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Patriotic American is Targeted

By Lisa Becker
August 11, 2011

My  name is Lisa Becker and I currently reside in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  You may find my story difficult to believe, I still can’t believe this could happen in America.

My story begins in 2001- how I came to be involved is really a matter of speculation.  I truly do not know why I was chosen for targeting, other than I am opinionated and contacted the White House and my representatives whenever an issue interested me.  I was a landlord and a business owner and frequently had to make decisions that impacted other people's lives.  There is also the possibility that local law enforcement needed a target to utilize their new equipment from the NIJ.

I was happily married to my soul mate of 20 years,  I had my own business and our primary residence, an 8 unit apartment building was almost paid for.  Life was looking good. 

Almost overnight strange things began to happen.
I began getting phone calls where the caller would hang up after about 20 seconds.
My home and my business were being vandalized.
My husband became depressed and had difficulty sleeping along with headaches.
The neighbors near my residence and my business began dumping garbage on my property.
The City of Racine closed the street to my business forcing me to close for several months.
My husband began an affair with a co-worker, (not in character for him)
I had what seemed to be a seizure.
Our dog began defecating on the carpet.
My automobile was being vandalized.
After my husband moved out, someone began entering my apartment and stole personal items, vandalized walls and furniture, and left a penny in unusual places.  This was done repeatedly for almost two years.
I had developed what seemed to be neurological problems and extreme fatigue.
I had a sensation of vibration and electricity running through my body.
I felt ill, very ill.
Red marks began appearing on my forehead and the bridge of my nose.

At the time I did not see the relationship of the above issues.  I simply adapted to my new situation and coped well under the circumstances.  I quickly found that calling the police was of no help.  They treated me rudely and disrespectfully.  I realize now that I was being targeted with COINTELPRO tactics, gang stalking, and directed energy weapons. 

At night I would hear a hissing sound and would awaken to find pink dust everywhere.  It was as if someone was blowing insulation into my bedroom at night.   I had had enough; I was not a criminal, or even a bad person.  I have always lived within the law and have treated all people with respect.  Someone was trying very hard to destroy me and everything I had worked for.  I decided to sell and get out of Racine, Wisconsin.

After the sale of our real estate assets I moved to Florida to start a new life in a new location.  I moved to Orlando and purchased a lovely condominium at beautiful Bella Terra.  I made a number of friends, many who were recently divorced and my age.  It looked like my problems were behind me and I was going to get a second chance at life.  My neighbor, Brenda, and I became rather close and spent a little time together talking almost daily.  One day she mentioned that the people above me had moved some very large equipment into the apartment just above me.  She said it appeared to be very heavy, as it took two men difficulty to get it up to the 3rd floor.  Once again strange things began to happen.
Pennies once again started appearing in odd places, like my bathroom sink.
Red marks on my walls began appearing again.
Strange odors that seemed exceptionally strong and toxic emitted through my ventilation system.
Books, clothing, batteries and tools began disappearing.
It seemed someone was tampering with my food.
I became very lethargic as if I was drugged.

I now realized that this was very serious and inter-connected. 

In June of 2007 I went to bed as usual and was awoken about 2:00 AM by a sensation of electrocution.  I jumped from bed to look for the source of the electricity and heard people laughing.  I realized that whoever was laughing was somehow responsible for what I believe was a tazer attack.  How did they tazer me right through a wall or concrete floor I wondered?  I moved to the living room sofa after my heart stopped racing, only to hear a heavy cart roll on the floor above me. I was hit over and over again with this directed energy weapon.

This went on night after night.  I began sleeping in different places, like neighbors' homes, my van, at work, at hotels, but I could not escape the attacks.  I believe they were coming from a land based source because I could hear people outside moving around.  One evening at 2:00 AM they started at me, and I got up and went to Charlie’s condo on the 3rd floor.  My dog and I were always welcome there.  We stood in the shadows on the enclosed patio while I heard men running down the stairs saying, “where did she go?” After 5 minutes a helicopter began searching for something with a spot light all over the area I was observing.  It was at this moment that I realized the search was for me and this was more than just a rogue gang, these people had resources.

I began to look on the internet to find out about these weapons and found out more than I ever wanted to know about directed energy weapons, (DEW) and mind control. 
I also discovered that the only people that had them were:  military personnel, law enforcement, and the numerous security agencies.
WHY WAS THE GOVERNMENT TRYING TO KILL ME AND WHY TORTURE ME FIRST?  This is a question that still is unanswered.

The sleep deprivation was nearly the end of me.  I went to a doctor who performed what he called, “an informal psychological evaluation,” he did blood work as well and said I had low potassium.  He found me to be mentally, “sound as a bell.”

But I  became so impaired mentally, I had to call home and ask for help.  I was near a point where I would not be able to make my own decisions.  My ex-husband was a God-send.  He came immediately and moved me lock, stock, and barrel back to my family in Wisconsin.  Unfortunately, my family did not believe what I told them.  They assumed there was something wrong with me.  They grasped for any answer, except the truth.

After returning home I began a phone campaign to legislators and anyone I thought could help me.  In December 2007, I received a call from Investigator Zimmerman from the Washington D.C., Capital Police Department.  He told me to stop bothering the legislators, that they could not help me and if any of them tried to help me he would take action against them.  He said, we consider you a threat.  He was threatening and abusive.  None of my elected officials would return my phone calls, much less give me a meeting.  When I contacted the FBI, I was told that what was being done to me was not illegal.   They said there was no jurisdiction.  They were unbelievably rude and abusive.

I returned to the internet to find others in my area.  I quickly found many others.  To date there are approximately 25 people in Wisconsin that are actively being targeted with directed energy attacks and mind manipulation.  Four of us from Wisconsin went to Washington D.C. to provide testimony to the President’s Commission on Bio-ethics.  We were politely received, but to date they have not stopped the attacks on our bodies or our minds.

What has held me together through years of torture has been my faith. 

To this day I continue to sustain burns to different parts of my body, particularly my hands and feet. I have ear shattering  pain and splitting headaches.  They vibrate my teeth and rack my body with pain.  I am an law abiding American citizen, a taxpayer, and yet I am denied the basic human right of sleep.  I am tortured in my own bed within my own home.  As I write this they are burning the end of my nose and penetrating my rectum with burning directed energy.  This torture has gone on for a decade.  If those of us that have been targeted are unable to expose it and stop this, the rest of the public, will find themselves in a similar situation, as they perfect their techniques on us. 

One of the first things they do to targeted individuals like myself is to isolate us.  My Mother and my friends have not let that happen.  My God has sustained me through His word.  The following text describes my situation well: 
We are hard-pressed on everyside, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed. 2 Cor.4:8-9
In conclusion, I have learned the motivation behind all this is control.  Those that crave a one world government want to be able to control humanity, (mentally and physically), they do not have the same ideals of honesty and cooperation that the rest of humanity shares, they want to own you and all the rest of the resources on this planet.  They believe their money makes them superior to you and me in every way.   They have utilized terrorism as a tool to convince cowards to give up freedom in the name of security. 




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