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Did you Know?

The Sniper shooting was staged because the Government didn't want The Anti-war movement to take Place. The protest occurred the day after the so called sniper shooter was caught. The government will do anything to keep the movement from happening but they came by the dozens anyway.
Before March 20, 2003, the CIA and the Department of Defense, helped by Israel and some Europeans, stole several billion dollars from Iraqi banks. The following entities are used for DIA black operations:
Department of Agriculture
Federal Reserve Board
US Treasury's Secret Exchange Stabilization Fund
Provided by Gordon Thomas of The International Currency Review, London
The Chamber of Commerce is part of the One World Order set up to destroy our country and our jobs.
Provided by Meria Heller
Dr. Condoleezza Rice, National Security Advisor for George W. Bush, now admits she warned Mayor Willy Brown not to fly to New York the following day on 9/11.
Provided by Dennis & Ann Bossack
Witnesses state that the PENTAGON was on fire around 9:20 AM, long before 9:30 AM. The FBI says that Flight 77 impacted around 9:36 AM - 9:43 AM. RADAR showed that Flight77 was more than 100 miles away from the Pentagon when it was seen on fire.
The "WTC South tower" collapsed around 9:50 AM-9:55 AM, not as shown on TV at 9:59 AM
(The 5 minute "Delay" was used to CENSOR the Bombs inside the WTC from the original LIVE on spot video footage)
The FDCH (Federal Document Clearing House) and the "E-media Mill works" participated in video censorship after 9/11.
CNN censored tapes of 9/11 in April 2003.
Provided by Henrik Melvang


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