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Animal Lover is Targeted

Author wishes to remain anonymous
July 26, 2011

I became a TI 12 years ago. I was targeted because of a neighbor. I would take my dogs for a walk. This neighbor came out one day and asked me if I had seen anyone around his place. He said that someone had broke in and stole some tools out of his garage. I hadn't seen anything, but told him that if I did I would let him know.

A couple of weeks later he came out when I walked past and asked me if I had seen anything because someone had broke into his truck and stole some stuff. He also told me that he and his wife could not open up their curtains because some guy down the street was using binoculars to look in their windows.

What he said sounded believable to me. I began to notice things. Like the street should not have been a high traffic street, but was on various days. There was tons of traffic. I was walking one night with my dog when there was at least two men hiding in the dark behind a boat that my neighbor had parked in his yard. This happened frequently that there were people hiding in the dark around their house.

One day as I was walking past their house I overheard a conversation between a neighbor who was a very good friend of theirs and another guy in a white pick up truck. This neighbor sounded like he was reporting to this guy. He was telling what he knew was going on with these neighbors. Things like what they were planning, saying, and doing.

The guy in the white pick up said to him, "This is what I want you to do next...." I never heard what that was as there was silence because he was admonishing his partner to be quiet, so I began to suspect foul play, so I told my neighbor.

That is when I became a TI.  It began with my being followed everywhere I went. Someone prowled around my home at night...tapping on windows or pounding on the doors and vandalizing my car. Mostly draining the oil out and deflating the tires just enough that if I drove on them it would ruin them. (At no time during this period did I have any home invasions..that began when I started to rent.)

I called the police but the cops who were on shift when it would all happen were no help at all. They would not address the reason they were called out. When I would tell them that someone was tapping on my windows or banging on my doors all hours of the night they would not respond to it which was the reason that I called them out. I did not tell them about anything that did not make sense...nothing unbelievable. It was like they knew what was going on and were not going to do anything about it. I even at one point pointed out something to them that was suspicious but they did not respond...not a word. I was ignored then too, but after that what was suspicious became quite normal for that neighborhood.

A few years later I left my house hoping to get away from those who were targeting me. I left my house leaving it to go into foreclosure.

When we were moving into the place we had rented we came back one day and found the portrait of my dogs on the floor in front of the door, a clear message that they knew we were moving.

Things got worse until I enlisted the help of a neighbor who had connections with law enforcement; then it got better. When he died a few years later, it got worse.

The weapons began and home invasions increased. Things like forks, spoons, knives, wash cloths, computer programs would come up missing, sheets would be cut, towels disappeared. Important papers and documents like W2's and my birth certificate disappeared.

The weapons were the worst. My little dogs were tortured. They would go running, yelping through the house trying to find a safe place under the bed, table, chairs anywhere they could get. It never worked. I would have to let them outside to stop their torture as I could not keep them in an enclosed space to be tortured. It hurt me so much not being able to protect them.

Eventually I was targeted with the weapons all the time I was at home. They never let up. I was sleep deprived. I slept on the job and got threatened with dismissal for sleeping. I would drop off to sleep without knowing it. I also overslept for work several times. I ended up quitting my job because I was close to being fired. My joints ached so badly that I could barely stand and walk which also affected my job performance.

The weapons would cause my joints to ache and weaken. It was at this time that I would get mail from places that sold wheel chairs.

I also found that someone was listening in on my phone. They would press buttons or make vocal sounds to let me know they were there, or if I talked about something they would find a way to let me know they were getting a lawyer for something and it would not be long before I got an advertisement from an attorney in the mail. It was not uncommon for me to get porno in the mail from women. I am a heterosexual woman and so have no interest in women in that manner. (So glad that I saved this because something suddenly happened and it was deleted off the screen.)

My little dog is very sick and dying. He was hit so hard several months ago with the weapons that he is sick. In fact we have three dogs and all three are sick with the same symptoms. Isn't that strange? I took one to the vet and he said that he did not know what is wrong without $700.00 worth of tests, but that it is very bad. I personally think that it is the result of the weapon attacks but cannot prove it.

Editor's note: I think that the dogs are sick as the result of the weapons too. Moreover, the author indicated that when she was typing her story, any unsaved portions were deleted by the government, such that she could not type anymore at that time. Ultimately, she was able to finish her story fortunately.



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