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Another Kennedy Assassin who is a terrorist

Luis Posada Carriles is an individual various experts have linked with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
Provided by Granma International, Cuba
Before the election of 1960, a group within the Christian Right plotted
to kill John Kennedy in Van Nuys, California while he was still a
candidate. The group was a meld of anti-Castro Cubans, Minutemen
and home-grown Nazis. Some were sought by Jim Garrison, following
his arrest of Clay Shaw, for testimony before the New Orleans grand
jury. When Garrison forwarded extradition papers for Edgar Eugene
Bradley, a member of the group, Governor Ronald Reagan refused to
sign them.
The leader of one of these groups, the Christian Defense League (CDL),
was the Reverend William P. Gale. During the war Gale had been an
Army colonel in the Philippines training guerilla bands. His superior
officer was Willoughby.
By the late 1950s Gale was recruiting veterans for his "Identity" group,
which was financed by a wealthy Los Angeles man. One of the CDL's
contacts was Captain Robert K. Brown
When Kissinger wanted to "get LaRouche," he turned to Angleton for help. Angleton's tombstone is in Hebrew.
Published in ZRRifle--The Plot to Kill Kennedy And Castro by Claudia Furiati
Allstate in New Jersey is responsible for:
- Racial profiling
- Professional profiling
- SEC violations
- RICO violations
- Illegal wire tapping
- more
Switzerland has the most guns per person in the world, and it is the safest country on earth.
Provided by Rick Stanley in the Stanley Scoop, October 16, 2003
Enron was formerly Hughes Tool, one of Howard Hughes' companies.


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