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American First Abused by Illegal Drugs is Now Targeted by the Government

Author wishes to maintain anonymity

May 27, 2011

I ordered  the American Free Press, and I am going to send Mr. Ted Gunderson pictures of me. I feel my stomach swelling, and as I type this I feel a flim over my eyes and also my insides ache. I feel like they are attacking my colon. My daughter has helped me to send pictures to Tulsa World and the editor

I have even sent pictures to the chief medical-examiner and the governor of Nevada, Mary Fallon. I feel that if I don't get my story out these people are going to get away with murder. I have had a number of yeast infections; also when my veteran friend had me hold a sheet of aluminum foil in front of my face and it reflected a reddish color and then a blueish color, it scared me, but I maintained. I have had terrible nightmares, stink smells, my lower back has hurt, but when I go to the doctor they check but find nothing.

I am in pretty good health, and thanks to peggassy my liver is in remission; my eyes have been real glassy, also I have had visual what looks like jagged lines, and when I have been almost asleep I have had my body jerked and I believe that they are using some kind of satellite for this to follow me from Oklahoma, Kansas to Nebraska to Arizona to Colorado.  When my daughter flew me to Phoenix Arizona on Southwest Airlines, I still heard the voices and reconized some of them. Also I believe they are targetting some of my family. I am going to get my story out. I'm not giving up, neither will I give in. The reason I sent pictures to the medical examiner was to ask him if they were doing an autopsy on someone, would they be able to tell if they had been the victim of direct-energy-weapons? I have had the middle of my chest hurt so badly. I ask God please don't let them kill me.

Dr Lahr, who I am seeing in Tulsa and a therapist has said they believe in me also, and Dr. Lahr said he was going to turn this over to his investigators. I have not received any response to my letters yet. They picked me because I was on drugs and they were trying to put a jacket on me and they didn't want anyone to believe that what I was saying was the truth. They turned false information in on me to get me under investigation. All I was was a user not a drug lordess. I didn't traffic drugs, and there are 7 people involved in this that are drug snitches and they all lived under one roof, and there are more involved. Also they did not think that I would fight back like I said patty-impossible is fighting back. I'm going to get my story out and they are going to be charged with conspiracy to commit murder with dew (Direct Energy Weapons) and attempted murder. There is more to my story. Editor's note: I received a fatal error when I tried to respond to this woman's Email. If any of you know how to locate her, please let me know so that I will be able to get the rest of her story. She stated that her name is Patty July.



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