Texas Police Brutality

Part 3

Now because of my suing the State Of Texas, they have stopped my food stamps with more false allegations. I have also been turned down for water payment assistance at Helping Hands in Rockwall Texas because the director, Margo Nelson, told me they cannot help disabled people. She claims that disability is a permanent hardship and they only help tempory hardships. I knew this was not true as I owned a business in this small county and knew of people getting help at many different times in the past. I started studying and writing and soon received back an e mail from Governor Bush's office, saying that Helping Hands is part of Texas Human Resourses and that I was right.

Mr. Edmonds said that they are set up to help the disabled also and he would investigate. I immediately knew the "truth", as to why I was turned down for assistance. I have the lawsuit against Child Protective Services, which offices and is a part of Texas Human Services!


This is the Judge That Did The Illegal Things In The Above Case Complaints Against Judge Sue Pirtle / Rockwall County District Judge I have a child that was born with multiple birth defects. This judge has done the most bizarre things to my child and us. Due to this government harrassment on us, I now lobby to help people in similar situations or the sick in jails.


1.) She violated my federal rights by demanding my child to go to public school.

2.) She violated my civil rights by saying, when my child missed school, my child had to stay in bed.

3.) She acted as truancy judge for Royse City School District, but when she learned I had obtained the media's attention, (channel 5 in Dallas, Jay Gray and Joe Munoz, and KLIF, Benjamin Dover,) to help me, and they called her to ask why she was acting illegally and that she was being corrupt, she had her bailiff to leave her court so she could say things to us that were illegal.

4.) While in court on this truancy, when Judge Pirtle, stepped down from the bench and let the JP, Jerri Jones, have her chair, as she knew she was attempting to act an illegal violation and the media caught her and so she left her own court, and walked up to the principal, Ms. Cherry and assistant principal who was sitting behind me, Terry Young (who violated the special education laws and our ARD meetings with this truancy charge) and said the Royse City Police are apprehending your son as we speak. Judge Pirtle knew I had a lawsuit pending for harassment and she knew of the medical dehabilitation of my child and me caused by the Royse City police, Sherriff Kiere, and herself. Everyone with a school age child, should realize that it is cheaper to have your children in private schools. The truancy charges and time consuming court trips for the truancies, and the clothes required for public schools, etc. are extremely more expensive than the private school dues.

5.) The Texas Rangers told me that not one of the many illegal searches were actually legal. Then the police called Child Protective Services because of their supposed " concern of our many prescription medications!" The chief of police's wife was a dispatcher for the sherriffs department in Rockwall Texas and caused much illegal harrassment on this conspiracy also. The chief of police's neighbor was his CPS friend and he easily convinced CPS to illegally take one of my children. CPS was on a rage in Rockwall County for taking children for alleged false allegations, due to CPS getting Judge Pirtle elected. Many parents have gotten together and formed an organization for children to protect them from misuse of power of corrupt government employees.

6.) Judge Pirtle changed my granddaughter's last name from Bennett, ( as it should be) to Shupp ( her step grandfathers last name). Fathers For Equal Rights and other attornies told me this is illegal and a judge can't do this without the father's consent, presence, or permission from the father, since my son's name is on the birth certificate as the father.

7.) Judge Pirtle changed the custody of my son from me, to his dad, and we had been divorced for years. She knew my sons father had not paid child support and that I had reported him to the attorney general, and she knew I had no record and had never been in trouble, or nor have I ever taken drugs or alcohol. She also had letters from my child's doctors stating that I was a good mother.

8.) The school my son went to in Royse City had conspired with the police and the judge to try and hurt my family and me. The judge tried to get my child put on probation, for the reason of missing a lot of school even though we had doctor letters for excuses. Royse City schools assistant principal, Terry Young, had the counselor to call my child's doctor and the school and Royse City police told Dr. Gregerio not to give my child any more letters or notes for his illnesses. I proved in court that my child had a letter from my child's doctor stating my child's disabilities and sicknesses, and to place my child on homebound, if he fell behind, etc., I won and then Royse schools, being very vindictave, filed again in Collin County for this "same case" and they won in Collin County for the same case that I won in Rockwall County before Judge Jerri Jones. I learned that the Texas schools can do this unethical act by continuely filing this same case in any county they choose in Texas, until they become the winners! This is "supposedly" legal harrassment!

9.) Dr. Ceasar Gregerio, from Rockwall Texas (my child's doctor) called me and informed me of the police's illegal tactics of calling him and trying to stop the doctor from doing his job. The police had already caused deteriation and major depression for my child and me and now were trying to cause our deaths through more deteriation from this act.

10.) Judge Pirtle told the Royse City High School counselor Cindy that my child was under her orders to be at school every day, sick or not.

11.) Judge Pirtle (who got elected by Child Protective Services) used to have an attorney's office in Rockwall, (with not much business) where she worked with Attorney Jana Norris. She now gives Attorney Norris most of the guardian ad litum jobs in Rockwall County, because Ms. Norris has to afford to pay Ms. Pirtle her rent due on the office she rents from Judge Pirtle. Attorney Norris is corrupt with this judge.

12.) This attorney Norris used brainwashing techniques on my child. For hours each day, he said. She told my child that my child's many specialist from a reputable hospital, Childrens Medical Center in Dallas) had lied to my child all my child's life, telling my child that my child had medical problems and operated on my child too many, many, times, unnecessarily. I know with Childrens Medical Centers reputation, they would not perform an unnecessary surgery.

13.) Attorney Norris also told my child that pharmacies, Rockwall Drug in Rockwall Texas and McGaugheys at Greenville Texas) was not reputable and they shouldn't have given my child prescriptions. She mentally abused my child and so did Judge Pirtle.

14.) I believe Judge Pirtle violated a legal act when she issued a protective order with no proof of one being necessary and one was not necessary. My granddaughter's other Grandmother (Betty Shupp) took advantage of the judge trying to destroy me. Her daughter told her all about the judge's illegal actions on my family and me, and decided to take my grandparent's rights away illegally with this illegal judge's help. Fathers For Equal Rights said this was illegal for this judge to do also. I was accused of violating that order she issued and went to court on this and won the case. She then issued a new protective order on me even though I proved the mother of my grandbaby brings my grandbaby to me every day and the mother pretends to be part of our family and participates in our daily family activities. I was told by an attorney that if I won that case in court, the judge could not legally issue a new order, but she did as she does many things that violate the cannon laws and Texas laws consistantley.

You have my permission to check any of our files, and please check all our files in Rockwall County that will prove this judge and Rockwall Counties illegal system !


I have received many stories from family members of Rockwall County Jail inmates that they are not recieving their mail again. I know for a fact that Ms. Thomasson signed a receipt for my sons books sent to him from a book store about two weeks ago, and she still has not given them to him. Of course it could be another part of her conspiracy harrassment with her husband, Dana, who is the chief of police in Royse City Texas,(Rockwall County Texas) against whom I have a civil rights lawsuit with Attorney Douglas Larson from Mesquite Texas, at (972) 329-0160.

Because of Ms. Thomasson's employment with Rockwall County Jail and her husband being chief of police in Royse City, (also Rockwall County which is the smallest county in Texas) they have conspired together on many, many illegal arrest, illegal searches, illegal theft of my property, illegal beatings on my family, illegal incarcerations, etc. This has all been proven by Texas Ranger investigations, my attorney, etc. Because this chief of police is my neighbor and I told him to quit barging in my front door without knocking about 5 years ago, he took offense, and started this bizare conspiracy involving Rockwall County Sherriffs department and other agencies. I pursued a lawsuit for my safety. They had even tore my clothes off of me.

Our District Attorney of Rockwall County is guilty also, as I asked for his help on this harrassment for years before I finally had to sue them all. Our DA could have stopped this but even with his knowledge of all this bizare harrassment, he continues prosecuting my family for the false allegations brought to him by these corrupt police. I still have the letters and faxes I sent the DA asking for him to stop them, I still have copies of letters where I begged Royse City Texas council to stop this madness and they refused. I have letters where I begged Bush to stop this and he refused claiming that the corrupt cops are always right.


FROM: Doctor Glen Larkin Legal Pathologist


Apparently you did not get my last post. You have to leave that town before they kill you, or get you arrested on some trumped up charge.

While I know no pediatricians in Texas. there are three Forensic Pathologists in the Dallas Area who might be able to review your son's medical record-- Linda Norton (specializes in child abuse) Patrick Bassant-Matthews, and Odom --I forgot his first name-- John I think.

The inferior vena cava has many anomalies associated with it. The azygos vein takes over for it, but the appearances on x-ray can be hard to evaluate. Your son probably has a host of related or unrelated problems. These pathologists, like me, do evaluate medical records. If you can get no one locally to help you, I will look at your medical material, but my review would be more superficial than some on the scene, unless I would get the entire medical record, including nursing notes. It would cost you considerably less to have it done locally.

I think though that your major problem is not your son's medical diagnosis, but a corrupt legal system. The Yankee lawyers are certainly correct about a 42 US - 1983 violation, and with the latest incident, a criminal charge of attempted rape, which you can file with the Texas rangers -- who at least have an aura of credibility.

I also suggest that you contact________. He is in Austin, and should know how to put you in touch with someone who can help you. You can drop my name-- it might help.

Your local Congressman might be able to help also, since this is an election year, and votes from white folk are very iffy today. Your do have some voting power. and if it becomes known that he refused to help you like Goon Bush, he will lose votes locally Brenda, you are in imminent danger, and you must consider your immediate survival-- You are not paranoid, but have been subjected to a hate campaign, in a grandiose Texas way. Are you sure you want to remain in place? If Alan can help, he will, or steer you in the right direction.

You cannot beat the state of Texas alone, but will need a bushel of lawyers and help. Take care of yourself!

Dr. Glenn Larkin



Dear Brenda:

I just met a Mr. Tucker, from Beaumont, who was campaigning. Libertarian Party function here in Michigan this weekend. I spoke with him, and two local attorneys who are seeking seats on the Michigan Supreme Court, who were appalled at hearing your story. They suggested a list of civil and criminal charges, including: Criminal Sexual Conduct (that's the name for it in Michigan. Texas law may call it "attempted rape" or something else. In Michigan we have 4 degrees of Criminal Sexual Conduct: 4th degree is any kind of lewd advance, 3rd degree is indecent exposure by the perpetrator, 2nd degree is ripping off the victim's clothes, and 1st degree is penetrating any body cavity of the victim by any means...whether the perpetrator used a sex organ, a finger, or a longneck beer bottle to forcibly enter the victim, it's still the same crime here in Michigan, and carries up to life in prison).

Crime Under Color of Lawful Authority --Sexual Harassment -42 USC Sec 1983 (The Anti-Ku Klux Klan Act, as amended), which specifies when governmental immunity ends and crime begins in civil rights cases - False Imprisonment (while you were being strip searched and harassed, you couldn't leave, therefore you were being imprisoned against your will for no lawful reason) Aggravated Assault (someone threatened you while carrying a pistol) - Battery (laying a hand on someone to cause harm is battery)

One of the Michigan attorneys guessed your case would bring in at least ten million dollars if done right. In any event, Mr. Tucker wants to meet with you in person after hearing of your case, and may be able to get some media coverage for you, which you've been lacking. I'd like to hear from you about how the meeting goes.

Best Regards,

Bob Schubring, V-P for Public Affairs, Citizens Against Corruption,

2723 Avonhurst Drive, Troy, MI 48084-1062 Phone: (248)647-1916

Fax: (248)282-0305 Email:



May 4, 2000

1) On the Affadavid of Mary Kate Gerber, Ms. Gerber is making statements. After CPS dropped our case, the harrassment from the county, state, and city, and school continued against us. Ms. Gerber testified against Chip and me at a truancy hearing (beyond her call of duty) that was tried in Judge Pirtle's court which was illegal in that court to try a truancy.She gave personal testimony against us and yet we did not know her. She said Chip was not sick and did not need to miss school for sicknesses. Judge Pirtle violated our constitutional rights and ruled that Chip was not allowed to get out of his bed if he missed school and that even if a policeman seen him on the porch when he was absent, he would go to jail.

2) Page 2, Risk assessment - The analysis says that I said my son has cerebal palsey, diabetes and told of me asking doctors about insulin. My  son's pediatrician at that time of his life, Dr. Levy, put my son on insulin. I also gave the medical records of his sugar diagnosis and the insulin prescribed, to CPS at their illegal taking of Chip, in March 1997.

I gave CPS Chip's medical records from Childrens Medical Center at the very moment that I understood what this agency is and I gave the records to them within the first 30 minutes after their pushing me and forcing themselves into my home. I immediately called Saran Knight, my son's case worker in The In Home Support Program, The Texas Department of Human Services at Terrell, and asked her to tell me who these people were and what was going on. Saran told me that they should have called her first and that they did not. She asked to talk to CPS and I gave the phone to Ms. Brockmann. I heard Saran tell Ms. Brockmann that she knew us well as she had known us for years. They talked and I could tell that Saran was asking Ms. Brockmann why she was doing this, and then Saran talked to me and explained to me who they were and what was happening but that she did not understand how this happened without them notifying her first.

3) On 9, it gives the list of doctors that CPS said did not knowabout each other. The fact is that Dr. Baird was his pediatrician,and had only been his pediatrician for about a year because we moved from Wylie where his pediatrician had been Dr. Mary Birdsong at (972) 442-2900, for years until we moved from Wylie. I knew Dr. Baird's husband as a hair customer in my hair business and he suggested that his wife was a good doctor and that he would tell her to see Chip.He did inform me that his wife had been in some kind of medical trouble in Oklahoma and that is why they moved to Texas but that it was a big mistake. She was the closest pediatrician to us after we moved. As a matter of fact I saw her associate first. She was concerned if they were qualified to treat a child with these kinds of medical problems as they had spoken with Children's doctors. The other doctors listed here are specialists. Dr. Baird told me many times that she received reports from these other doctors after our visits to them. Dr. Anderson was Chip's gastrologist from Childrens. He referred Chip to Dr. Bowman at (214) 648-2020, because of many black growths in both of Chip's eyes. Dr. Micheal Dunnigan at (903) 454-1824, was Chip's dermatologist. Chip saw a dermatologist (214) 590-8000, most of his life at Childrens for removal of growths on his face,etc. We knew Dr. Dunnigan's partner and therefore changed to him as it was closer after we moved. Dr. Duhon at ( 972) 475-8914, was Chip's orthopedic doctor that Dr. Mary Birdsong referred Chip to, for arthritis in his knee and a mild deformity. Dr. Amed Elsehety was Chip's neurologist that Dr. Hamer, at (903) 236-2730, referred us to.


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