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Support Kaye Beach

By Mark Lerner
Co-Founder of the Constitutional
Alliance and The Stop Real ID

What can happen between today & tomorrow? Ignorance versus action! You decide

The line in the sand has been drawn; either we support Kaye or we are empowering those that have no respect for our Constitutional rights or our nation's sovereignty.

Many people and groups/organizations are fighting to protect our nation's sovereignty and our freedom/rights as citizens. I receive dozens of emails everyday from people discussing different people or international organizations that are a threat to our freedom.  Elections are down the road; the threat we each face is growing by the day.  By the time you have finished reading this document you will understand why we must act now and what we can each do today.    

A person can find a thousand reasons or excuses not to act.  How many reasons does one need to act?

There are many people who believe a “Globalist” mentality will result in a “One World Government" or "New World Order."  Few are able to articulate how the control that would be needed over all people in every country will manifest itself.  

Seven years ago, preceding the Real ID Act of 2005 I began speaking out about a small company, Viisage Technology that at the time was worth only $50 million or less.   I said Viisage was going to become the lynchpin for the control a “New World Order” would require. I was scoffed at and ridiculed.

A person who is now a very close friend and "Brother" was working independently of me preaching what scripture tells us about a "New World Order" and the control the New World Order will have. In scripture (Revelation 13:15-18) we are told by the Apostle John that the Antichrist will have those killed that do not accept the Mark of the Beast and worship him.

Since we met in 2007, this good friend and I have been working together.   We all have and are witnessing our 24/7 digital footprint being collected, stored, and shared.  The government, our government wants the who, what, how, when and where of each of our lives.  Biometric and RFID identification documents will be required to buy, sell, and travel in our country and around the world. 

Fast forward to today and Viisage Technology has morphed into L-1 Identity Solutions. L-1 is a company that produces nearly every driver's license in the United States, is involved in the production of every passport and is the largest biometric (ex, fingerprints, iris scanning, facial recognition, DNA) company in the United States. L-1 was awarded the contract by India to provide 1.2 billion people with biometric identification documents.  L-1 was awarded a similar contract by Mexico and other nations. In 2010 L-1 signed an agreement with the World Bank that calls for all nations to issue biometric identification documents
Viisage, now L-1 is a billion dollar plus global company. Members of the Board of Directors of Viisage/L-1 have included George Tenet (CIA), Louis Freeh (FBI) and Admiral Loy (TSA) and many others that held senior government positions.


L-1 and Safran

Last year it was announced that L-1 was being broken into two parts. Their intelligence consulting division which has contracts with nearly every intelligence agency in the United States was sold to BAE. BAE is a European mega-conglomerate with over 100,000 employees. The biometric and document production divisions of L-1 are in the process of being sold to Safran. Safran is another mega-conglomerate which is 30 per cent owned by the French government. The strategic advisor representing Safran is none other than former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff.

Why should you know about any of this?  Are you comfortable with a company that has contracts to provide intelligence consulting to U.S. intelligence agencies being sold to a foreign company? Are you comfortable with this company, one that has access to state DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) databases, being sold to Safran? The DMV databases contain a wealth of your personal information including your biometrics, your name, SSN, date of birth and your address.



Safran, in addition to being partly owned by the French government has been partners with Communist China for nearly forty years  

And where has Congress been while the sale of L-1 has been taking place? Congress is not required to give approval for the sale. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, a committee under the jurisdiction of the Treasury Department is the approval authority.  

Members of the Constitutional Alliance are actively working to prevent the sale. You can stand up for your rights and freedom by contacting your members of Congress and tell them that the sale of L-1 to Safran puts US security at risk and they should intervene by saying "No, to the sale of L-1 Identity Solutions to Safran"

This year the NGA (National Governors Association) has emphasized the importance of having China invest in the states of the United States
There is another meeting scheduled in only a few weeks (July 15-17[2011]) that will involve our state Governors pushing for China's investment in the United States. This is the same Red China from which our corporations and government have said many cyber attacks originate. This is the same China that has violated Patent Law and Intellectual Property agreements. This is the same China that has stated openly their desire to use biometrics and CCTV to identify dissidents. This is the same China that placed cameras and microphones in the cars manufactured in China so that the government can eavesdrop on citizens  This is the same China to which L-1 offered its biometric technology.  Finally, this is the same China that has sold U.S. companies inferior steel that is part of our nation's infrastructure and has knowingly placed unsafe levels of lead in the toys we buy.

U.S. citizen's foremost responsibility is to ensure we pass on the rights, liberty, and freedom to our children and grandchildren that we inherited at such great sacrifice of previous generations. Regardless of what political party a citizen supports, what candidates we support or what if any religious beliefs we have our foremost responsibility as citizens remains the same. Providing your children with an education or leaving them money is worth little if they do not have the rights, liberty, and freedom we inherited.

Christians have a responsibility to preach the Gospel. Spreading the Gospel is empowered by spiritual freedom, but aided by our protected religious freedom.  There should be no doubt in anyone's mind that our rights are being eroded. How will Christians continue to fulfill their responsibility to preach the Gospel while the approval needed to buy, sell, and travel is in the hands of government? 

If you want to open a bank account today or send missionaries around the world you must have the documents government dictates. Where are the "Watchmen" of the "Church"?  Is your pastor talking about the issues I have raised? Visit the web-site and read the material provided. Whether you are a Christian or not we each share in our responsibility to protect our rights, liberty, and freedom.  

Kaye Beach is fighting to protect not just her own Constitutional rights but the rights of each of us. Are we each doing what we can to support Kaye in her efforts? Kaye has raised several thousand dollars and is still short thousands of what she needs to fight her/our battle in the courts. Kaye is fighting against mandated biometrics, RFID, and a national/international ID. Kaye is fighting to protect her/our right to the presumption of innocence, our nation’s sovereignty and our rights included in the Bill of Rights.

Please share this document with everyone you are in contact with and visit and read the first article on the homepage about what Kaye is doing and find out the many ways available to support Kaye Beach's legal defense fund.

Kaye realized back in February when she noticed her license was soon to expire that she could not, in good conscious, renew it.  What she didn’t know at the time is that she might have the opportunity to make that decision really count.  What the Constitutional Alliance and others have to offer her is support so that she is able to make her decision count.

Kaye didn’t confer with anyone about the step she was taking, she knew from her own work against biometric ID and other government intrusions over the last several years that this was her line in the sand.

As I know and anyone else does that knows Kaye she is resolute on this issue and willing to do whatever she can, not just for herself but for each of us, to stop this.  We must support Kaye in this effort.

She has drawn the line and her line is our line.  Either we support Kaye or we are empowering those that have no respect for our Constitutional rights or our nation's sovereignty.

If you belong to a group or organization please forward this email to the leadership of the group or organization you are part of.  Ask your group/organization to post this information on their web-site.

We should never for forget the words of Julian Ashborn speaking as Chairman of the International Biometrics Agency:

"What information do governments share?  With whom is my data shared and why?"  All of these questions need to be addressed by an agency with global powers.”

I choose to support Kaye and not the Julian Ashborn's of the world. 

Mark Lerner – Co-Founder of the Constitutional Alliance and the Stop Real ID Coalition




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