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Accomplished CPA Targeted by Both US and Iranian Governments

By Michael K. Yazdian, CPA
June 19, 2011

My name is, Michael Kamran Yazdian, CPA, & I am a Targeted Individual (TI). I am an Iranian American with dual Citizenship, but without a country! I am being targeted by the Military Industrial Complex. I am being electronically targeted, tortured, and injured via remote Electromagnetic Weapons and Gang Stalked by Covert Spy Agencies, Organized Crime Syndicates, & Cults. On August 11, 2007, I sponsored this petition: “Ban Electronic Warfare On Civilians“ now with more than 1,075 Petitioners who are also TIs. Go to to sign it. This Petition entered the 2011 Human Rights Awards with only ten days remaining, and finished as a Top Rated Nominee I am also a member of a human rights organization called Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance, , with more than 1,100 members. In the last month, I have created open Facebook groups called: TIs Support Group, TIs Legal Taskforce, Implanted TIs Group, US TIs, & Iran TIs.

Editor's note: Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS) is an organization that has been co-opted to defeat TIs' goals. If you are a TI, please print out a copy of the very last page in this edition, and send it to the Speaker of the House whose address is also in this edition at U.S. Congress Addresses and Fax Numbers. Then, boycott every state in which you don't live for tourism and products. This does not include seeing family, just tourism and products.

Clearly, the US military and its intelligence agencies, and various other countries are responsible for these covert crimes against humanity! Thus far, in my case all roads lead to the CIA & NSA. By 1975 I was already implanted by a biochip in my neck as a child in Iran during an ENT (ear, nose, and throat doctor) visit by a CIA & Savak agent. Again in 1989, during an outpatient “nasal polyp” surgery in Los Angeles, by Bijan Tagavi, MD who is Iranian-born & French trained. Then again two more times on, July 2, 1999, during an outpatient left ankle surgery where in addition to placing another biochip in my left ankle joint, they also implanted my right ear with an electronic device, in Irvine, California, at “Doctors’ Foot & Ankle Centers.” This time by a trio: Stephen D. Smith, DPM; Garey Lee Weber, DPM; & Karin Northfield, MD.

BAN ELECTRONIC WARFARE ON CIVILIANS (On Facebook Pages): 1,050+ Petitioners!
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