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Whistle blower Targeted with Chemical Weapons

Author wishes to remain anonymous

I am under heavy chemical attack day and night.  If there are any other TIs likewise attacked please let me know what they are doing to stop or counteract these chemicals.  Thanks for your help.

I was targeted for  extrajudicial torture and COINTELPRO operation as a result of being a whistleblower exposing the theft of funds from  state of California accounts into the account of a major drug company.  A former FBI agent said that it was money laundering, but I do not know for sure if money was being stolen for that  reason.  An audit was authorized by the governor of California that determined a criminal investigation of the stolen money had to be undertaken.  The President of my company was fired and 500 million dollars in misappropriated funds and other  audit irregularities were uncovered, and the Highway Patrol and the state attorney general were asked to investigate.

A number of retaliatory actions were taken against me for whistleblowing including denial of transfers and over 40 promotional attempts, discrimination, false accusations and attempts to discharge me and discredit me. The employer failed to discharge or discredit me.  My former employer then began to mob, harass, gang stalk, and electronically torture me on the job to the point that I became disabled as a result of headaches, pain, and the other pressures.  It was determined that the headaches were caused by a brain tumor from the non stop electronic assaults to my head and ears for over a year.  I  had to retire when disability benefits ran out.

The COINTELPRO operation continues today, along with the gang stalking, electronic torture, and chemical assaults.  In 2008 my car was totaled by a staged accident  which I believe involved the state police and the filing of a false police report.  My mail is nearly always delivered torn, busted open, and damaged in some manner or intercepted and stolen or delayed in delivery for no justifiable reason.  I am being monitored by the local and state police every time  I leave my house and within my house.  I need to wear gas masks in my home and use air filtering equipment day and night, due to chemical assaults that cause nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, lung burning and other reactions.  Attempts to have an FBI investigation has resulted in a lack of action, and I have made requests for Congressional investigation but my Congressional Representative will not speak to me on the phone or follow up on my past requests for assistance after making referral to the FBI.

My telephone calls are blocked and intercepted, computer phone services denied, cell phone services illegally interrupted, and voice mails deleted or rendered incomprehensible, social relationships destroyed by slander by government operatives.

I was not politically active before becoming a COINTELPRO target, outside of voting in elections. I belonged to no political organizations.



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