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Whistle Blower is Targeted with Directed Energy Attacks and Mind Control

By Amy Anderson
May 26, 2011

To Dr: Alim I, Amy Lee Anderson, is suffering from directed energy attacks with these symptoms. I fight off mind control technology being used upon me. I am a targeted individual because of being a whistle blower on my former job. I was employed with Inter-Con Security Systems. They removed me because I had discovered ally spy Jonah Matranga. The CIA had assigned me to him as, his human subject with using mind control technology upon me. Inter-Con Security Systems is a part of this government conspiracy, when I started describing hacking activities were committed upon my place of employment at Department of Health Services; they removed me and refused to investigate.

I am fighting for the judge to assist me with this legal issue pertaining to all who are involved with this government mind control technology being used upon me. I have information tracing this ally spy in using mind control devices; plus I first discovered his pictured identity over him hacking my cell phone. Once anyone discovers their cell phone is hacked, it is normal for them to investigate why would this person do this to my cell phone and what is their purpose in not wanting to remove themselves out of your life; after being exposed and constantly being told by law enforcement, FBI, Department of Justice, Internal Affairs, Department of Energy, District Attorney, Department of Defense, ACLU, and the local police, (NOI-student Ishmael and yourself Dr. Alim) I could not get rid of this demonic man because he is a part of this government conspiracy in using mind control technology upon me.

The reason he will not go away is because the law is protecting him with this illegal human experimentation. I am on the government BLACK LIST. They have made me a targeted individual in their mind control program as a whistle blower. I refuse to stop fighting for my life. I suffer from this technology being used upon me everyday. My face is always burning when I write about this demonic man or try and seek help in removing him out of my life. He also sends electric shock waves to me that sting my skin; my skin is always having a burning sensation. I and other victims are suffering right under other American citizen's noses while these demons in the government torture us and kill us. This demon and other demons within the government are trying to slowly and secretive kill us targeted individuals.

We want a March on the White House about mind control technology being used upon us. These weapons are designed to be undetectable devices yet, we are being victims of them. I don't like the fact that the DNA of my body is placed into a remote control device as a cloned blueprint of my mind to be able to reach my brain wave functions by a cell phone tower or satellite connection device technology. (Look up microwave hearing OR Government PATENT MIND CONTROL technology). "I did not know that; I was a victim until............ I wouldn't stop looking to see what was going on. With these psychotronic weapons....Now I know!" Help! Allah's doctor servant."  


  1. Microwave hearing
  2. Transmission of specific commands into the subconscious
  3. Visual disturbances, visual hallucinations
  4. Inject words, numbers into brain via electromagnetic radiation waves
  5. Manipulation of emotions
  6. Reading thoughts remotely
  7. Causing pain to any nerve of the body
  8. Remote manipulation of human behavior from space
  9. Harassment, stress symptoms such as helicopters flying overhead
  10. Seeing, as in a camera, through your eyes, i.e. to see what you see exactly
  11. Control of sleep patterns
  12. Computer-brain interface, control and communication
  13. Complex control of the brain such as retrieving memories, implanting personalities

How Symptoms Manifest
1.  Microwave hearing. The hearing of voices in the head from an outside source, but nobody else can hear the voices except the targeted individual.

Frequency vs depth
The depth of penetration depends on the frequency of the microwaves and the tissue type. The Active Denial System ("pain ray") is a less-lethal directed energy weapon that employs a microwave beam at 95 GHz; a two-second burst of the 95 GHz focused beam heats the skin to a temperature of 130 °F (54 °C) at a depth of 1/64th of an inch (0.4 mm) and is claimed to cause skin pain without lasting damage. Conversely, lower frequencies penetrate deeper; at 5.8 GHz the depth most of the energy is dissipated in first millimeter of the skin; the 2.45 GHz frequency microwaves commonly used in microwave ovens can deliver energy deeper into the tissue; the generally accepted value is 17 mm for muscle tissue.[2]
As lower frequencies penetrate deeper into the tissue, and as there are only few nerve endings in deeper-located parts of the body, the effects of the radio frequency waves (and the damage caused) may not be immediately noticeable. The lower frequencies at high power densities present a significant risk. The human body acts as a broadband antenna, with a number of resonation frequencies dictated by its size and position.[3]
The microwave absorption is directed by the dielectric constant of the tissue. At 2.5 GHz, this ranges from about 5 for adipose tissue to about 56 for the cardiac muscle. As the speed of electromagnetic waves is proportional to the reciprocial value of the square root of the dielectric constant, the resulting wavelength in the tissue can drop to a fraction of the wavelength in air; e.g. at 10 GHz the wavelength can drop from 3 cm to about 3.4 mm.[4]
The layers of the body can be approximated as a thin layer of epidermis, dermis, adipose tissue (subcutaneous fat), and muscle tissue. At dozens of gigahertz, the radiation is absorbed in the top fraction to the top few millimeters of skin. Muscle tissue is a much more efficient absorber than fat, so at lower frequencies that can penetrate sufficiently deep, most energy gets deposited there. In a homogeneous medium, the energy/depth dependence is an exponential curve with the exponent depending on the frequency and tissue. For 2.5 GHz, the first millimeter of muscle tissue absorbs 11 per cent of the heat energy, the first two millimeters together absorb 20 per cent. For lower frequencies, the attenuation factors are much lower, the achievable heating depths are higher, and the temperature gradient within the tissue is lower.
The tissue damage depends primarily on the absorbed energy and the tissue sensitivity; it is a function of the microwave power density (which depends on the distance from the source and its power output), frequency, absorption rate in the given tissue, and the tissue sensitivity. Tissues with high water (resp. electrolyte) content show higher microwave absorption.
The degree of the tissue damage depends on both the achieved temperature and the length of exposure. For short times, higher temperatures can be tolerated.
The damage can be spread over a large area, when the source is a relatively distant energy radiator, or very small (though possibly fairly deep) when the body comes to direct contact with the source (e.g. a wire or a connector pin).[3]
The epidermis has high electrical resistance for lower frequencies; at higher frequencies, the energy penetrates through by capacitive coupling. Damage to epidermis has low extent unless the epidermis is very moist. The characteristic depth for lower-frequency microwave injury is about 1 cm. The heating rate of adipose tissue is much slower than of muscle tissue. Frequencies in millimeter wave range are absorbed in the topmost layer of skin, rich in thermal sensors. At lower frequencies, between 1-10 GHz, most of the energy is, however, absorbed in deeper layers; the threshold for cellular injury there lies at 42° Celsius while the pain threshold is at 45° Celsius, so a subjective perception may not be a reliable indicator of a harmful level of exposure at those frequencies.[6]



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