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Humanitarianism by Arizona Woman Causes Her to be Targeted

By Brenda Zastoupil
August 12, 2011

In 1996 I worked for a vitamin company. I had an appointment with a doctor at the Phoenician, a world renowned resort. But, unknown to me, the appointment cancelled. As a result, however, I met a doctor who was the medical attache for the Saudi Royal family. I met him several times for the purchase of vitamins for malnourished families and children overseas. After that, I began experiencing people telling me what I had done in my apartment the next day at work as though they had been physically there with me. Also, my brain felt like I was in a cyclonic whirlwind in which my instrument panel, like one on an aircraft, went haywire in this funnel of compressed electromagnetic force field, like that of the Bermuda Triangle as though I was trying to regain my sense of balance. Also, some of my things were moved around, and the government would change channels on my TV set, anything to have me know that I was being watched.

Later my brain was blasted with a high electromagnetic EMF frequency impulses/ tones like a sound test in which the volume and intensity varies daily. Sometimes it is so piercing to the brain that it has a "beserk" effect, a very compressed scrambling "synthesizer" effect, whereby I am holding my ears and running around flagrantly in circles. In addition, it also disorganizes my thoughts when trying to organize my day, speech, and makes it difficult to write; also my voice tone is altered and controlled at a level of an IQ of 25-50, extremely excruciating suppressed pain which makes me nonfunctional at times.

I continue to be heavily hit with electromagnetic weapons, and I am fully controlled like a robot, where all the other TIs to whom I have spoken are not voice controlled, character controlled, facial controlled, and they control me to speak as though I was practially brain dead, as though I cannot construct a sentence normally, or make a decision as to what to do such as which shoe to put on first. They can cause a shower to last one hour instead of 5 or 10 minutes just to make me late for work when I was able to work.

They can make me raise my hands in the air, in which I cannot drop them; only the mind controller can drop my hands, because he has control of my mind; basically it is like having a brain transplant of a low intelligence man, and tell me what can you do if your hands up in the air and you cannot lower them; not a lot, you cannot type, you cannot even use the restroom, and then they have my brain heavily plated, again to where, I don't know the meaning of the word the or bus. Do you know what that feels like? Then, they pulse me with holograms and emotions in a cluster such as anxiety, irritability, and even childlike emotions. My mind controller is afraid of dogs, so he causes me to react as he would. He is also afraid of height, water, and public speaking too.

Also they are able to read my mind at the same time as they are implanting thoughts in my mind as the manic individuals they are, because they have mental issues that consume them, utilize electronic mind control, pain gun, microwave, and DEW (Directed-Energy Weapons).

They will even block me from calling the authorities just like a paraplegic, brain becomes paralyzed, and then they can scramble my speech to where everything comes out incoherently with slurring words; faulty speech coordination.
 "The Active Denial System (ADS), also called a pain ray, is a directed-energy weapon used primarily for crowd control.  It works by firing a beam of high-frequency microwaves that excite the water and fat molecules in the body- just like a microwave oven heats food.  It causes immediate and intense pain. The temperature keeps rising as long as the beam is applied, and it makes the skin feel as if it were on fire.  A Reuters correspondent who volunteered to be shot with the ADS during a demonstration said it was "...too painful to bear without diving for cover." (13) 

Through this frequency, voices are beamed to my brain via voice-to-skull technology, in which they also read my very thoughts, and see through my eyes, view my body whether clothed or not, implant thoughts, inject holographic images and dreams. They also monitor external and internal movements, hear and record one's conversation.  Basically they control my every move, speech, thought, nerve, facial expression, and body movement, (electronic mind control technology) as well interfere with my electrical household appliances, and manipulate my cellphone and computer, while also "gaslighting" me.

There is also sensory deprivation, sleep deprivation, which is a "wired" effect, and then sometimes there is an induced heavy, sleepy effect, implanted dreams, not permitting any mental privacy, as well as constantly attacking my mind with sickening physical abuse threats along with electronically sexually assaulting me. They continuously recount past memories that they are constantly altering, and berate, demean, and degrade me incessantly, and then with a flip of a switch, I am forced into a listless, lethargic zombie vegetable mode, whereby I cannot open a door, basically a paralyzed, paraplegic effect for years chained to my bed like a prisoner of war in which I am trapped inside my head whereby the mind controller creates an internal dialogue between a first person and a second person, a third and fourth person coupled with an emotional signature cluster of undeveloped emotions that strikes at your brain and takes complete hold of your mind and body like being demonically possessed. Depending on the intensity, it can raise the roof off my head and change the pupils of my eyes.

In addition, these torture techniques are also applied: pin pricks to the eyes, shoulders, face, feet, elbows,
as well as induces a "crawling insect" effect, intense itching, also biologically pulses diseases including fleas, intense throbbing in my head, partial loss of eyesight, sudden temperature rises in body including microwave burning of face/body that feels like acid being poured on my face, it also causes my heart to flutter, irregular palpatitations which lead to a heart attack, induced coughing with a tickle in the back of my throat, sneezing which causes blockage in my esophagus and makes it difficult to swallow or salivate, causes binge eating, as well as they restrict my breathing while eating, stomach aches that include induced "growl" noises in the intestines, indigestion, nausea, restless legs, with occasional numbness, whereby my legs will jerk involuntarily and then at times, a "charley horse" effect to my toes, twitching of my fingers and clicking in the ear, electrical jolts to the entire body which feels like a low voltage electrical fence to my brain, a Frankenstein effect, that includes a zapping in and on the head that sounds like a welder's torch which produces constant tremors and vibrations throughout the body. 

Defense contractor Raytheon has developed a smaller version of the ADS, for which it was granted an FCC license in 2004 to demonstrate the technology to "law enforcement, military, and security organizations." Contrary to Raytheon's claims, Michael Hanlon, another volunteer, said the finger he offered for a demonstration "was tingling hours later." (14)

"It's uncomfortably easy to imagine peaceful, civilian protesters, e.g. "rioters," being sonically blasted or brought to their knees with pain rays before street-clearing operations by SWAT teams. NLWs (Non Lethal Weapons) like gas and tasers are presently used to subdue people in civilian settings. A lower threshold of use may lead those armed with NLWs to use them as casually as they use tasers. (15) In addition, weapons with the primary purpose of inflicting pain make excellent torture devices. It's for this reason that the Active Denial System was rejected for use in Iraq. The Pentagon feared it would be seen as an "instrument of torture." (16)

Editor's note: But it is allowed to be used on targeted individuals around the world by these evils.

In addition, it literally incapacitates and scrambles the mind, whereby they can take control of the brain through a "signature emotional cluster" of another human mind that is frequencied/wired into the victim's brain, where the victim feels like they are "possessed." It also causes victims to misplace items, blank out names, dates, and events, make errors while calculating and writing, say things out of context while talking with others and act in strange ways that are completely alien to their usual demeanor and behavior in an attempt to discredit them in the community.

In addition to this electronic torture whereby the victim is practically left nonfunctional/incapacitated, the majority of the time with this ray gun (17)(18) to your head and where they are able to control you like a human robot, feels much like a Linda Blair Frankenstein, they also gangstalked and work mobbed these victims, which is done by the local community police department, in this case, Scottsdale/Phoenix Police Department, in which these law enforcement officers organize gang members to stalk victims as well as set up break-ins, in which they have broken into my apartments several times, create accidents through street theatre, as well as spread false and malicious lies about the victim such as they are gay, or they do drugs, or they are an alcoholic, or have AIDS, or they are a prostitute, which again, all of these lies are false, untrue and unfounded as to cover up what they are doing with the electronic mind control or to silence the victim from talking about it. In addition to community members involved in this gangstalking, family members sometimes get involved in turning on the targeted individual because of greed and jealousy, like my mother had done to me in which she tried to lock me up at a mental institution and tried to throw my face through a window.

They also try to incarcerate targets on false charges which damages their background check for employment, such as they have done to me by throwing me in jail for "Trespassing" when I had permission onto the property and had a "guest pass," and worked at the property when I went to visit the Saudis at the Phoenician to end this ESMC (Electronic Stalking and Mind Control activities) torture. At that time, the Police confiscated my car and belongings, whereby I was in the process of moving, in which my car and things were never returned to me, but in the interim, I returned to the Phoenician to retrieve my belongings believing my car was still there, because I was never told where my car was located, only to be put back in jail again and again, and again. Once they released me from jail, I was beaten up and left on the street homeless, badly bruised, missing toenails and fingernails, swollen legs like an elephant, and I have been homeless ever since. The trespass charges were later dismissed by the Judge. They also threw me in jail again when I went to pay for getting my nails/toes manicured at a salon, claiming non-payment of services/theft, when my check had cleared the bank that day, and I had asked prior to the services if they accepted checks as a form of payment. I was later found not guilty of the non-payment of services/theft by a Judge. Prior to these court proceedings, I was ordered to take a psychological evaluation in which the psychologist's findings were that I was normal and stable, and it was stated to me at that time by the psychologist that I was being done wrong by the "system."

Most recently, in the past month or so, the Scottsdale Police Department Mark Reinke, Jeff Montgomery, Lisa Cunningham, Sargeant Ganz #07816, Stephanie Ganz, his daughter, Chief Jim Burns, Kim Burns, his daughter, Jennifer Senbach Watkins, Louisa Senbach Watkins, Judy Senbach, Jerry Weinbach (Former FBI), Rick Gastineau, Susie Botnik, Kevin Pineda, Gary Reeves, Amy Fullerton, and Joe Reid have made threats that they would "cut my face with a tin can," "make me eat rocks in prison," "gang rape me," "make me leave a suicide note," "put explosives in my car," "spread a lie that I had AIDS," or "I am a prostitute," which are malicious lies to discredit me in the community, and they have most recently threatened me again that they would frame me for drugs which will influence the Judicial Review to prevent me from leaving prison once falsely incarcerated, because I had last summer reported suspicious drug activity in the Tatum and Shea area because I once lived in the area and felt something should be done about it. The Saudis have also threatened to kill my mother, father, brother, and his first born.

These victims are targeted because they DO NOT take any drugs or alcohol or are gay or prostitutes, or take any prescription medication; they are single, highly intelligent professionals that may have sensitive information or are privy to information they would like to keep silent which this electronic mind control is now all over the internet and news.

Again, all of this torture is to get the target debilitated/incapacitated to where they are nonfunctional in society and prevented from earning a living, so that they are ultimately destitute and homeless like myself for the past four years; it is complete and total destruction of the victim's/target's life--career/finances, health and looks/appearance.

Below is a website regarding Obama's healthcare bill in which these implants will go into effect by 2014 and additional websites validating this slow tormented, tortuous death, gangstalking/work mobbing and other victims' testimonies.

There are also additional websites to view when entering electronic harassment/mind control at CNN, and Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Editor's note: This is an excellent YouTube lasting 9 minutes 13 seconds. I highly recommend you watch it.

Now coverage under the New Health Care ("ObamaCare") will require an implantable microchip

If you are not able to open the above website, this website below has it listed as well:

Also, under this website of please look under "mind control" for a more in-depth explanation, as well as under mind control or electronic harassment. - a victim's testimony - a victim's testimony

A document by which reported:
Mind control symptoms and descriptions include: "a slow death," "unbelievably sophisticated," "vicious, amoral, sadistic, and cruel," and "appear to be the development of weapons to neutralize the enemy without killing."
Victims from all over the world have contacted Mind Justice with reports of being targeted with mind control technologies, although approximately 75 per cent of victims are American and Russian.

For example, people around the victim have repeated verbatim, the victim's immediate thoughts, or harassing and personalized statements are repeated by strangers wherever the victim may go. Emotions can be manipulated. Microwave hearing, known to be an unclassified military capability of creating voices in the head, is regularly reported. (19) Implanted thoughts and visions are common, with repetitive themes that can include pedophilia, homophobia, and degradation. Victims say it is like they have a radio or TV in your head. Less frequently, remote and abusive sexual manipulation is reported. Almost all victims say repetitive behavior control techniques are used and include negative, stimulus-response or feedback loops. Some type of outside force can strike heavy blows to any object, or set any object including the body into strong vibration while nearby objects are not vibrating at all. Wrenching or house/building structures cause loud snapping or crackling noises, often heard at precisely the point where a victim is starting to doze off to sleep. Victims regularly report many types of bizarre and harassing remote manipulation of electrical equipment, phone, car, TV, and computers. Mail tampering is reported as well. Black bag intelligence tactics--tire slashing, break-ins without burglary but at times including sabotaged, modified items also appear on the list of invasions. Victims agree: the experience of mind control phenomena is vicious, amoral, sadistic, and cruel. Most victims describe the experience as very debilitating and compare it to mental rape, an electronic prison, or total destruction of the quality of their lives. Many have been labeled mentally ill and live with financial ruin, loss of health, social life, and career. Victims theorize that the goal of the experiments would appear to be the development of weapons to neutralize the enemy, with killing them. All say the technology is unbelievably sophisticated and effective. To them, it is like a slow death.


Microwaves, perhaps modulated with low biological frequencies, are used from a distance to cause performance decrements and disorganization by interfering with neuro-electric function; or by causing central nervous system effects, subjective feelings of ill health, or health syndrome associated with periodic exposures at  intensities below 10,000 microwatts/cm^2; (2) that microwaves are used to create organ specific effects, e.g., tissues with less blood circulation, like the gall bladder, lens of the eye, etc., can compensate less to increased heating; heart malfunctions can be caused; lesions or necrosis of internal tissues can be induced without a subject necessarily feeling heat, and symptoms might manifest later, at certain frequencies, slight heating or "hot spots" can be created at the center of the head; there is an ongoing Navy contract to find parameters to disrupt human metabolic functions; or (3) that they are used in an interdisciplinary approach to remote conditioning by creating information processing effects, as Dr. Adey's work shows, or to induce "feeling" or "emotional" elements of cognition, such as excitatory reactions, subliminal stress, behavioral arousal, enhanced suggestibility by inhibition of higher function, or various other EEG or behavioral effects.

(4) In the Fall of 1984, things changed dramatically; many, if not most of the women began suffering illness; and, simultaneously, the massive police and military presence at the base virtually disappeared, and new and different antenna were installed at the base. In a report prepared by Rosalie Bertell, commissioner for international Commission of Health Professionals for Human Rights, a non-governmental organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, the unusual patterns of illness ranged from "severe headaches, drowsiness, menstrual bleeding at abnormal times, or post-menopausal, to bouts of temporary paralysis faulty speech coordination and in one case apparent circulatory failure requiring hospitalization."

Defense Agency, Intelligence and Security Directorate, use of low intensity microwaves was considered for application as a "psychological deterrent." the report stated, "...microwave radiation has frequently been cited as being responsible for non-thermal effects in integrated central nervous system activity. The behavioral consequences most frequently reported have been disability, listlessness, and increased irritability." The report fails to mention just as frequently cited low intensity microwave health effects as chromosome damage; congenital birth defects; autonomic nervous system disregulation, including disruption of bio-cycles; impaired immune function; brain damage and other neurological abnormalities, including leaks in the blood brain barrier and depletion of some neurotransmitters; among a host of other health impairments not to be taken lightly.

While most of the radio frequencies, a considerable number (between one and two per cent) live or work near emitters, such as radio and television transmitters, military and airport radar, and industrial tools utilizing these frequencies exposed to these levels have been proven to be very unhealthful or downright dangerous.

For Survivors of Mind Control Programs: We are not able to offer professional advice for those seeking help in recovering from mind control trauma. We can, however, recommend some excellent resources which provide information, assistance, and support. Besides reviewing the many documents recommended in this information center, we highly recommend the excellent, supportive website NAFF at <>. Other potentially useful websites for survivors are <>, <>, and <>. We also highly recommend opening fully to divine guidance, and asking only for guidance that serves what is best for all of us. For more on this, see <>. If you spend time with these recommended resources, though there may be setbacks at times, we know that you will move more towards ever greater healing, integration, and connection in your life.

In addition to this torture, I am also organized stalked and work mobbed, in which everything in my life has been tampered with.

The ultimate aim is to completely destroy the TI's life, career, finances, social life, and health.






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