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Did You Know?

The Project for a New American Century, initiated in 1997 by Cheney, et al with its plan for an Iraq war, states in its "Report of the Project for the New American Century": "Advanced forms of biological warfare that can 'target' specific genotypes may transform biological warfare to a politically useful tool." See page 60.  

The NAACP is owned by Corporate Money and doesn't support very many people's work according to an African American woman who is an author who lives in the deep south.
Israeli settlers in the occupied territories and on the Golan Heights receive three times more in housing subsidies from the government than do other Israelis, according to a report published on Monday by the Israel's regional councils.

16.66 per cent alone have received $60 million, or 54 per cent of all subsidies awarded by the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture to Jewish farmers over the past year, says the report. These subsidies do not include aid to urban West Bank settlements.

A resident of a farming settlement receives on average a housing subsidy of $850 compared with the average $260 given to Israeli rural inhabitants.

Settlements in the occupied territories are one of the biggest bones of contention between Israel and the Palestinians because these lands are supposed to be for the Palestinian people.

Posted to several listservs concerned with Palestinian's rights by a Lebanese citizen.
George W. Bush's male sex partner has AIDS.  George's male sex partner is apparently a very prominent politician in Tennessee, and an old friend of his from the Skull & Bones days. He was also a little too promiscuous for his own good, and had AIDS for several years before he realized it, during which time he also continued to have relations with his good friend, the then-governor of Texas. And people wonder why their "Christian" hero, the staunch opponent of women's reproductive freedom, is so concerned with a cure for the "sinner's disease?"  He is often referred to as "Tom," but that may be a generic reference, not his real name. Obviously George H. W. Bush's CIA is doing their best to cover THIS up!


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