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Physical Assault in Bangladesh

2011/1/18 Adv. Shahanur Islam Saikot <>

Dear friends,

Greetings from Bangladesh Institute of Human Rights (BIHR)

BIHR is deeply concerned about the recent incident of physical assault and threats of Mr. Shahanur Islam, BIHR’s Executive Director and lawyer in Bangladesh.

During an investigation on the 9th of January, 2011 Mr. Shahanur Islam and his two fact-finding officers were physically attacked, threatened and looted all their valuable belongings in Thakurgaon district. This incident is unfortunately one of many that has taken place over the past few years, where Mr. Islam has been exposed to threats and assault as a result of his work to protect minorities in the country. Human rights defenders are frequently subjected to harassment from authorities in Bangladesh. The incident must be investigated and
appropriate sanctions be meted to the police authority in question. BIHR urges for the immediate intervention to ensure the protection of human rights defenders and lawyers in their daily work in Bangladesh.

The full report is posted on the blog which is obtainable at the end of this information.

We trust that you will take immediate action regarding this serious matter. We look forward to your favorable response.

Thank you,

Bangladesh Institute of Human Rights (BIHR)
27, Bijoy Nagar, B-17, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Cell: 01720308080, Skype:saikot.bihr


Adv. Shahanur Islam Saikot
LL.B (Hon's); LL.M (Law & Justice)
JusticeMakers Fellow '10, Switzerland
Secretary General/Executive Director
Bangladesh Institute of Human Rights (BIHR)
Flat # B-17, 27, Bijoy Nagar, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Cell: + 88 017 20308080, Ph: +88 02 9349851
Fax: + 88 028352166,Skype:"saikot.bihr" or ""




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