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"Manson Family" Murders
Were A CIA Covert Operation

by Chuck Schlund

Charles Manson's CIA file.

The following was in the CIA files I read which George Bush removed from the government in 1976, because Jimmy Carter had won the presidential elections of the United States. The removal of this information was to hide this information from Jimmy Carter and those that he would appoint to the different offices of the government. I am under heavy torture as I write this and I have never made any claims that this information is correct or true just that the information was in the files as I have tried to truthfully testify to with the government using torture to try to stop me and cover up the information, authorizing this by framing me for crimes I never committed or was not involved in and for which I will never be tried.

To explain the Charles Manson story I have to start with the Vietnam War because this is why this story was created and directed by the CIA. In the late 1960's the war in Vietnam was going very badly for the U.S. government. The Tet offensive of 1968 showed that the North Vietnamese still could fight and could continue the war indefinitely. The peace movement led by Rock and Roll and pretty flower girls and signs of peace and love was destroying the war effort in the United States with the CIA doing everything in its power to convince the American people that the war was winnable and just when in truth it was not. In these CIA files John F. Kennedy had been killed because he was going to stop the war before it got going. During the war the CIA had conducted every covert operation possible to convince the American people that the war was just, and for freedom and liberty, when in truth it was for the natural resources of South Vietnam for the expansion of the corporate empire of the Rockefellers. Uniroyal needed the rubber for tires for GM and Mobil needed the offshore oilfields.

The Mekong Delta was the rice basket of the Orient, and the country was rich in timber, aluminum, gold, tin, uranium, and other needed minerals. The Rockefeller family was paying through the nose for chromium, and Vietnam was one of the only deposits known that they could acquire that would be very profitable to mine. The war was to acquire the natural resources needed for the expansion of the Rockefeller Empire. If the United States had invaded the North we would have looked like conquerors instead of fighting for liberty and freedom so the CIA had decided to split the country in half calling the South free and the North Communist. They planned on developing the South economically and depressing the North giving the illusion that the South was free and better off then the North and it would be if you looked at goods for the people to buy and the average income of the people as the Rockefeller's developed the country.

The CIA during the war, to direct the American People to accept the war, as just and for freedom and liberty conducted many covert operations. Jane Fonda had gone to North Vietnam as a CIA operative working for the CIA and the Rockefeller family. Her job in this covert operation was to bug the prisoners of war for the coming rescue operation and to create propaganda to inspire the American people to fight on and defeat these evil yellow people. To do this she carried with her a transmitting device to transmit a signal from the prisoners to locate them for the coming rescue operation. She also carried with her on a thin piece of film in a capped tooth how to spell torture in Morse code and directions of what the pilot was to say in Morse code with his eyes by blinking for the camera to later be decoded by the CIA to outrage the American people by how our men were being tortured by these evil little yellow men. She had done this in case the pilot had forgotten his Morse code. Our people under the control of the Vietnamese were being mistreated by our standards.

The Russians detected the transmission from the locating device and moved the prisoners, which was why the camps were empty when the United States attempted the rescue operation. The transmitter only transmitted a beep every so often as a locator. That was all they dared to do or the Russian's would be sure to find the device.

Now we have established what was happening and what the frame of mind of the CIA was and how and why the war was being fought. The war was still going poorly and the cost in lives and money was great but the Rockefeller family was unwilling to pay for any of these natural resources in Vietnam and they always take what they want using the military of the United States to obtain what they need. Human lives and tax money is nothing to them. They own us and the treasury of the United States is their personal bank account administered by the presidents, congressmen and senators they finance and get elected. This includes Democrats as well as Republicans and Independents.

The war was going badly and the American people were protesting in ever-greater numbers with pictures of pretty flower girls on TV nightly, protesting. The CIA needed a way of showing the American people that these pretty little flower girls were really Satanists and evil and that the government was right and just in the war. To do this the government needed to conduct a massive covert operation to convince the American people that these little flower girls were evil, and the free love and peace they talked of was really to cover-up evil.

The CIA in their investigation to conduct this covert operation found Charles Manson. Manson who was living on the ranch was perfect for the covert operation. The so-called family could be gassed at night and hypnotized and given drugs to make them more and more unknowingly cooperative with the CIA. During the days other drugs were also given freely to make the family more cooperative and they were worked on by CIA's crews nightly in preparation for the operation. This operation would not only convince the American people that these hippies were evil but they would also get rid of Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski at the same time.

In truth these people were carrying out this covert operation for the CIA unknowingly. They had no idea that the CIA had been working on them nightly and hypnotizing them to force them to bend to the will of the CIA. They had been selected because of the easy access to them and they were perfect for the covert operation and they could be kept under constant surveillance without their knowledge as they were being directed without their knowledge or consent under the influence of drugs and hypnotism by the CIA. The targets had been picked by the CIA resulting in the deaths of the LaBiancas, Sharon Tate, and others. This crime was to look horrible beyond words to the American people with the American people believing that this was done by these satanic evil hippies that were claiming to represent peace. This operation was designed to destroy the peace movement that was limiting the war that the Rockefeller family was waging against Vietnam to obtain the needed natural resources for the expansion of their corporate empire. The CIA without the knowledge or consent of the Manson family set everything up. The operation went very well with few flaws and helped to extend the war years longer then it would have lasted if this covert operation had not been carried out.

Years later another operation by the CIA was carried out using one of the girls from the Manson family. She had been picked because she was extremely responsive to the drugs and hypnotism. The CIA and Rockefeller family needed to make it look like not only Democrat presidents are assassinated but Republicans also. They needed this at this time because Gerald Ford was president with Nelson Rockefeller his boss as vice president. Jerry Ford had been on the Warren commission working for the Rockefeller family in the cover up of the Kennedy assassination. Now they needed to make it look like Republican presidents are also assassinated to convince the American people that his presidency after Watergate was a legitimate presidency. To conduct this covert operation Squeaky Fromme was picked by the CIA to be the assassin. She had been worked on nightly by the CIA and was furnished with a 45 Cal. auto that would not fire but that could be made to fire in seconds by a skilled operative to prove that the weapon was real and the president's life was really being threatened when it was never really under any threat. This operation was carried out with things again going very well and resulting in the American people believing it was a real assassination attempt. In truth it would have been very hard for any real assassin to get that close to the president with a gun.


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