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Did You Know?

How could Hitler kill 6,500,000 Jews?
There were only 3,450,000 in German occupation.

This Section proves that the Holocaust was just another Jewish lie for the sake of the Zionist benefit.

Billions of Dollars were paid in the name of compensating the victims of Holocaust, a country was taken and a nation was dispersed with pretension of saving the oppressed Jewish so-called nation ... Hundreds of trespassing because of the Holocaust that never was.
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The records on the Waco tragedy were held in the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. They were totally destroyed by the bomb blast.

Immediately after the Murrah Building was demolished, Congress called off its investigation. This is the reason why the building was demolished so rapidly as was stated to me by a publisher in New Jersey in 1995, who stated that the FBI had documents in the building.

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Roosevelt was a Jew, Churchill was a Jew, Rockefeller is a Jew.
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Several of the Board members of the American Legion are in the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

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