The Journal of History     Summer 2003     

The Journal of History
La verdad sobre la democracia
Summer 2003 - Volume 3, Issue 3
Table of Contents

- Editorial
- Quotes
- Commentary: Do you understand how important the campaign finance reforms are? by Brian Downing Quig
- Commentary: The United States Isn't a Country; It's a Corporation by Lisa Guliani
- Commentary: The Murder of Rachel Corrie: Israeli Army Bulldozer Deliberately Crushes Young Girl to Death
- Commentary: Oh, What a Tangled Web by Matt Council
- Election Reform: If You Want To Win An Election, Just Control The Voting Machines by Thom Hartmann
- Jim Crow revived in cyberspace by Martin Luther King III and Greg Palast
- Black Box Voting Lawsuit: Voting Machine Engineer Sues, Alleges Machine Design Flaws by Dian Hardison
- Why Your Vote Won't Matter by John Kaminski
- Racist Roots 30 To 40 Percent of the Next Generation of Black Men Can Expect to Loose Their Right to Vote at Some Point in Their Lifetimes-Summary by Salim Muwakkil
- For A Voting Rights Amendment-Summary by Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.
- Bush Campaign raises at least $34 million in six weeks-Summary
- Press Release Statement by Common Cause President Scott Harshbarger on McCain-Feingold Victory in Senate
- Huge Victory for our Democracy by Wes Boyd
- America's Greatest Fairy Tales, Part One by Sherman Skolnick
- Report: Florida not alone in election difficulties-Summary by Larry Lipman
- Camille Cosby's Speech on the Voting Rights Act
- A Right to Vote-Summary by Jamin B. Raskin
- History: Deke Bones by Kris Millegan

- 'Manson Family' Murders Were a CIA Covert Operation by Chuck Schlund
- Patriot Act 2 uncut and uncensored-straight from the Justice Department
- Bush, Drugs, and Serial Murder
- The Bankruptcy of America, the Corporate United State, and the New World Ordersummary
- Analysis of 9/11: Sonic Boom at 9:40 AM on 9/11 by Daniel Thompson
- Analysis of 9/11: Damning Evidence of Warren Buffett 911 Role by Brian Downing Quig
- Goverment plans to use Flight 93 cockpitt tapes in Moussaovi trial-Summary Associated Press

- Poetry: Good Leadership by Crystal Cartier

- Myth Breakers/ Did You Know? Yasser Arafat
- Did You Know? CIA Assassination of Notable People, John Birch Society
- Did You Know? Iran and Syria
- Did You Know? Senator Lindsay Graham, Australian elections, KKK, Florida voting machines
- Did You Know? Cuban phones, #77 on Cell phone
- Did You Know? 9/11 Buyers of PUT Options, The Moussaoui Trial
- Did You Know? Iraqi POWs, RAWA, Ibogaine
- Did You Know? Future Israeli Assassinations
- Did You Know? Support Group for those arrested on Vieques for Actions on May 1st
- Did You Know? Another Innocent Man Languishes in Prison who needs to be freed

- America's Concerns: SARS
- America's Concerns: SARS or a mystery disease like SARS
- America's Concerns: The RAVE Act passed into law
- America's Concerns: Correspondence Having to Do with Psychiatry's Imminent Threat to Democracy & Human Rights
- America's Concerns: Reformed Medicare
- America's Concerns: Effects of Paxil, Prozac, & Zoloft on Children
- America's Concerns: Medical Neglect for Innocent Inmate
- America's Concerns: Close Indian Point
- America's Concerns: New Member of the 9/11 Investigation replacing Henry Kissinger

- The World's Concerns: Who Distributed All Those Emails on Osama bin Laden in the months Before 9/11?
- The World's Concerns: Protection of the Hellenic origin of the name, history, & culture of Macedonia
- The World's Concerns: Automobiles and CCA Wood
- The World's Concerns: Monsanto, Bayer, and Syngrata exploiting child labour

- Boycotts We Support: New and Ongoing
- Boycotts We Support: Ongoing

- US House and Senate Addresses and Fax Numbers
- Congressional Email Addresses

- Letters to the Editor
- Book Review: Final Judgment by Victor Thorn
- Advertisers We Support: Cointelpro Continues: The Plot Thickens, Soul Mate: How To Protect Yourself from a Man or Woman Who Marries for Money, American History, Volume 1, Web of Betrayal, Man of Atlan

- Demands for the Government


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