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"Government seeks children's views on Justice System" - Abolish the secret Family courts!


Whatever happened to children's RIGHT to a Family Life ?  Without happy children whose sacred relationship with their parents is protected at all costs from interlopers, we as a country, HAVE no future!  The State is breaking down the Family unit, in a shameless and disgraceful way - and are entirely undermining the right to a Family life.  

Family Courts, (much despised and best avoided), are running amok and committing UNCONSCIONABLE ACTS - condoning paedophilia and rampant criminality, allowing deception from County Councils and ignoring their abuse of the Court System by many or most of the Councils issuing "orders" themselves, forging and falsifying court "orders" in this way (unaccountable, unchecked, and unsupervised by anyone), 'feeding' the jobs of dishonest and disconnected 'officers of the court' who jump on the "care proceedings bandwagon" and who have qualified themselves by taking leave of their conscience, turning a blind eye to the outrageous collusion between police forces and the County Councils (!), where there is no separation of powers which undermines all prospect of any Justice.....These are common occurrences, as Brian Gerrish and other campaigners have pointed out at the recent Child Abuse rally in London last Saturday[4th June, 2011]:

- County Councils are running illegal racketeering at children's expense, turning our most vulnerable sector of society into sacrificial lambs
- Family courts and County Councils (who feed a lifeline to the private Corporations misnamed a 'Police force' in each region), ripping off taxpayers' money and the Public Purse FOR THEIR WAGES in this new-fangled "Industry" they have nefariously developed (because of usury);
- Those same councils have the private corporation POLICE in their back pockets (the councils pay their wages and the Council 'legal department' defends the police if they are challenged for ignoring criminality!)
- and so crime, abounds in this iniquitous arena;
- The State is sexualising young children, and splitting up families to undermine the entire structure of a stable Society, contaminating their absorbent minds through 'Common purpose' educational and Media agenda (insidious cartoons with many phallic images flashing on the screen at children), which crushes their innocence from as young as five years old;
- the State is trying to 'market' paedophilia as being "normal" and to liberalise pornographic pictures of children (check out the UK Column by contacting Brian Gerrish if you are in the UK at <>)
- The State is abusing the psychiatric system by alleging 'mental illness' against innocent mothers, to get their wicked way of stealing their children from them, but first undermining their role as a parent (which ought to be inviolable)
- the County Councils are dishonestly making huge money from our little children by issuing disingenuous "care orders" like confetti, and this unlocks their 'right of access' to thousands of pounds a week of taxpayer funds in return!
- Secret courts which are Statute Law courts that are closed courts to sanction little children being snatched unlawfully from loving parents and then being abused;
- some judges and CAFCASS / other "social workers" who are perverts is a major problem which is left, unchecked and undetected;
- 84 MAPPA offices throughout Britain, used to suppress whistleblowers in the UK to 'frame' them and criminalise them once they rack up enough points, like they used in Nazi Germany;
- Mothers being commonly tortured and having their babies snatched from their breast whilst feeding, on the basis of a FORGED Court "order" (see above) by cruel maniacs parading as "Authorities";
- Draconian 'contracts' being imposed on parents to allow "care workers" (so called) to displace the mother and take over the child's life - like an unlawful and heartless interloper, once again ignoring the child's emotional needs;
- Even innocent mothers being criminally charged with "abduction" of their OWN CHILD ! (which no Law supports) - and then being told she cannot use the 'defence' she chooses (that of 'necessity') in a CPS criminal Trial!!!

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Why should we continue to tolerate being ruled by criminals in parliament and the Judiciary, where there is a total disregard for the welfare of children and their parents, AND THEIR RIGHT TO A FAMILY LIFE ?



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