Texas Police Brutality

Part 4


Dr. Siefert (ENT) referred us to Dr. Hamer after Dr. John Siefert of Garland, did scans of Chip's sinus and discovered malformations in Chip's brain. Dr. Hamer was his neurologist in Rowlett and he moved to Longview Texas. Dr. Cable was Chip's back doctor because of a wreck. Chip also saw Dr. Terry Allen at (214) 456-2980 and fax (214) 456-8042, at Childrens' because his surgeon, Dr. Dale Cohn at (214) 820-4460 from Childrens', referred him before Chip was six months old, because of deformaties of the kidney anatomy and bleeding in the urine. Dr. Arant was Chip's high blood pressure doctor because Dr. Terry Allen from Childrens, referred him for high blood pressure and he was then put on prescription medication for this, by Dr. Arant before he was six months old. Dr. Anderson (the radiologist at Childrens) referred Chip to Dr. Claude Prestidge at, (214) 369-7661, because the radiologist said Chip's lungs were "compatible" with cystic fibrosis.

4) On 12, It says:

(a) my ex husband, Larry was picked up several times and many other things that try to make us all looks like criminals, and they had this information and still insisted on Chip living with his dad.  

(b) Chanda was "sent" to stay with her aunt. Chanda did not live here and she did not have a black eye. Chanda has had a problem with suicide and if they are police, why didn't they know this?

(c) The chief never said these things about Matthew going with me to the jail. The chief said Chip does not go to school. Chip was enrolled in school always. The state sent a teacher to our home. And where it says they will contact chief of police in Heath and chief of Rowlett for more information. My ex husband worked and socialized with these other chiefs and when we divorced, they tried spying on my life for my ex, etc.

(5) On 13, Why did Dr. Baird subscribe these prescriptions if she claimed Chip had none of these health conditions. Where it says I claimed Chip to have these but she didn't believe he did. Why did she treat him for them and about 1 month before this, she told the Texas Ranger Alvin Aluxus that Chip is disabled and she gave us a note on a prescription pad that I still have, that states for our police to not give Chip any more tickets for walking with me after curfew because he has sugar problems and he may need to get his sugar down with exercise. Dr. Baird never talked with Chip or me about hypochondria. If Dr. Baird signed these homebound school forms but now said she shouldn't have, she is guilty of lying on a state affadavid.

(b) Dr. Cable's office had Chip's medical records.

(c) I gave Dr. Baird medical records from all the doctors at Childrens and if she was not aware of them, then she was not investigting it very well.

(6) On 14, Dr Anderson said Chip had nothing wrong but yet he subscribed Chip 5 different stomach prescriptions at a time, since he was very young.  Dr. Anderson told us when Chip was young that he would always need to have endoscopies periodically throughout his life because his stomach is malformed and the bile does not stay in the liver as it should and explained it to us as an example of battery acid being spilled on the skin as to what the bile does to the stomach. He said there is no medication that has been invented that can help that particular problem of his stomach, and biopsies will always have to be done. Many times the surgeon would tell us after the biopsys were done that Matthew's stomach was rotten and other times Dr. Anderson told us he had spots in his stomach.

(b) I told Dr. Anderson that Dr. Marks (diabetic specialist at Children's) wanted his opinion about insulin being used for Chip only when Chip's sugar was high because of sugar problems may be caused because of his stomach deformaties and that he would like me to see Dr. Anderson and specifically ask him if it could be from this and what he thought about taking insulin only at times when Chip's sugar was extremely high.

7) On 14, it says I agreed for Chip to go with the officer and Ms. Brockmann. I "never" agreed to this and I was agitated as it says because they guarded me as if I was under arrest, as they did Chip the same way. (b) Matthew did get aggitated as it says. Strangers were arresting him for no reason. Matthew was leary of strangers and still is.

(c) Where it says he shook. He did. He was scared to death.

(d) Children's Medical Center . Dr. Prestidge, did always tell me that doctors sit around a table every so often and discuss any possibility of a surgery for Chip a vena cava to be made, as this has then been recently done with a pig's artery in Europe but had failed.

8) On 15, this proves that I immediately gave medical records to them and any layman could understand that these were real medical records and this should have made them responsible. Even though they had this information, they still did not obtain Chip's complete medical record from Children's for at least two months.

9) On the bottom of 15 & 16, This is a lie as I never said that I would not tell them where Chip was. We had not fled our home and no furniture was moved etc., as this could be the only way someone could say " the family had all the appearances of fleeing".

10) On 16, When I answered my door, all I saw was Vegas. I was not going to let this police department violate my civil rights again by busting in the door and me not have proper attire on again. I told Vegas after looking out my peephole that I was putting my clothes on and to not bust my door in again as they always do for no legal reason. They were never admitted in my house. The second I unlocked my deadbolt and started to open the door, some strange woman and Vegas, trampled me down, and broke in my home. (b) This page tells of my statements to them about his doctors and his health. This I did. I gave them Chip's specialist phone numbers, etc., and asked them to call them.

11) On 17, At the top of the page, Ms. Brockmann is saying she finds no records of Chip being a diabetic and yet I gave her his medical records that the doctor said he is.

(b) Mr. Walkup stated I said that a friend told me that CPS could not get access to Chip if he was in Glen Oaks Mental Hospital. This is a lie. I told Mr. Walkup that Dr. Cunningham, Chip's new psychologist, that Dr. Baird insisted on Chip seeing then and had only seen once, for Chip's anxiety attacks, said this statement to me and told me to arrange for Chip to see him.

(b) Mr. Walkup said Chip did not meet their criteria for him to be admitted to their hospital, but yet he admitted him the next day for CPS! But Mr. Walkup did admit Chip to their half day school program, as that is what we wanted in the first place.

(c) Chip's dad walks in the hospital and admits that he has not been a part of Chip's life for years and they still give him information of Chip!

(d) On the subject of my call to Mr. Walkup, I did call him and say I would bring Chip to the school as we agreed and I asked him to call CPS and tell them.

12) On 18, About her call to Dr. Prestidge, she implies that I said he was the heart doctor. I did not say this. I said Dr. Prestidge knew well of my son's anatomy as he often took Matthew's medical records home with him to study them he said, due to Chip's unusual anatomy. Dr. Prestidge did tell me often of the round table conferences of a experimental surgery, on Chip. Dr. Prestidge may have said it was a strange family situation and it was due to such unusual medical conditions to battle.

13) On 20, Where it says Jana Norris said Dr. Cunningham said Ms. Bennett had a negative effect on Chip. I asked Dr. Cunningham why he said this. he said he never said this. Dr. Cunningham did tell me at his time that he was in fear of me sueing him and that his work was his livlihood. I told him that if he was not guilty of anything illegal, why was he worried about this?

14) On 23, why was ad litum, Jana Norris, always in favor of the father of Chip to have him? She knew that the attorney general could not even make Larry pay child support because of the father being self employed, he stated in a letter. Jana Norris knew Larry had not paid child support in years. Jana Norris lives about two miles from me in this small 2,000 population town. I also discovered at an ARD meeting at Royse that Jana Norris was part of this conspiracy. She was the friends of the Royse police, the Royse school, and she is the one that said we had to use a respectable pharmacy from now on.

15) On 24, CPS kept making comments of me missing appointments with Dr. Keltch and yet Jana Norris and CPS repeatedly say in these records that I am not allowed to take Chip to the doctor, CPS and Jana were responsible for these medical appointments being held.

16) On 25, Dr. Keltch states that Chip's liver and kidneys look different but are functioning. If he had taken the time to study Chip's medical records and test, he would have seen that they are functioning all right, but not properly. Their disfunctions cause a lot of pain and suffering leaving them more damaged all the time.

(b) where Dr. Keltch says there is no evidence of juvenile arthritis. I gave him medical records and test from Dr. Craig Duhon that diagnoised Chip with this.

(c) Also what CPS left out on this meeting is the statement that Dr. Keltch admitted on my tape: when asked by CPS if Chip is normal,. Dr. Keltch replied that Chip is a 15 year old living inside a 60 year old body.

17) On 26, Dr. Keltch admits that Chip has cerebral palsy but has no symptons. Then why was he prescribed klonopin for jerks for CP, by Dr.Hamer (neurologist)

(b) Dr. Keltch said that Chip had left renal stenosis, but that it had been resolved. Stenosis cannot be resolved without surgery and surgery was never done due to his abnormalities.

(c) It states that I keep saying Chip is disabled. Yes, I did say that Chip is disabled. A government doctor for SSI Disability said Chip is disabled as this is how anyone gets disability by a government doctor determinaing this.

18) On 27, it states many lying excuses of explanations about Chip's disability check. The truth really was that Betsy Brockmann went to Greenville, Texas SSI office and told Ralph Connley to stop Chip's benefits.

19) On 29, it states about the ARD meetings at school [ARD is a meeting which is held between parents and teachers in which their needs are discussed in order to meet their needs]. Jana Norris (ad litum) attended this ARD. She is supposed to be for Chip, but in reality she was there for CPS and Judge Pirtle, as she was all through all this misuse of power.

(b) This page tells of the ARD meeting and about Ms. Cherry (principal) being there and about Jana Norris (ad litum) being there, but it doesn't tell of how they threatened to call the cops on me if I spoke of what I thought Chip needed in terms of his education. They knew of the Royse police using their illegal misuse of power and authority on me, and they thought this would scare me. It also doesn't tell of how Jana Norris lives in this 2,000 population town and how she and the principal were in this conspiracy with the police.

20) On 35, It states that the plan is for the parents to both live in the home. This should have been illegal the way they forced me to have my ex husband live in my home.

21) On 37, the conversation talked about here tells of how Chip's blood sugar was at 43. But it does not tell of how the "secretary" that answered the phone, told Chip that 43 is a normal sugar reading and to quit being a hypocondriac. 43 is not a normal sugar reading. The studying of sugar problems in the UTSW Medical Center Library in Dallas says that when the sugar drops this low, pain in the chest and shortness of breath. On this page it tells of how Chip kept telling them he was short of breath.

22) On 37, it states that Dr. Stanzak states many times that Chip has no medical problems. Chip cannot be diagnoised this way. He appeared normal at birth except for being blue. It was not until he was taken to ICU and test run on him that showed his multiple internal deformaties. Dr.Stanzak of Allen diagnosed him by eyesight only.

(b) I immediately faxed Dr. Stanzak all the medical records I had of Chip's from Childrens as I found out who CPS was taking him to. Chip told me that he heard Dr. Stanzak telling Ms. Brockmann that she knew all those doctors that she received a fax of and that they were good doctors and she would not continue seeing Chip.

(c) At the beginning of all this, it states the reason CPS took Chip to Dr. Stanzak was because she was on the board at Childrens. If this was true, why did she not have Chip's records as they claimed she would have access. They didn't get those records for months.

(d) Chip said when they walked in to see Dr. Stanzak, she called Ms. Brockmann, Betsy. This is her first name and so she knew her well to know her on a first name basis. Chip said they talked a lot as friends and that Ms. Brockmann asked Dr. Stanzak to write down he was a hypocondriac. And surely later this word appeared on everything.

23) On 38, Dr. Keltch admits that Dr. Birdsong is a good doctor and yet he questioned her years of treatment and diagnosis. Dr. Keltch also states that Chip had no murmur because he couldn't hear one. Yet, Chip was diagnoised with a heart murmur.

24) On 5, page 2, Risk Assestment, This says in the analysis that they talked to various doctors to determine Chip's health conditions. But, Dr. Mary Birdsong, at (972) 442-2900, in Wylie, who had seen Chip the longest and for years, told me that not once did they ask her of Chip's health conditions. She should have been the one to determine this.

25) On 1, Affadavid of Mary Kate Gerber, I do not remember this person during any of this ordeal, but this woman witnessed against me at a school truancy court about a year after the CPS case was closed. This truancy court was set up to happen in Judge Pirtle's court, but due to the media calling the judge on her illegal try of a truancy court in her court, the judge stepped down from her bench and asked JP Jerry Jones to take her bench on Chip's truancy case. As Judge Sue Pirtle walked out of the court room, she stopped in front of me and said she was sending the police to apprehand my son immediately, at my home. She did this as a scare tactic.

26) On 68, Affadavid of Melody East, Melody is presently under investigation for performing as a licensed case worker and was let go immediately after I reported this to Austin[capitol of Texas]. She is now a CASA worker. Ms. East lives one street over from me in Rustic Meadows sub division. Ms. East is the sister of the pharmacy owner in Royse City that we used, and is also a member of Crime Watch in my neighborhood, that many local harassing police department are members of. She is friends with the police and I have heard they gang up together in many cases in Royse and threaten to take other kids. This has forced many families to move.

27) On 65, Affadavid of Judith Cotter, she states that she stayed behind and reviewed me. Ms. Cotter took Chip's medical records that I had shown to Ms. Brockmann as she entered my home. Ms. Cotter took Chip's medical records then (the first day) and a sane person would have read these and immediately gone to Childrens Medical Center to request all Chip's records due to the extensive medical history I gave her. She did not attempt to get Chip's records for months.

28) On 62, Affadavid of Betsy Brockmann, she says that she asked permission to take Matthew to Dr. Stanzak. It does not say who she asked, but she "never" asked me and Chip said she never asked him. We were the only ones at my home. Ms. Brockmann barged in my front door and she raised her arms in the air and shook some papers in her hand and pursued to holler at me demanding to take Matthew. She said the papers were from the court and that these papers gave her the legal rights of Chip. I asked her who she was and what was this about. She said that I was telling people that Chip is a diabetic and she said he is not. I told her that he is and then I preceded to get his medical records out of his files and then I handed them to her. I gave her pages and pages of medical records from his many different speciaists and his general practioner. These medical records had test results in them and doctors' letters which the doctors stated that Chip has diabetes and many other deformaties. Officer Vegas was with her and he pursued to show his powerful position. An officer went into Chip's bedroom and made him get up and forced him to dress in front of him. Chip walked in the living room and this officer guarded him. Chip then went in the kitchen, after they gave him permission to do so.

(b) it states that the reason CPS choose Dr. Stanzak was because she was on Children's Medical Center Board and this would make it better for Chip. If this is true, then why did Dr. Stanzak not check with Childrens Medical Center before ever seeing my son?

Also Chip said that Ms. Brockmann called Dr. Stanzak by her first name and he could tell by their conversation that they were friends beyond CPS and doctor relationship. She would evidently have access to get those records immediately, but she did not. Ms. Brockmann must have interviewed with Dr. Stanzak telling her of Chip's health problems since she choose her because of her attachment to Children's. That night after Chip told me that he heard on the way to the doctors, the doctor's name and where she was located in Allen, I immediately called her office and got her fax number. I faxed at least 25 pages of medical records and testings of Chip's from his specialist doctors. Chip overheard Dr. Stanzak tell Ms. Brockmann at one of his visits that she knew all Chip's doctors at Childrens,that was anonymously faxed to her, and that she wouldn't see Chip any more for CPS because his doctors were good doctors and would not have made such reports if they were not true.


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