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A U.S. Air Force employee stated that the United States flew bombing missions in Laos in 1958-1959. He stated to me that it is still classified information in 2003.
Osama bin Laden calls Saddam Hussein a socialist infidel who should be overthrown. However, Saddam Hussein gives a sizable portion of Gross National Product to poor nations according to Dr. Abdullah Sindi, Ph.D. professor of International Relations.
Former Mossad agent Ari Ben-Menashe reported that Israel, not the Palestinians, was really behind the 1985 hijacking of the cruise liner Achille Lauro.

"That was, in fact, an Israeli 'black' propaganda operation to show what a deadly, cutthroat bunch the Palestinians were," he says.

A Palestinian working as a double-agent for Mossad was ordered to suggest "that it was time for the Palestinians to make an attack and do something cruel, although no specifics were laid out.

"Radi [the double agent] passed orders on to [terrorist leader] Abu'l Abbas, who, to follow such orders, was receiving millions from Israeli intelligence officers posing as Sicilian dons.

"Abbas then gathered a team to attack the cruise ship. The team was told to make it bad, to show the world what lay in store for other unsuspecting citizens if Palestinian demands were not met.

"As the world knows," says Ben-Menashe, "the group picked on an elderly American Jewish man in a wheelchair, killed him, and threw his body overboard. They made their point, but for Israel it was the best kind of anti-Palestinian propaganda."
Published by Investigate magazine in an article entitled "Pacific Jihad." See
During tonight's news program on KPFK (90.7 FM, also can be listened to outside the station's signal area using Real Audio on the internet -- go to, a special operatives soldier was interviewed. He came forward of his own free will and accord, and was not paid for the interview. He stated that he was part of a group of U.S. special operations forces, operating on specific orders, which were the ones who ignited the oil wellhead fires in Kuwait, in order that we might blame Saddam Hussein for the fires. His specific assignment was to start fires at four wellheads, while each of the other soldiers in his group were assigned a similar number of fires to start. He further stated that no one from Iraq had anything whatsoever to do with the oil well fires in Kuwait. There were numerous additional details, adequate to show that this particular soldier had not made up any part of his story.

Provided by RCK
Is the Israeli Army panicking? COs court-martialed one after the other

--Uri Ya'acobi, third CO to be court-martialed
--Dror Boymel back to Conscience Committee
--Adam Maor - 28 days
--WRI calls for delegation to Israel

--Uri Ya'acobi, third CO to be court-martialed.

Immediately upon being released yesterday from a previous prison term, Uri Ya'acobi was taken by military police to the Induction Center and was told that it was "in order to be discharged from the army." Upon arrival there it turned out that instead he will face a court martial, and thereupon was taken immediately to Prison-4. Uri is due to have his preliminary hearing today or tomorrow. The army doesn't give us much time to organize a presence, but we will let you know as soon as we know when and where.

--Dror Boymel back to Conscience Committee
Yesterday, the ACRI legal team defending Dror Boymel who was last Friday imprisoned pending a court martial, succeeded to get for him a new hearing by the (purely military) Conscience Committee which last year rejected his claim to be a pacifist. Moreover, he was sent home pending that hearing. Adv. Michael Sfard will now try to apply this precedent both to Uri Ya'acobi and to Yoni Ben Artzi, the first of the series.

--Adam Maor - 28 days
Also yesterday Adam Maor - who it seems did not yet accumulate enough repeated refusals for the honour to be court-martialed - was sentenced to another 28 days, and was reported to be spending them at Prison-4 in the Isolation Ward. (Which heinous violation of prison regulations caused him to be consigned there, we don't know.) Another draft resister, Yoni Yechezkel was invited "to see a psychiatrist," but when he arrived at the Induction Center was told instead to (re)present himself to be drafted. Thereupon, he succeeded in leaving the center...

--WRI calls for delegation to Israel

War Resisters' International <> wrote:
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 11:40:35 +0000
WRI calls for delegation to Israel to observe court-martial of COs

Dear all,
In an obvious change of policy, the Israeli military is now starting to court-martial conscientious objectors, after they have already spent more than 150 days in prison. Jonathan Ben-Artzi had his first hearing on Wednesday, and is now in "open detention" at the induction base awaiting court-martial. He already served 200 days in military prison - seven prison terms of 28-35 days.

Dror Boimel is presently serving his seventh prison term, after having served 168 days in prison. He too is now awaiting a court-martial. Unlike the usual disciplinary sentences of 28 or 35 days, a court-martial can sentence Jonathan Ben-Artzi and Dror Boimel to up to three years imprisonment for refusing to enlist. Other conscientious objectors are presently serving repeated prison terms of 28 to 25 days, and they might face court-martials too. More information on Jonathan Ben-Artzi and Dror Boimel can be found at
The Israeli War Lobby: Key Members

A.M. Rosenthal
Abraham Foxman (ADL)
Alan Dershowitz (Harvard University)
Alexander Haig
Andrea Peyser (New York Post)
Andrew Sullivan
Ann Coulter
Ariel Sharon (Prime Minister, Israel)
Arlen Specter (US Senate, member of Warren Commission)
Arnaud de Borchgrave
Arnold Beichman
Arthur Finkelstein
Ben Wattenberg
Benjamin Netanyahu
Bill Maher (ABC Politically Incorrect)
Bruce Herschensohn
Cal Thomas
Charles Krauthammer
Christopher Ruddy (NewsMax)
Conrad Black (Bilderberger)
Daniel Pipes
David Broder
David Frum
David Gelernter
David Horowitz
David Perlmutter
David Wurmser
Debbie Schlussel
Dick Cheney (US Vice President, 2001-)
Dick Morris
Don Feder (Boston Herald)
Don Imus
Donald Rumsfeld
Douglas Feith (U.S. Defense Department)
Edward Luttwak
Edwin J. Feulner (Heritage Foundation)
Ehud Barak
Elie Wiesel
Elliott Abrams
Eric Fettmann (New York Post)
Fouad Ajami (Professor, Columbia University)
Frank J. Gaffney
Fred Barnes
George Will
Hal Lindsey (WorldNetDaily)
Henry Kissinger (Bilderberger, Trilateral Commission)
Howard Fineman (Newsweek)
Howard Safir
Howard Stern
Irv Rubin (JDL)
Irving Moscowitz
James Kallstrom
Jay Severin
Jeane Kirkpatrick (American Enterprise Institute)
Jeff Jacoby (Boston Globe)
Jerry Bruckheimer
Jerry Falwell
Jesse Helms (Former U.S. Senator)
Joan Rivers
John Ashcroft (George W. Bush's Attorney General)
John McCain (U.S. Senate, Presidential candidate in 2000)
John Podhoretz (New York Post)
Jonah Goldberg (National Review)
Jonathan Alter (Newsweek)
Jonathan Tobin
Joseph Farah (WorldNetDaily)
L. Paul Bremer III (Kissinger Associates)
Larry King (CNN)
Larry Klayman (Judicial Watch)
Laurie Mylroie (Harvard University)
Lawrence Summers (Harvard University)
Leon Fuerth (Al Gore)
Leon Wieseltier (New Republic)
Leonard Peikoff (Ayn Rand Institute)
Leslie Gelb (Council on Foreign Relations)
Lewis Libby (Dick Cheney)
Linda Chavez
Lucianne Goldberg (
Malcolm Hoenlein
Mark Helprin (Wall Street Journal)
Martin Peretz (New Republic)
Marvin Hier (Simon Wiesenthal Center)
Michael Barone
Michael Bloomberg (New York City Mayor)
Michael Chertoff (U.S. Justice Department)
Michael Isikoff (Newsweek)
Michael Kelly (National Review)
Michael Kramer
Michael Ledeen (American Enterprise Institute)
Michael Milken
Mona Charen
Morris Dees (SPLC)
Mortimer Zuckerman (AIPAC, U.S. News, Atlantic Monthly, Trilateral Commission)
Morton Klein (Zionist Organization of America)
Morton Kondracke
Myles Kantor
Neil C. Livingston
Newt Gingrich (American Enterprise Institute)
Norman Podhoretz (Commentary)
Oliver North
Pat Robertson
Paul Greenberg
Paul Weyrich
Paul Wolfowitz (U.S. Defense Department, Donald Rumsfeld)
R. Emmett Tyrrell
Richard Allen
Richard Cohen (Washington Post)
Richard Perle (American Enterprise Institute, Defense Policy Board)
Robert Kagan
Robert McFarlane (National Security Advisor during Iran-Contra)
Robert Tracinski
Ronald Lauder
Ronald Radosh
Rudy Giuliani (Former New York City Mayor, Manhattan Institute)
Rupert Murdoch
Rush Limbaugh
Sam Cohen (inventor of the neutron bomb)
Shimon Peres
Sidney Zion
Steven Emerson (Author of American Jihad-see review in the 6th edition of True Democracy)
Suzanne Fields
Ted Koppel (ABC Nightline)
Tom Lantos (U.S. Senate)
Wesley Pruden (Washington Times)
William J. Bennett
William Kristol (Weekly Standard, John McCain)
William Safire (New York Times)
Wolf Blitzer (CNN)
Yonah Alexander
Yossef Bodansky


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