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Protection of the Hellenic origin of the
name, history, and culture of Macedonia

28 May 2003



On May 28, 2003, an international campaign is being initiated, whose objective is the protection of the Hellenic origin of the name, history and culture, of Macedonia.

The campaign is directed at the leaders of Greece, the United Nations, the European Union, and the United States of America. The campaign is also aimed at the members of the Parliaments of member nations of the European Union, the Senators and the House Representatives of the United States of America, the members of the Parliaments of many nations all over the world, the representatives of the United Nations, and many members of other governmental and legislative advisory boards and agencies and NGO's (Non-Governmental Organizations).

Further information on the scope and the overall goals of this campaign, translated in several languages, is posted at the following web site:

At this web site, individuals and organizations can electronically sign the petition as well as apply to sponsor the effort along with a number of Hellenic Organizations of the Diaspora who are sponsors.

The web site also contains background information related to the issue. It includes historical treatises and texts, press releases, communications, and media reports pertaining to the Hellenic origin of the name, history, and culture of Macedonia.

The full text of the petition is as follows:


There is an ongoing effort emanating from the FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), to falsely link the present day Slavic inhabitants of that Republic with the ancient Macedonians who were indisputably Hellenic. With this falsification of history, the FYROM is attempting to establish a claim on Hellenic territory. The original Macedonians, descendants of the Heracleides, occupied the region in 2000 BC. The ancient Macedonians were part of a large group, which reached the area of present day Kastoria (Orestis) along with the Dorians, Acarnanians and Aetolians. According to Herodotus, the Father of History, after the group split into smaller ones, one of the groups established the Kingdom of Macedonia around 2000 BC.

The Slavs did not arrive in the region until the sixth century AD. Until 1944, the area that is now legally referred to as the FYROM was called "Vardarska Banovina." The Hellenic name of Macedonia was usurped by Yugoslavia's Communist dictator Marshall Broz Tito when he sought to gain access to the Aegean Sea by attempting to annex the province of Macedonia from neighboring Greece. The hostile, false, and hate - filled propaganda directed at Greece today from FYROM and its diaspora was originated by the tyrannical Yugoslav dictator Marshall Broz Tito.

We, the Hellenes throughout the world, who reside in Greece and throughout the Diaspora, the philhellenes and those who believe in historical facts and in international regulations, that are respected by all civilized people, would like to present this petition to George W. Bush, the United States House of Representatives, the United States Senate, the European Union, the United Nations, to the Prime Minister of Hellas, Mr. Simitis and to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Papandreou. We urge all Hellenes to help resist the theft of Hellenic history and culture by the FYROM. This petition declares that the name, history, and culture of Macedonia are unquestionably Hellenic and that a final settlement with the FYROM must not permit them the use of the name Macedonia.

A written version of the petition is available at for obtaining signatures from those individuals who do not have access to the Internet.

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