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Did You Know?

Corporate Deviancy

Farmers in Ecuador and workers in the United States have united to file an historic federal lawsuit in Washington DC against DynCorp and its US-sponsored herbicide spraying campaign, a key foundation of "Plan Colombia."

The Narco News Bulletin has learned that DynCorp president and CEO Paul V. Lombardi attempted, last October, to intimidate the International Labor Rights Fund off the case.
See for much more.

DynCorp's first line of defense against the lawsuit -- intimidation -- has

Narco News has also learned that DynCorp's second line of defense -- an affidavit by US State Department fixer Randall "Randy" Beers, claiming that the lawsuit jeopardizes "national security" -- is doing no better.

Mr. Beers has now been subpoenaed to answer questions under oath on February 27, 2002. DynCorp, Beers, and the State Department are maneuvering desperately to try and avoid the deposition.

My thanks to Al Giordano for this exposé.
The Laredo National Bank of Texas, its owners Gary Jacobs and the infamous
Mexican Hank family, have launched yet another assault on press freedom.

These bankers have subpoenaed Mexican journalist Dolia Estévez of the daily business newspaper El Financiero, in an attempt to force her to reveal her source of a US government document implicating the Hank empire in narco-trafficking and drug money laundering.

Gary Jacobs and the Laredo National Bank are enemies of press freedom, and deserve your scrutiny for their serial abuse of the Court system in their
attempt to silence the truth about the narco-banking industry.

My gratitude to Al Giordano of the Narco News Bulletin for providing this information. Sadly, Mr. Giordano ended publishing Narco News on October 18, 2003.
Bush and Monsanto . . .
Bush appointees with connections to Monsanto . . .

SUPREME COURT JUSTICE CLARENCE THOMAS: Appointed by George Herbert Walker Bush was a Monsanto lawyer.
DONALD RUMSFELD, Secretary of Defense, was President of Searle Pharmaceuticals, purchased by Monsanto.
ANN VENEMAN, Secretary of Agriculture was on the board of directors of Calgene Pharmaceuticals, purchased by Monsanto.
TOMMY THOMPSON, Secretary of Health was a supporter of Monsanto in Wisconsin. He received $50,000 from biotech firms in his election run, and used state funds to set up a $317 million dollar biotech zone in Wisconsin.
MITCH DANIELS, Director of the Office of Management and Budget. Daniels was the vice president of corporate strategy at Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical company. Eli Lilly and Monsanto developed the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone. Lilly "owns" the European "franchise."
JOHN ASHCROFT, ATTORNEY GENERAL. Besides being a right-wing extremist and racist, as senator he was deeply involved in representing the interests of Monsanto, a constituent corporation, especially in its international activities.

My thanks to Claudia White for this information and for everything else she has done for me.


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