gentleman for carrying a sign against war on October 24, 2002, during Bush's visit to Ohio; also arrested was a dead soldier's mother for wearing an anti-war T-shirt during a speech by First Lady Laura Bush in New Jersey; and a couple in West Virginia was arrested for wearing anti-Bush T-shirts during a rally.

"...the USA PATRIOT Act together with an Executive Order give President Bush the power to determine when a person represents a threat to the United States. If the person is a US citizen, he can be detained for an indefinite length of time without rights, be declared an enemy of the state, and even lose his citizenship. If the person is not a US citizen, he can be detained without any rights and be brought before a secret military tribunal without anyone, not even his family members, finding out. If a foreigner in the US says that "Bush is the Devil," he can be imprisoned and end up in Guantanamo.

Andres Izarra

Minister of Communication and Information

Now, here is the proof of what I have been attempting to enable people to understand, China and Venezuela will combine with Cuba, the nation that wanted a relationship with the United States, will be the force that will enable communism to prevail, which is what the Illuminati have wanted all along.

America Awoke Sleeping Giants; Now Faces Twilight

By Jack Phillips, American Free Press, -April 25, 2005 on page 3

There are reports that former Russian intelligence operations on Cuba have been taken over by the Chinese. The Chinese are also building a container port in the Caribbean which, of course, should be well situated to supply logistical support for Cuba and Venezuela.

And lastly, this from Greg Szymanski in his response to the article that Henry Makow, Ph.D. wrote entitled, "Illuminati Bankers Hired Hitler to Start WW2"

Putin to meet with Pope (February 24, 2007)

Putin To Meet With Pope aka "The Grand Inquisitor" The Pope to give his evil blessings to another world leader on March 13, giving Putin as he has Bush the foolish justification to participate in the upcoming Pope's crusade and genocide. 24 Feb 2007

By Greg Szymanski

The dirty hands of the Vatican continue to manipulate world politics as Pope Benedict XVI and President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, are planning to have a good ole' Mafia 'sit down' March 13, 2007 in Rome.

This is Putin's first visit with the Pope, and critics who really and truly know the Vatican's hidden New World agenda claim Putin is arriving in the City of the Seven Mountains to get his "satanic blessings" and his marching orders from the evil empire.

And it should be noted Putin won't be the first or the last high-level New World Order leader to kiss the "Inquisitor's Ring of evil," as the list is longer than a giant's arm, including Daddy Bush, Baby Bush, Clinton, the rulers of the Middle East, the ruler of Israel, Blair, Chavez of Venezuela and many, many more of the Pope's minions bringing destruction, war and genocide upon the earth.

Although critics claim Putin is getting his "evil blessing" in order to justify mass killings on his behalf in the Pope's on-going world wide New World Order Crusade, their meeting is further sign that the separation of church and state had become a laughing matter in today's world-wide political setting.

"All the leaders are working together to bring about the Vatican's final crusade and one world fascist government," said Leo Zagami, a former high-level Vatican and Illuminati member of the powerful Monte Carlo P2 Lodge.

Furthermore, Zagami had revealed the innermost secrets of the Vatican-led New World Order after he came forward on U.S. radio, saying the true spiritual leaders and controllers of the New World Order include the Vatican hierarchy and their henchmen, the evil Jesuit Order.

Editor's note: The only statement about which I would disagree is that the Illuminati are desirous of establishing communism instead of fascism on the people of the world as Szymanski indicates in this last section of my editorial.

So to put it simply, the joke IS on us.

Arlene Johnson



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