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Automobiles and CCA Wood

I wanted to warn you about another way someone has been contaminated by cca wood, their car. Apparently the car was left in a place where someone was building a cca structure and it was covered in sawdust. When the car was started the sawdust blew up in their face through the air intake. Now if the sawdust is on parts of the car that heat up, the person may of course have taken in arsine gas because high heat can convert it. The car has been cleaned several times but the person who now is too ill to work can't enter the car without getting worse.

I have sent the person to seek help with doctors who understand the nature of arsenic and chromium poisoning. I hope they will be brave enough to assist.

I wish I could say, call your government; they will get you help. I am looking forward to that day.

This got me to thinking about plant emissions so I looked up the Canadian Strategic Option Plan for the Wood Sector. I read about the VOLUNTARY reporting of emissions considered toxic under CEPA and the VOLUNTARY hope that the treatment plants would try to lower their emissions. I hope bank robbers will use water guns too but I wouldn't want to waste the taxpayers money writing that in a report.

Take care and keep safe and please be careful where you park your car.



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