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Connecticut Native is Targeted

Author wishes to maintain anonymity

I am a woman of fifty, born in 1961, Norwalk, Connecticut USA. I was born during the days of the Martin Luther King uprisings and lived in the middle of world chaos. The days were filled with prejudice for most races, the world seemed years behind in modern needs, at least to my view. The disparity of what was available and what could be had. Modern appliances were everywhere yet few could buy them. I was fortunate to have been born with a love for languages, and reading. I went to school at 4 and one half. In first prekindergarten I was passed onto kindergarten and then first grade in one year. I can still remember the dunce cap. It was used to place unruly children in the corner. I can also remember the long ruler being used to slap the desk, students were not beat by their teachers, I believe due to our adopted school policy.

I always found unusual events happened to me. I can remember some radio like talk in my room, when I was in bed. My grades were A plus in all areas of learning. Then suddenly I could remember how to execute a box on paper, or draw, or spell. My strongest subject, math, settled in forgetful episodes of summation while able to understand other areas of math. It seemed odd to hear about what would happen in a dream state and the next day each event sequenced as in my dreams complete with where events would take place. Yet not always was predictions the case. When I thought, who was speaking it was not my thoughts. Yet sound was clear as thought. When I asked who it might be the answer was “your president,” or NASA. In the last years the answer is DARPA, ARPA, NASA, CIA, Homeland Security, the NAVY, the army, and any base there is. As a child I could not understand NASA until I understood space flight on television at around five. Then I understood when I was told the conversations were from space who it was speaking. Watching a space flight one day my father told me trips to the moon were lies, I answered him this was not so, the reason was the men from space told me they are there and talk to children.

I had a high IQ, my teachers asked me to go to MENSA after I asked about the classes in 4th grade. Suddenly after this, events took place, my memory failed, I could not remember much, not even where I lived, or my school bus number. I had dreams and goals, I wanted to go to a space school for children. In fact, I cried when I saw at six it was too expensive to go to space school run by NASA, I felt the impulse to understand as many subjects as there were, and failed them all while I understood, yet forgot what I learned. I asked my dad to enroll me in a special school to learn about space so I could see what was up there that did this strange feeling. I wanted to know why a man from NASA would speak to me. The only grasp I had of what a space agency was, was from watching missile launches. Feeling that these were sound to my room came from a rocket in space.

Time passed and kinetic events followed my childhood, lost homework, it disappeared. Lost everything in my possession, forgotten, dropped, unable to remember to take something with me, and altogether disappeared, as in vanished. Even today things will vanish from a completely closed bag after checking the bag a few times, or re-appear out of nowhere. Besides kinetic accidents, my family was affected, child molesters seemed to haunt our family. I found this to be something I feared, then my children grew up, and rapists found them. Over a dozen rapes between two female children, no matter where they hid as young adults, or what I taught them the odds of math were in conflict, the perps always got away. Then an automobile accidents took on this form of events. I had a straight drivers record when I drove, yet other drivers veered in my path over five times, and once my car steered itself onto a patch of ice (the only one for miles). I lost time and slept in one wink. All this after a full night’s sleep, at 9 am in the morning I hit a ten foot wide maple tree, and almost died with my son at 13 in major trauma. Then this began to repeat, vehicles taking on life and shutting off, and finally after a near miss I understood this was more than abnormal; it was meant to kill. I quit driving. My bicycle a few months ago went into a wall of nothing and bent its handle. I fell over, and there was not one disturbance to cause this. I felt as if I had hit a pocket of air that pushed back. By this time I had Voice To Skull loud; it said I hit matter energy.

I began to research this and came up with patents to do all of these things and more. Any human, or thing, or live thing including matter or biology can be used as a weapon, with Q’cued energy, that behaves on cue, using quantum scalar, quasi, fission, fusion, electromagnetic, kinetic solar, pulsed kinetic, and any energy vehicle cause by electromagnetics, and or plasma waves of which there are many types. Regular everyday people with enough money to get scientific degrees, usually the descendents of past scientists made the military weapons better and better, and everyday new projects compile on old ones to equip the weapons schematic ladder. These were all weapons of destruction used by the Global World Security Space and Aeronautics’ Military. With injury to both animals, insects, and humans, the military made those patents better, sometimes beforehand.

Any persons who believe they can destroy these weapons systems have their algorithms read and endanger themselves. I saw the facts trail through history tell of events to prevent others from desiring to join in the weapons creation, many inventors soon fell into their own accidents soon after the patenting process. This intelligence agency “eats it’s [sic should be its]own young," this is one of many examples, there were many who after creating weapons died in kinetic or illness accidents. One example is the creator of the CRAY underground supercomputers tells a little known secret of who the major culprit in the game of intelligence still is. This is the Department of Energy and its biogen super government branches, Seymore Cray died also of an automobile accident in 1966, and it is well to note many in the field of intelligence die of accidents, which is a mainstay in the programs of PSYOPS to kill using kinetics.

Today I research for ten hours a day, and write about the facts. The fact is auto accidents are related to mental and mind control equipment pulsed to the neurotransmitter, and any vehicle, all appliances also can be dated by interface EM waves. In one of mine, in 1983 I was told Voice To Skull in silent mode how it would happen. Sure enough a woman taking prescribed medication crashed into our vehicle. I, a passenger 7 months pregnant, could not walk thereafter, and my son was born with learning disabilities. I later learned dyslexia is caused by a minute depression of an area of the brain before birth, this can only be laser weapons. At seven months old my daughter who could not sit upright unaided walked down a full case of stairs after crossing a twelve foot room, in five seconds, I could not reach her in time to stop her fall. I had no idea a child’s walker could move with a just made seven months. My second daughter at the age of nine months learned how to potty train in fifteen minutes, watching her sister. In fact all of my children went from very intelligent no hassle children to learning and visually impaired. This coming from 4 grandparents with 20/20 vision, and I as a child went from great vision to poor, to excellent all in a period of 3 years.

By the age of six, it was intriguing to understand about politics. I could read the entire New York Times. I had a good grasp of life also, because I lived outside of Hell’s Kitchen New York during the days when heroin was like the weeds I blew on, it was everywhere. I lived in Connecticut, just an hour away without traffic, in those days. In my neighborhood no one was safe from violence, I grew up in the projects. Today I have a vast knowledge of what words are and where the meanings came from. The interface has been around longer than I have, underground computer was there creating language and collecting algorithm and sending TWIX before the 1930s. The fact is the word project comes from intelligence to house people in government run housing and place them under situations to test equipment much the same way as projects MK-ULTRA, Artichoke, Bluebird, Monarch and others did. In fact mental health systems were placed in Europe by the Teutonic Knights Order in the early 1400s. This is relevant to the fact the knight’s orders studied every type of disorder a body can have, they collected all types of intelligence. The projects I grew up in are known to me as simply an extension of intelligence projects to conduct human experimentation. The word project gives a great clue as to what the government had in mind, and the word Hispanic was another simple code word created by the government to bring in Hispanics by the thousands to test them with underground equipment. Living near one of the largest test grounds with the project called the Manhattan project of our intelligence agency tells much of my story ahead of time. The fact of creating events around events planned by the government is operational procedure.
Many will believe the Manhattan project was confined to simply the atomic bomb project and forget the capacity of S-quad sound through television. Subliminal sound showing over and over again to all school children to duck and cover. In fact the nuclear agency of the USA is also the US Department of Energy which is a major contributor and head of mind control. The brain functions on nuclear energy, and the control of all nuclear would, of course, be included in one of the “underwood” offices by the 1960s including the OSS and central intelligence. All of these offices are connected. Oscillating pulsed sound and collecting algorithm is energy. Today we all know the office of the navy has the laws which manifest that any human in the USA can be used for experimentation by law.

I can remember the rages of anger my mother had, I never understood how she could remain in a state of frenzy and talk all day. At times this talking would hit me. As if my mind could think miles a minute and say intelligent things. I was no dummy, I taught myself Latin with medical books and encyclopedias my father would bring home. His first gift to me was his giant 1900s Noah Webster’s dictionary, a man who created a dictionary for the US government. He went to Washington DC to do so. These are all relevant facts when I traced history, the White House would have been the perfect place to write and collect algorithm. In a book I am finishing, I relate the history of algorithm collecting devices and the ability to create quantum physics mind control devices by the early 1800s in Austria and Germany. I can remember remote sexual stimulation as if it were a natural fact of life in a three year old. I could remember being three and had visual pictures of myself that were as clear as television. Without much thought I could remember drinking from a baby bottle, having diapers changed and eating food, even the taste. I could ask my brothers where we lived before I was born, and hear what it was like exactly as when I would imagine the places. Brought home from the hospital, rides in vehicles and not being born yet. All this was sent to my mind, and I believed it natural.

I learned multiplication between five and six. My favorite toy at three an abacus, and popcorn popper push toys. I began to experience events like eating salt, or sugar as if these were food. Events that transpired would play out in my mind over and over. I would awake in the middle of the night after hearing in my sleep there were mice in the living room. Mice with head snapped in traps and find these exact events. Knowing events before they happened seemed normal. My health would fail, earaches with infection, in fact any mucous membrane infection, including urinary tract. Anal intrusion like a knife of matter energy.

My health began to fail at seven. I had attacks on my breathing for 30 years, and very bloody nose issues. So bad in fact, my nose had to be plugged deep inside to no avail. I remember my arms growing fat, and when I asked how arms could get fat and not the rest of me with my super thin wrists, and my hate for food, how could this be? The answer I heard was it was in the air. I remember getting so many upper respiratory infections my mother placed my bed in the bedroom by the window so I could breathe. Our apartment still had gaslights, so that tells you how antiquated existence for me was. I know today the reason why these antiquated lamps were there is the way intelligence operated using signs. Gaslight was an old 1944 film the CIA used to train with. The pulsed sound in homes could create scenes of violence and horror using humans as Manchurian candidates. Manchurian is the oldest expression word telling of mind control. At this very time I am told the very next stage of my life would involve my son’s death, he has spoken many times of a belief in his head that he would die in his thirties. Our family many times have coincidental understanding of events that have not yet happened. Lately I have taken to mentioning these things, ever since I have had episodes of loud Voice To Skull (V2K). I knew I had subliminal all my life, but the V2K has taken on speaking in many languages and speaking out loud like a radio when turned on high volume.

Throughout life, I have had five near death car accidents. Two near death episodes, a near death experience. I had a car accident in October of 1988 that is a miraculous survival. In testing humans' ability to survive, the organs were tested with choreographed kinetic accidents. One in which I was involved was a head on collision with a vehicle at around one hundred miles per hour. Head on, this vehicle struck me while I drove 30 miles per hour. I had multiple trauma, lost over half the blood in my body, had liver lacerations, lung lacerated and one third removed, my heart contusions to the point of heart attacks. My brain so damaged I was in a deep coma, if I had been two points deeper I would be a permanent comatose patient. I had my femur fractured, with multiple fractures, ankle fractured, wrist fractured so badly all the bones were involved. I lost the ability to speak, read, write, and my vision loss was so great I was blind. I lost the ability to straighten my right hand, and I later suffered so many infections, and disease it took thirty years to be able to breathe without assistance from the hospital I have been diagnosed with both emphysema and LUPUS to my entire system. I have had so many odd events, loss of hearing, loss of vision, and the incredible impulse to eat, then be able to wear size seven clothing to gain all my weight with fits of eating. My body will go through scratches that appear from nowhere, burns, welts, infections, itching, loss of coordination, loss of ability to move hands, feet, eyes or anything in a coordinated fashion I even now struggle to write, then out of nowhere I can write, or do anything well.

I have times when my body is heated and cooled at the same time. This is fusion and fusion, weaponry assault. The ballistics sent from the Quantum weapons are many types, the other facts on the ballistics (such as size) are not known by me. I suffer memory loss, loss of will, loss of any biological function all of which are explained by physicians to the point I fear any hospital in case they commit me for insanity. The very well known way to defeat the human is to use some type of incarceration event. This is what is being done to all of us, at least in my family. It is 2011, most of the media knows about these covert weapons of Global world Security, they have the department Space and Aeronautics. The next thing I will explain is why this is being done.

In the game called Deus Ex Macchina Black Operations PSYOPS are war games are played out all day on the stage of this world where we are players with Q’cued strings of cosmological metaphysical matter energy live streamed by equipment. The choreography of life delivers metaphysical metempsychosis nihilism to the air live streamed from a variety of equipment found in space, underground, in buildings, on roofs, in the sea, above the sea, and ground; it includes satellites in any stage of launch. If you believe your pulsed stages of fugue states it will tell you it is impossible and that the writer is insane. If you trail through the many pages, reports of attacks, volumes of evidence and listen to this, the Human Rights division of the United Nations knows everything about these weapons. In fact congressmen, the President, the seat of Senate and every parliament and rogue leader worth their salt knows all of the details. Newspapers and reporters know all of the events. In the early stages of this country the US presidents knew; in fact all of the Free Masons knew. The reason why my family and I are chosen is that the intelligence agency can choreograph events, and have the events play out as if they were to blame. I could be given over to an intelligence agent of US Intelligence to write this story be killed, and it would seem as if it was because I wrote the story when it is all choreographed. Who understands the facts and believes the reporters, who gets through the pulsed stages of fugue to open their understanding, who even reads my writing or reports? It is all through chance of being there sometimes, but to understand well the covert controls, it is a choice of the Intelligence interfaces of INT SIGINT signals and TECINT weapons which are intelligent weapons with their own set of intelligent plasma interfaces.

I studied the pages where DARPA, Defense Advanced Research Projects (ask yourself what research?) shows their own INT interface. It is massive, larger than a whole city block building. It is two – three stories high. The bright blues emitted from the plasma lights race around so quickly the photo shows it is something awesome. It looks like the lobes of the brains positioned if you use a little imagination staring at the compartments; its features are identical in compartments. In fact if you look at the satellites and imagine interfaces inside, on the outside is plasma, matter energy. This matter behaves as a weapon, they are ballistic in nature. The whole reason why we were chosen is due to the military desiring to recreate humans. So, to do this they collected algorithms.

Today, I sit here wondering if the scabs on my head will cease to burn with new ones, or if I will stop eating. I would go to a hospital and tell of another wondrous assault, but it would seem as if I could do something about this and stop eating, or it is normal. A short while ago a pulsed stab in my abdomen, keeled me into unconscious activity and brain seizures. The doctor explained it was due to constipation. Something, I had yet I had just finished emptying bowels through medication. The stab was never diagnosed. I have not been found to have anything abnormal, all of my tests for organs indicate failure and recovery. When I complained two years ago about unending hunger, it was ignored, my doctor took on a glazed look. Since I have gained eighty pounds.
I cannot keep my body down when it is moved. My brain says “Yes,” and my body says “No.” I have been contacted via airwaves by Voice To Skull bases, from Arlington Virginia, the North Pole, nearby NASA, the CIA, the Pentagon and space bases never mind a few other bases who all helped me do my research. I have had military pages open up give me authority to pass and use the pages. I have had every type of scientific word needed to complete the study and give accurate information handed to me by the INT SIGINT bases. They will awaken me and when I first started out writing, I was impulsed to write what I was given as fact. When I read of all the dead people who dove in and helped themselves to write and died of mysterious events, most of which I could explain, I realized I was in dangerous territory I could do without. After a lifetime of watching the Martin Luther King pulsed frenzy and the very many events of violence on myself and my children I decided not to write. I am impulse not to stop. I am hit by weapons when I do not write and the same if I do.

The interference of my fingers on the keyboard, interference and destruction of five laptops, the listening every second I will be killed for telling all this. The waking with blood spots all over my clothing, scabs on my scalp. Hair and teeth falling out. It is too much to do, and yet I still write. The INT bases have said all this is to ensure the survival of all species. Yet five years ago I found dust was not counted as Global Warming, well, NASA said Voice To Skull told me they would take care of it. Today I found the earth is naturally pulled in from the kinetic energy created from, volcanic activity, deglaciation of the earth’s poles, the surface glare from the sea, artificial pulsed energy of scatter matter pollution, the use of scalar everyday creates enough events to miscalculate your own systems, deforestation, and all of these if miscalculated bring about the need to once more move the earth kinetically off its poles, axis, and vortice. The winds created from all the turns of events and the Q’cued events to operate on the scars left behind on the natural coordinates of matter energy. The winds like a vacuum further the earth’s decay, can the earth experience these winds, over and again in short periods of time without aging? The earth and Sun do a dance, and advance towards each other faster than calculations can record when placed in choreographed human events, thus the events of the Sun moving the Earth closer, and the Earth also moving closer. Who will enjoy the inventions? Are the other space bases prepared to give life once more to the Earth when it begins to scream its last woes? Humans must be of great importance, because we are still here in spite of such close calls of extinction.

It is interesting to note during WW II Antarctica became a place where the British, German, and USA intelligence agencies placed bases, for over fifty years deglaciation has taken place. The military believes they have all of their bases covered, after the fact they can move the Earth. It was moving ever closer to the Sun, so the coordinates were pulsed to move. The planets hang in zero gravity. How many magnets can you move in zero gravity, and how much will earth mass weigh? Nothing is impossible when electromagnetic current is controlled. Any matter in space follows and obeys rules. None go out to commit acts of self destruction unless they are faulty. If humans are so faulty they will push their own Earth to extinction. Then there should be great controls regarding the psycho social order of those pushing the action. All matter has intelligence, simply by act of behaving in an ordered fashion it is intelligence. The fact seems the universe is in for a rude awakening when a matter particle called human, has created its own self in a replication as a weapons, and without regard for the inability of the substance that claims its life as safe, it should be held up to a light and examined like a rotted egg is checked out.

My answer to all this is, if the biogen and human INT GWS cannot get their understanding of where they stand in regard to the future quickly, the time wasted collecting all this information, the centuries of suffering and all the intelligent choices will amass to equating to an interface you desire the worst for yourselves. My family has very few children, one is the number of grandchildren I have. My brother has one also, who have an extended family, I only have one. That is who is suffering your new round of testing and capital CONTROL, all seven billion of us and perhaps twelve if we count the entire underground population.

Today is May 9, 20ll. I cannot tell what event will transpire next. My father died of alcoholism, unable to stop the pulsed desires so many have. Some for other lusts. Disease runs through my entire history with bouts of total health. It could be cancer, an accident, auto human combustion, well the list for events are so many— it could be anything. The list for culprits is the Council on Foreign Relations, all know the satellite networks, and the Black PSYOP projects, the many conglomerates who are inside the Trilateral Commission, biogens who lead the government as shadow intelligence, conglomerates who lobby at the highest peak, National Security Council, The United Nations and our allies who all know the events, NCS, National Program Office of nomenclature (secure underground), the FEDS, INTEL SATS, SIGINT, NSA, CIA, NASA, BLACK OPS (They do have separate underground departments), Central Security, Departments of Energy, the covert Black Underground bases military, ILIMNT INSCOM, DISCO, DIS, NIS, Department of Naval Intelligence, Air and Aeronautics Command, Los Alamos and the entire War Department, and Menwithhill who ties all together with every country and their forces' Intelligence. So, if anyone cares to know what can be done... I say BEWARE!

The Coming Battle

The Black take note: nanotechnology and quantum physics devices you are using are not taking many factors from the past into account. You missed them, you missed the matter particle defense units of intelligence all their own, shadow engines that age planets with you and your quantum forces pushing and speeding up aging of our solar system. The earth’s viable time does not compete or compute against the Sun’s kinetic forces, and aging that is part of the vacuum of space. Not in space, OF space. Without proper equipment, you guess what you are doing. Black Wars rage on, I dare not say which wars these are. If you value the projects get the entire race on the face of this planet moving towards creating weapons to get you where you will be in the future. By using the outside in method approach of researching the most outer edges of the smallest space matter particle of energy, the vellum called space, the vellum called the Universe, and work your way in. Head every scientist I can only remark on Einstein and Colonel Bearden who have expounded on the word oblivion enough times to say you do not have the answer. I say you do not have equipment large enough, modern enough, or even with enough intelligence to finish this round.

The past cannot, and must not be repeated, recycling events using live bodies and painful events on us all. Animals all in near extinction awaiting biogen repopulation. By continuing to create wealth using a scientific society geared towards hiding facts for fear, and creating wealth on inventions that are innovative and cannot even get to where you want, except the old stockpile. Is this a method of creating crop circles of torture and pure fear, to harvest what? THINK

Time has been lost on excluding women, excluding thoughts, controlling every emotion without allowing the feelings of victory to shadow you. The shadow effects of time will reveal these haunts and return a likewise. The fun in life is to explore, learn, and die no matter if you are in space, or on this tiny planet, which is all you have. You can reconstruct the beings inside the planet, but have lost intelligence that was once there waiting to be culled like treasure you once had understood its values long ago. The art of life is not in the looking backward, it is in going far forward and reaching glimpses before they glimpse at you.

Yours sincerely, Liberty Bg Ordeal



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