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Deke Bones

by Kris Millegan
December 31, 2000

Well, now ain't we all having fun, now. We just went through a farce of an election and now have the idiot son as our president-select. This effrontery to our republic has been brought to us by the same group of folks who killed Kennedy and have been involved in many of the major scandals of the last forty years.

Actually parts of this group have been very close to levers of our executive branch since some of them stole a Presidential election over 100 years ago.

You see, Rutherford B. Hayes, a Republican, who stole (historians do not quibble over this fact) the election of 1878 from Democrat Samuel Tilden, the popular vote-winner, was a member of the "oldest international secret fraternity of New England origin" DKE (Delta Kappa Epsilon). DKE is the only international fraternity that traces its roots to Yale. It was begun by fifteen students as a Junior Class society in 1844. At Yale it has been a recruiting ground for the German-related Senior Class secret society, Skull and Bones, which has been recruiting 15 students a year since 1832.

Skull and Bones founder Alphonso Taft served as Attorney General in the Grant administration and helped to shape the electoral commission of 1877 which papered over the theft. Bonesmen Morrison R. Waite who was Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court and Senator Wilhelm Evan Evarts, who served as Hayes's Secretary of State helped to influence the commission outcome. There were many other fraternal brothers, DKE's, and Bonesmen helping to shape the eventual outcome. An agreement exists whereby the Southern Democrats didn't "contest" the election for insurances of the end of Reconstruction, removal of Federal troops and the subsequent disenfranchisement of Negro citizens.

As history has passed into today the influences of these two related fraternal organizations are stark in their powerful influences upon decisions effecting the course of our republic and the US conduct in world affairs. They have been involved in narcotics smuggling and they helped to foster a failed drug war for economic, social, and political control, for one. And through members such as Theodore Roosevelt, William H. Taft, Colonel H. Stimson, Averill Harriman, Prescott Bush, and others, these secret fraternities have had major long-time influence and control.

Kennedy murder cover-up Warren Commission member, and pardoner of "Tricky Dick" Nixon, DKE Gerald Ford is also an active member of this select secret group. Do we need to mention that George H.W. "Poppy" Bush is a member of both secret clubs, whilst his esteemed, "where did he come from" vice-president Dan Quayle was just a "Deke."

And now again, our republic is burdened with an illegitimate DKE and Skull and Bones President, George W. Bush. The psychological damage to our participatory republic is, I am sure, calculated. The "elite deviants" have stolen the election in broad daylight, through hypocrisy, thuggery, and chicanery. And have put the idiot son in as President of this nation and there isn't anything that we poor hoi polloi can do about it.

We shall see.


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