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From the Mouths of the Belly of the Beast:
Quotes from Adolf Hitler with Analysis and Critique

by Arlene Johnson

Mein Kampf
Hitler, Adolf
© 2001 London: Pimlico
ISBN 0-7126-5254-X
Originally published 1943
by Houghton-Mifflin


Mein Kamph is a cover up. I'm not the only person who feels this way. Hitler was provided the job of disseminating propaganda for the previous government, and he utilizes it extensively in this book. Of course, there are truths in this book also.

Page xxx Introduction "...super-personality dedicated to the furtherance of the historical process which he conceived himself to be."

Why Hitler? Because of his oratorical ability? Many people have oratorical ability, therefore, it couldn't be that ability alone. There had to have been some other factor which catapulted a man whose original name had been Hiedler. (See page xv.) Of course, I base my analysis on two different writings. Hitler: Founder of Israel by Kardel and "Was Hitler a Rothschild?" by David Icke (See Therefore, it becomes easy to understand.

Hitler claims to have wanted to be an architect, but in footnote 1 on page 10 the translator stated "only in mathematics and German did he [Hitler] score lower marks." Therefore, one must ask how Hitler could be a successful architect since this profession requires mathematical achievement.

On the book outside cover of the particular book I read, the publisher included the following in three paragraphs:

Mein Kampf is an evil book, but it remains necessary reading for those who seek to understand the Holocaust, for students of totalitarian psychology and for all who care to safeguard democracy."

After reading this entire English translation of this book, I can state unequivocally that no mention is made of concentration camps, gassing, murder by guns, and bullets, the Final Solution, or any other term which is synonymous with the Holocaust except for one sentence which includes the word extermination which the reader will see in this article.

Whether the publisher strove to capitalize on the mass perception that the Holocaust occurred in his attempt to garner sales of this book is unclear.

Hitler speaks of his nationalism, but he was born in Austria. Why the shift to Germany and work to instill National Socialism there? One answer could be because his grandmother was German, but possibly a better answer is that Germany is a far larger nation in size as compared with Austria despite the fact that Austria was coupled with Hungary so as to form an empire which, of course, encompassed those of darker skin lived, which Hitler distained as he did all peoples who don't display the blond aryan features per se, but could it be possible that Rothschild enabled Hitler to settle in Germany for the purpose of using the resources of the country to instigate World War II on the Illuminati's journey which takes us to their War on Terror? In all humility, I believe so.

Page 78 Hitler talks about "the masses," see for example page 78 because he isn't one despite the fact that he seemed to be. Clearly, he knew he wasn't one of the masses because he was born because of the rape of his grandmother by the elite. On this page he speaks of propagandizing the masses.

On pages 80 - 83 Hitler decries the parliamentary system but says nothing about the way in which it is controlled, i.e. the Illuminati from which he was ultimately conceived. From page 82 comes this from Hitler "...and in certain circles honesty is almost synonymous with stupidity."

What does Hitler mean by "certain circles?" The elite of which he is most definitely a part? Normal people are honest. Are they stupid? I think everyone would think they are not, so that leaves the elite, as the only people who feel that to be honest is to be stupid. Of course, Hitler states "And only in this way is it possible for the real wirepuller to remain carefully in the background and never be called to responsibility," but Hitler never mentions who the wirepullers are by name since he is one of them. Hitler ends his diatribe against parliamentarism with the sentence "Only the Jew can praise an institution which is as dirty and false as he himself" as though he was not part Jewish himself on page 83.

Hitler had already alluded to those in the background when he stated on page 98 "A movement with great aims must therefore be anxiously on its guard not to lose contact with the broad masses."

If Hitler had been pure of intention when he addressed the "broad masses," he would have been murdered just as the Illuminati did to Robert F. Kennedy after addressed the people. No, there is no doubt that Hitler was allowed to live so as to achieve the goals of his fellow elites.

Again on page 105 Hitler distinguishes himself from the masses of people when he states "The public, as stupid as it is forgetful, is, as a rule, prevented by the very outcry from recognizing the real instigator of the struggle or else has forgotten him, and the scoundrel has to all intents and purposes achieved his goal."

First of all, people cannot "forget" what they never learned, and unless people become aware of the "scoundrel" they are not in a position to do anything about him. That causes Hitler to become a hypocrite as he obviously did know of his existence but did nothing to subdue him.

Hitler first mentions England as an ally on page 129 regarding explanation to the east for the purpose of having enough food to eat for Germanic peoples. He states "With England alone was it possible our rear protected, to begin the new Germanic march...consequently, no sacrifice should have been too great for winning England's willingness." These views indicate Hitler's desire to not fight against Great Britain. However, on page 131 he states "No: if we chose this road, England would some day inevitably become our enemy" in reaction to Germany's building a fleet.

Some proof that this book, Mein Kampf, is a cover up comes on page 163 when Hitler wrote "Propaganda in the War was a means to an end, and the end was the struggle for the existence of the German people; consequently, propaganda could only be considered in accordance with the principles that were valid for struggle. In this case the most cruel weapons were humane if they brought about a quicker victory; and only those methods were beautiful which helped the nation to safeguard the dignity of its freedom."

Freedom, indeed. Later, on the same page, Hitler states that "It [propaganda] must be addressed always and exclusively to the masses" in answer to the question "To whom should propaganda be addressed? To the scientifically trained intelligentsia or to the less educated masses?

Propaganda is so important to Hitler that he wrote an entire chapter devoted to it from page 161 through 169. On page 190-1 Hitler stated "Right after listening to Feder's first lecture, the thought ran through my head that I had now found the way to one of the most essential premises for the foundation of a new party."

Think about this statement for a moment. Why would a new party have exploded in a country if not for the influence of the very rich? People don't just accept a new idea automatically even though they had suffered the effects of a world war. Hitler stated on page 194 "The fight against international finance and loan capital became the most important point in the programme of the German nation's struggle for its economic independence and freedom." Why then did he accept financial help from those who funded him, men such as Prescott Bush, Schiff, and Rockefeller, etc. See also page 200 on Hitler's wanting to found his own party. On page 198, Hitler, again, speaks about lower classes with this quote,

"In the evening when I entered the 'Leiber Room' of the former Sterneckerbräu in Munich, I found some twenty to twenty-five people present chiefly from the lower classes of the population."

Why these classes? Remember Hitler's declaration that propaganda was to be levied on those who were not trained scientifically. Here is the beginning of the propagandizing of the German people by the elite. The meeting took place on September 12, 1919.

Moreover, Hitler was a member of the highly secret Thule Association. On page 197 in the footnote it states "...Anton Drexler, linked up in 1918 with a member of the Nationalist Secret Society, the Thule Association. The party was founded formally on January 5, 1919. It recruited members secretly, and made no effort publicly to add to its membership until after Hitler joined it."

Hitler uses the word Gezeires to speak about the press. This is a Yiddish word. Could he have learned it from his father who was the result of a rape by a Jew? See page xv which states that Hitler's father "was the illegitimate son unknown father.... [who] was Jewish.

Hitler appears to contradict himself when on page 231 he stated "Parallel to the training of the body, a struggle against the poisoning of the soul must begin." Compare this with keeping the masses uninformed using propaganda (See pp 161-9) For what is the soul if not part of the brain itself?


From page 302 Hitler says "If today more than ever our Left politicians are at pains to point out the lack of arms as the necessary cause of their spineless compliant policy, we must answer only one thing: no, the reverse is true. Through your anti-national, criminal policy of abandoning national interests, you surrendered our arms."

I believe he was speaking about the states' arms not individual people's arms, which they couldn't own anyway. Hitler also castigated the right on the page. This proves that Hitler is right in the middle of the political spectrum which is exactly what the powers-that-be want in their pawns.

No nation needs arms. If they did, then every nation would have them. But every nation does not have them. Costa Rica is an example. Moreover, no nation would be neutral, but during WW I Sweden and Iran at least were neutral. There is no need for war. War exists because of the very persons who created Hitler in the first place, the Jews who comprise the Illuminati.

                        Great Britain

Also, on page 302, Hitler stated "... the English nation will have to be considered the most valuable ally in the world as long as its leadership and the spirit of its broad masses justify us in expecting brutality and perseverance which is determined to fight a battle once begun to a victorious end...."

This sentiment proves that Hitler did not want to fight against the British empire but with it. Therefore, why did war against England begin? Churchill was an elitist Jew. So was Roosevelt for that matter, and so was Stalin. Hitler either knew or he was led down a path of deceits. There is evidence to believe the latter.


The first indication that Hitler feels that the Jews, which he does not mention per se, are to be exterminated is on page 307 in the words "The nationalisation of our masses will succeed only when, aside from all the positive struggle for the soul of the people, their international poisoners are exterminated. What does Hitler mean by "international poisoners?" Could it be all the Jews or simply the Jews who control finance? Bear in mind that on page 581 where Hitler stated "Finance and commerce have become his complete monopoly. His usurious rates of interest finally arouse resistance, the rest of his increasing effrontery indignation his wealth envy." Or on page 282 where Hitler stated "Finally he needs only to have himself baptised to possess himself of all the possibilities and rights of the natives of the country. Not seldom he concludes this deal to the joy of the churches over the son they have won and of Israel over the successful swindle."

Israel, you say? But at the time Hitler wrote this book, Israel did not exist. Ah, but Israel existed in Hitler's mind. This is why he wrote that state name, proving that he was affiliated with those who schemed to finally create the state of Israel - Rothschild.

                    Unified Top Organization

Hitler states on page 349 "And so the Marxist world view, led by a unified top organization, is opposed by a hodge-podge of views which even as ideas are not very impressive in face of the solid, hostile front." what top organization? Hitler clearly knows as he couldn't have written this if he had not known
. But he covers it up ostensibly because he is concealing their identify. Why is he concealing their identity? Because they are also supporting him.

Hitler decries the lack of attendees to the meeting of seven men of which he is one, until an ad in the newspaper called Völkischer Beobachter appeared, a newspaper which the Nazi party bought in December, 1920 for the sum of RM 120,000 and the assumption of its outstanding debts of RM 250,000. See footnote 1 on page 539 for more.

Now, I ask you where did the Nazi party obtain that much money to buy the newspaper for RM 120,000? Hitler doesn't say as he is clearly protecting the identities of those who remain hidden from sight. After the advertisement appeared in the newspaper, larger and larger attendance was noted at the meetings at which Hitler was a featured speaker.

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