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Britain's Sun newspaper -- a Murdoch-owned tabloid -- put the photograph of a dissenting British Member of Parliament on its front cover regarding the war against Iraq with the word 'Traitor' emblazoned on the page. It even went so far as to publish his e-mail address and telephone number, inciting its ignorant readers to tell the MP their thoughts." [Heard]
From Hank Roth
In Alabama, Warden Donaldson is abusing the following prisoners:


These prisoners are being denied medical treatment.

20 school children injured in bomb blast near Jenin,
extreme right-wing Jewish claims responsibility

[Thanks to our media and to USA for supporting Israel in all it is terrorist attacks]
Occupied Jerusalem: 9 April, 2003 (IAP News)

As many as 20 Palestinian school children were injured Wednesday when a bomb went off in their classroom at a school in the West Bank village of Jaba'a near Jenin, local sources said.

Medical sources said two of the injured were in serious condition and five others were in moderate condition.

The city's mayor, Lutfi Abu Oun, said all of the wounded were taken to hospitals in the nearby city of Jenin.

An extreme right-wing Jewish group called "Revenge of the Infants" claimed responsibility for the blast.

In the past, the group has claimed responsibility for terror attacks in which Palestinians were killed on West Bank highways.

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Mohamed S. Kamel
Jewish professors keep divestment drive alive. The national movement to pressure universities to pull their investments from Israel has been battered this year by critics who call it divisive and anti-Semitic. But it has shown remarkable staying power in large part because of an unusual group of supporters: Jewish professors.
This was reported by Palestine Forever.
In recent months, not a week passes in which Israel's army does not kill fifteen or twenty Palestinians. Often, this many are killed in a day or two.

George W. Bush has granted Israel the right to extend this violence to American territory. Ariel Sharon's secret services have conducted scores of murders.

From John Chuckman who lives in Canada in his article entitled "Was Einstein Right? Israel's Bloody Excesses." He can be reached at:

An anti-Semite used to be someone who did not like Jews; now it is someone who the Jews do not like.

From Michael Santomauro, New York City
Israeli criminal groups have a hand in the distribution of the drug called ecstasy in North America.

During 2000, 80 per cent of the ecstasy seized in North America originated in the Netherlands, the largest production center, along with Belgium and Poland. The State Department is certain that Israeli organizations are linked to the laboratories in the Netherlands and are responsible for international distribution.

In 2003 the Israeli drug distribution organizations are the main source for distribution of the drug to groups inside the U.S., to smuggling through express mail services, through couriers on commercial flights and, recently, through air cargo," states the report. In the past two years, the U.S. has dealt more severely with ecstasy. Federal judges deal with smugglers in the ecstasy trade with the same severity as heroin and cocaine dealers.
Provided by Michael Santomauro


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