Texas Police Brutality

Part 5

29) On 64, Affadavid of Brockmann, this states that the family was not cooperating. This is a lie! We did cooperate and we did as ordered even though I did not like or agree with them kidnapping my son or of them ordering my son not to take his necessary prescriptions as we had been strictly ordered by his hospital, specialist and their staff, all his life because of the danger if he did not take his medicine. I was scolded before by his medical experts for not giving him his medicine and told how dangerous it could be to his health without it. The doctors specifically scolded me that that is why the doctors said they administered it to him.

(b) it states that I voluntarily took my son to Glen Oaks Hospital in Greenville Texas. This is a lie. I was court ordered by Judge Sue Pirtle and CPS to take Chip to Glen Oaks Hospital or if we didn't, they would put us in jail and fine us.Chip and I cried all the way as I was forced to take him.

30) On 60, Intake Report, it states that seven doctors treated Chip and none of them knew about the other one. This is a lie. These specialist doctors all worked at Childrens Medical Center together. The routine of Childrens is that a patients file has all the different doctors and specialist medical records in one file. Each specialist reads all the diagnosis of the patient and all the other doctors' reports, testings, etc. The different specialists always talked to me about the many different diagnosis and treatments for Chip.

31) On 58, Intake Report, This states that Royse police reported physical abuse on 2/22/99. What is this?

32) On 55, it states that it should be noted that Chip played ball and wants to again. They act as if a handicapped person cannot play ball. We have a "special" olympics, etc. Chip always played games, BUT they were always monitored. As for me stating Chip is handicapped, they act as if the word handicap is a germ. It is not. And the doctors at Childrens Medical Center boldly made me aware of their motto because of my concern of the doctors discussing Chip's medical conditions in front of him. That motto then being:


PROBLEMS. CPS accuses me of emotional damage because I told Chip of his health, but Children's was the one who demanded this.

33) On 54, page 2, Log Of Contact Narratives, this states that the parents are concerned about CPS taking Chip's medicines. I told Ms. Cotter that I wanted to know the name of the doctor that stopped Chip's medication. Ms. Cotter told me later that a doctor at Glen Oaks Hospital by the name of Dr. Ravipudi stopped Chip's medication. This doctor's name is also in CPS records regarding him removing the medicines. Yet, The Texas Medical Board did not have any such doctor in Texas by that name. I also called Glen Oaks Hospital and asked the administrator to give me information about Dr. Ravipudi. They said there has never been a doctor by that name at their hospital, and I still have the letter from them stating this also.

34) On 39, page 4, Log of Contact Narratives, it states that Dr. Keltch says Chip should not take amphogel with prilosec as an insinuation that Chip was taking too much medicine. A CMC stomach specialist has prescribed these drugs together for years for Chip and later in one of his reports, Dr. Keltch himself prescribes this same medication to Chip with prilosec.

(b) it states that I told Chip he would go in a foster home. I never said this. Why would I when I didn't like it because they took him at all. On 40, page 5, Log of Narratives, it states that Chip was enrolled in Glen Oaks School but that that was never the plan. This proves that is all I was trying to accomplish at Glen Oaks, was the half day school program. This was my plan. School only. CPS admitted Chip in this mental hospital, not us. On 41, page 6, Narratives, it states that I was at CMC to be with Chip at his testing. This proves that they would not even let me be with my son when he needed health care.

35) On 42, page 7, This is the proof that CPS took Chip's checks, but they continued lying and said they did not know what happened to his checks. On another page here, it explains how Ms. Cotter was going to call SSI and try and find Chip's checks. On 43, page 8, it states that the father will move in the home. But it does not tell of how I was told I had to move out of my home and they were giving my home to my ex husband. This was told to me by CPS and Judge Pirtle.

Greg Forestor is the "known neighborhood windowpeeper" that peeps in windows at children and women in this four street (was 4 street and now is more streets and houses) subdivision.

36) On 45, page 10, Narratives, Ms. Cotter said she previously tried to meet with me but I said I would have to ask my attorney. CPS started all this in April. Ms. Cotter didn't ask to meet with me for weeks. The only reason she finally attempted to meet with me is because the media had started calling them with questions.

39) On 46, page 11, Narratives, CPS said Chip has emotional problems. If this was a fact, then why had he not been treated for it? Chip had started having panic attacks only after our divorce, and this was something we were trying to get help for before they got in the picture. The only emotional problems Chip had was what they had caused through their abuse of him which began nearly immediately after the move to Royse City, Texas.

(b) The statement of her not suggesting me to get out of my house is a lie. She said the only way she would ever consider letting Chip come home is if I get out of my house and then proceded to tell my ex husband he could have my home. The judge agreed. This page was dated in the month of May 97. Ms. Cotter states that she did not tell me to move but if this was true, she would have stopped the placement of Chip in my home with his dad. She pursued the placement.

40) On 47, page 12, Narratives, Jana Norris called Dr. Hamer and it says Jana said Dr. Hamer said Chip does not have cerebral palsy.

44) On 51, page 16, it states that we made it appear as a single family to gain financially. If this was true, why then was my ex husband not there when they busted in my home to take Chip? Why was my ex husband never here when the police "illegally" searched my home so many times?  The police know that the only time that Larry was here was "after" they and CPS screwed [wreaked havoc] up our lives and after CPS forced me out of my home. They gave him my home and he sold things from my home.



Rockwall County Jail refused for many years to give the MHMR inmates their antidepressant medications, because Sherriff Kiere told me they are "narcotics". I called the media, Texas Jail Standards, and MHMR in Terrell to report this jails unusual diagnosis.

I have battled the Texas Judicial Commission to do their job! I discovered that they seldom remove a corrupt judge. I, attornies, etc., have written letters, called them, etc., to get help with a few corrupt judges in Rockwall County.We proved violations of the canon laws, etc. They refused to do anything.

I called the governor and asked him to eliminate the Judicial Commission as this is a waste of our tax dollars. He refused to get involved. I do not understand how he can sit there like a bump on a log with all our evidence! We are still trying to do more on this.

Following is pages of dates that Royse City Texas (Rockwall County) police harrassed my family. This was just a "few "of those harrassment dates! My family has been put in jail, prison illegally and given a huge amount of illegal tickets. I am a law abiding citizen and I have never partaken of illegal drugs. I don't drink, smoke, party, etc., as one would think one would do that attracts this much police attention normally.

1) 3/1/97

My youngest son, Chip, was accused by police of destroying mailboxes. The Royse City police told us that the Inspector General was taking finger prints and when they got the results, they would arrest Chip. We waited for the police to come apologize for their lies about this after they got their finger print results, but they never did.

The police arrested Chip's friend Brandon who was 15 years old. Brandon was released and not charged.

2) 6/25/97

Officer Hall (the officer that was kicked out of The City of Lavon by the FBI) sit and stalked my home and family for hours at the church parking lot across the street from me.

3) 6/26/97

The neighborhood crime watch, Greg Forester, (and local window peeper that has been reported for years by several neighbors) and the police have stalked my home 24/7 but yet my phone company said that someone malicously cut my phone line. This tells me that the police cut my phone line.

4) 7/13/97

My oldest son, Chad, went to prison because of Royse police and Rockwall County false allegations on him.

5) 7/25/97

Chip got ticket in Royse City

6) 7/26/97

Amber Streetman got ticket while leaving our driveway

7) 7/30/97

Chip got speeding ticket

8) 8/23/97

Police and crime watch stalking us. The police walked over in the yard from the church parking lot and arrested 15 year old Doug Hill (my son's friend) for false allegations of, flipping off crime watch [disrespecing the police], Greg Forrester.

9) 10/13/97

Chief Thomason stalked us and sit in front of the house writting things down as a scare tactic.

10) 10/20/97

As Lo (Lorance) walked from my driveway, the police sitting in church parking lot stalking us, drove toward Lo. The police asked Lo what were the Bennett's doing inside their home. The police detained Lo for at least 30 minutes, until after curfew and then gave Lo a curfew ticket violation. Lo could have been home on time if police hadn't purposely detained him.

11) 11/9/97

Alex Rodrigues got arrested as he walked out of my driveway. Police were stalking us again sitting in church parking lot, and they observed Alex leaving and drove at him. The police asked him what he was doing at the Bennett's and then proceded to arrest him. Their reason for arresting him was that someone had seen him a week before the arrest at a public housing area. The police have a habit of restricting the younger generation from a particular trailer park in Royse City which is illegal.

12) 11/22/97

Officer Timbergen impounded my Ford Escort for one of these police made up laws of," rolling through a stop sign". Then he made my son walk home.

13) 11/24/97

My daughter, Chanda Bennett, had court for a ticket.

14) 10/20/97

My ex husband, Larry Bennett, had court in Royse for ticket.

15) 10/27/97

Daughter, Chanda, court in Royse

16) 8/8/97

Chip was given two tickets by Royse City Police.

17) 8/11/97

Chip had court in Royse.

18) 8/25/97

Chip in Royse Court

19) 7/10/97

Royse police came to my home and arrested Chanda.

20) 6/2/97

Chanda had court in Royse.

21) 6/30/97

Chanda had Royse court.

22) 3/19/97

My ex husband had Royse court .

23) 2/3/97

Chanda had court in Royse

24) 1/8/97

Chanda Royse court

25) 12/10/97

Chip went to court in Garland because Royse police, Judge Brenda English and court clerk Glinda Harrell, illegally discontinued Chip's license. Garland police stopped my son and took him to jail for driving with suspended license. I received a letter back from DPS in Austin stating that Royse police and judge lied to them to stop Chip's license. Therefore I took this letter of proof and sent it to The Texas Judicial Commission and they sent me a letter stating that they took the judge off the bench. Garland dropped the case against Chip.

26) 2/4/98

Royse police ganged together with Royse High School assistant principal, Terry Young, and they called my son's doctor and told Dr. Ceasar Gregerio not to give my son any more excuse notes for school, when Chip is sick. Dr. Gregerio reported this to me. The school gave Chip an illegal truancy.

27) 3/3/98

Chief of police and neighbor, Dana Thomasson, came to my door and told me to get my neighbors water hose out of my yard and he was giving me a fine for having my neighbors water hose. My neighbor had given me permission to borrow some water as mine was cut off for non payment.

28) 3/4/98

I faxed letter to the corrupt city manager telling him of the chief's threats so it would be on record again.

29) 3/5/98

Chief tried breaking in my garage but couldn't and therefore he cut my neighbors water hose that was running under my garage door and took it to my neighbor (Sandy Doyle). The chief then turned my neighbors water off because she loaned me some water.

30) 3/22/98 3:00A.M.

Welton Lewis (my daughter's black man friend) brought my daughter to my home and the police were stalking my home by sitting in the church parking lot again, and the police shined spotlights at them. After 20 minutes or so, they came in the house and we watched the police shine spotlights at Welton's car for at least an hour more.

31) 3/29/98

A police officer's son, named Lovett wrecked into my Ford Escort as Chip had driven it to Texaco. Lovett was a police officer in Royse (population 2,000) but was now a police officer in Caddo Mills which is a neighboring town with a population of about 500.

 Lovett called me and did not want to claim this wreck on his insurance. He said he would pay me cash and to get an estimate. I got three estimates. He refused to pay me the amount needed to repair my car and therefore I called his insurance and turned it in to them.

 Lovett had his trailer stolen one year before he wrecked into my car but for revenge on us for not minding him, he then turned in my ex husband for false allegations, as the thief of his trailer, from a year prior. My ex husband had no money for an attorney and, therefore, sat in jail for months until he took their plea so he could just get out of jail. Then the Royse police took advantage of this situation and went to a Dallas Judge named Gerri Meyer, and told her that my ex husband was guilty of stealing trailers in her county and told her that my family are all awful people. Because of this chief of police's word, this judge had my ex husbnad arrested for trailer theft of a $150.00 (one hundred and fifty dollars) trailer, and made it a felony with a $50,000 bond. This is unheard of for a theft of $150. to be $50,000.

32) 4/3/98

Officer Vegas (a cop neighbor also) stopped my grandaughter's mother and told her he has seen her car at my home a lot.

33) 4/25/98

About 11:30 P.M. Royse police barged in again without knocking and served us with a subpoena for a jury trial for Chip.

34) 5/3/98

Royse police stopped Chip and confacated his car radio for alleged reasons of: the seriel # was scratched off. Chip had bought this radio second hand. We tried to find out what the police had done with the radio but they refused to ever talk to us about it.

35) 5/11/98

Chip and I had court at Royse City Court today for both of us,

36) 5/13/98

Chief of police, Thomasson, sit in his private vehicle with two other marked police cars, in the church parking lot, stalking us for hours.

37) 5/16/98

10:30P.M. Police stalking us for hours in church parking lot.

38) 5/19/98

Cops stalking us in church parking lot again.

39) 5/20/98

Two cop cars stalking us at church again.

40) 6/18/98

Chip had court at Royse City.

41) 8/19/98

Chip had Garland court because of Royse police and judge's illegal actions against Chip.

42) 8/98

Assistant Principal Terry Young, and Royse City corrupt police conspired together and called corrupt judge on Chip for missing school. This judge had conspired with the police many times illegally and all this was proven and many of them have been repremanded for their illegal actions.

43) 9/23/98

Royse school and police attempt to get Chip put on probation for missing too much school. I went to the probation officer, Chris, at Rockwall County Court House, and explained to him about their conspiracy and gave him legal papers proving this and the probation officer dropped Chip's case completely.

44) 3/17/99

Royse police came in our yard and told my son's friends that they could not park in front of my home. I immediately checked the other homes in the neighborhood and all but a few of them had vehicles parked in front of their homes, but we were the only ones singled out to be warned of tickets being given for this.

45) 4/23/99

Officer Hall went next door to my home, at Sandy Doyle's. and made many bad remarks about us to her.

46) 4/25/99

Two cop cars stalking us at church parking lot again.

47) 4/28/99

At 8:30 PM- Two cop cars stalking us at church and they left at 8:50PM. They returned again at 10:30 PM and stalked for hours longer.

48) 5/5/99

Two cop cars stalking us at church.

49) 5/21/99

Royse police came in my yard and gave Robert White (son's friend) a ticket of false allegations of flipping off crime watch, Greg Forrester. Police and crime watch were stalking us for hours before they did this.

50) 6/16/99

Crime Watch stalking us. Crime Watch radioed cops (as they do nightly about us) to tell them we had lots of visitors again. Cops came in yard and gave tickets for vehicles being parked in front of house again, and again no one else on the street got tickets as theirs were parked in front of their homes also.

51) 6/22/99

Royse police were stalking us again. They stopped my ex husband as he was driving by my home and arrested him for misdemeanor warrants they had caused to be placed on him.

52) 9/13/99

Chip had court in Royse City.

53) 10/4/99

Chanda and Chip both were at Royse City court.

54) 12/20/99

I, Brenda Bennett, and Chip had court at Royse.


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