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Unbelievable, But True! TI Since Birth

By Pam Anderson
July 8, 2011

Editor's note: In a telephone conversation with the author, she told me that she has a 32nd degree Mason in her family. This is why she has been targeted since birth. She did not assign this title to her story. I did.

The program I believe I'm in is MK-ULTRA sub project 119 which is a declassified CIA program and experiment of remote telecontrol of a human being. In layman terms that means a mind control experiment. These experiments are well documented. My first recollection was in 1961, I was remotely controlled; my parents even noticed something was very wrong.

In 1965 while my father was stationed in Texas, my sister and I where asleep in the same bed. I was remotely electroshocked awake, I looked out my bedroom window (we lived outside of town and the bed was next to the window) I saw a hovering UFO in the field. It looked just like the type that the propaganda machine was generating to the public back in the 1960s. I woke my sister and we sat on the bed for several minutes watching it. We then fell into a deep sleep and never told our parents or anyone. My sister can verify this. Part of the program back then was to also subject test subject children to many UFOs for some unknown study. 

Part of the program also includes extensive psychological operations on the test subject; this is also documented.

I am very sick; the doctors can only diagnose what I have, but do not know from where it came.

                 This is just one of the various open sores that appear on Pam's body.

Before 1974 when they got me at Ellsworth AFB (air force base) as stated in my letter to Bioethics, many weird occurrences would happen to me, in which later I found to be experiments conducted by the military.

1. Doors slamming by themselves. No draft, wind, etc. especially when I would try to say a little prayer that I taught myself. Please note that this is part of a LONG term program involving religion that they have used and still do.

2. Objects rocking and spinning off a shelf or flying off a shelf. Etc.

3. Continual sleep disturbance
But my mother would Never take me to the doctor about it. Although while stationed at Cape Charles Virginia. We went to Langley AFB quite often, and although I was around eight or so years old I can't remember ANY Thing about Langely.

My mother knew what was going on, but not my stepfather who was in the USAF (United States Air Force). 

While in Oregon at 18 years of age, the doors and windows would open and close by themselves, my clothes would be rearranged or missing. Extreme sleep disruption and intense feeling that something was not right. More fatigue and feeling of uneasiness. One night I was trying to fall asleep when an unseen force hit me in the chest and completely knocked the wind out of me ( I have heard other TIs talk about having been hit by a weapon) then they projected hundreds of voices in the room that sounded like some sort of Arabic language....this was done externally. They harass Tis with this technology continually (not only TIs). I was so scared I sat up in bed and was drenched with sweat. Then the United States Military used their hologram weapon to project an image of a man standing about 6 feet from my bed; his appearance was that of a middle eastern and was dressed in a suit. The image lasted less than a minute then sort of broke up. The next night I slept in my friend's room. At 12 A.M. my friend woke me up screaming, I jumped up and heard the hundreds of projected voices outside the closed bedroom door. I was so scared that I ran into the closet in order to hide. Connie was screaming for us to get out, so we climbed out of the bedroom window and drove to her father's house. Later that night was my first memory of forced speech.

Please be aware that these are programs carried out on a test subject, very well planned and orchestrated by the United States Military, Government contractors, and Universities. This is in no way a religious experience.

In 2010 after discovering what was happening in my life, I received a mysterious article via email that told of many unexplained and random suicides occurring in the town of Medford Oregon. It went on to say that it was later discovered that the Military was testing electromagnetic weapons in that area. Which was at the same time I was there. I have searched for that same article many times but cannot find it.

In 2009 through bio communication they told me that I have been a good test subject and that they would tell me what has been happening to me since birth. They made reference to MK-ULTRA and my mother.

They said that in my case they were stationed at Fort Detrick Maryland in a bunker.
I have received mysterious Emails like the above many times that would explain events.



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