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Organized Stalking/Subdural Harassment

By Jasmine Sheikh
July 15, 2011
The concept of “organized stalking/subdural harassment” only came to my attention some six months ago, while I was lead to read some rather dated information on internet archives. It has always been apparent that – unlike the blueprint - I am NOT the target of any government operation; rather a shoddy third world replica of operation ‘COINTELPRO’, implemented by a private body for very personal reasons due to the fact that technology is very easily implemented by private sources.

I was involved with an ex-politician/towering personality from India between 2009-2010 during which time his wife, who is an ex-politician representing a minor party in India, became aware of me. Primarily, being 36 years his junior, secondly when he used me as a pawn to annoy her in their feuds, I became the target of this egotistical and very traditional minded woman as she set her energies on eliminating all traces of us and me. My mobile phone was reset in April 2010, artifacts proving my association with her husband removed from my flat. The perpetrators were audacious enough to enter my home while I was asleep at other times making subtle changes to things in order to scare and intimidate such as removing old clothes. As it stands I had not noticed them until employees brought it to my attention through the technology they use. This being a ‘mock up’ version of COINTELPRO, there are some very haphazard, shoddy clues to suggest I am being stalked. My mail continues to be redirected or marked return to sender, causing me to have to check with utility companies what exactly they are debiting my account for! My memory is beginning to suffer – or rather being given the impression it is suffering from the technology they are testing – being JUST 32-years-old, it is surely a rarity to suffer with Alzheimer’s type symptoms.

As far as I am aware from their sporadic prompts, there is very little sympathy for the family entrapping me in this way and now making me the product of human testing for the crowd control technology they have emulated - possibly from the pre-war LIDA II blueprint, or similar. India, traditionally with honor killings and rigidity has its foundations set on harassment, corruption and little respect for human life. Wealth and reputation does not necessarily afford prominent people reasoning, thus they resort to murdering opposition as opposed to enduring a court case or enforcing injunctions legally in order to silence people. My perpetrators ultimate aim is probably to kill me by staging an accident, to my mind very primitive, outlandish and an ambitious thing to do! Unfortunately India and surrounding nations have a vast base of skilled labor available to the wealthy at low cost prices, to abuse in any way possible. Thus, there is a danger as information such as we relay is readily available that any wealthy crackpot with a vendetta can master technology that is detrimental both to the environment and others.
At this stage - like most others who know who their perpetrators are - a testimony is difficult to provide since I want my claims to be taken seriously and hope, some day soon, to gain judicial justice against them. As I endeavor to spread my story in the most legal manner, I would urge other targets whose fight is against smaller organizations, to focus on accruing evidence the law, employers and authorities will accept and upon which they will act. Thousands will not agree but, fighting government forces who have been put in a position to enforce authority is mildly more acceptable than smaller organizations who nominate themselves to be perveryors of law!!!



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