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Nurse Forced Into Retirement Due to MK-ULTRA

By Linda Johnson
May 26, 2011
San Antonio, Texas

I have been targeted aggressively for over twenty years. My father was targeted, and died in 1999. I am unaware of the selection process that caused me to be targeted. I am a victim of non-consensual human testing. They use non lethal directed energy weapons to attack me and my mother who lives at my residence. This causes marks on the skin, that I have photographed, and they have since changed to pulsed energy. The marks are red, and resemble burns, or are linear, and appear spontaneously.

I believe I have an implanted tracking device, as I have an unmanned vehicle, or drone above my house for surveillance, that moves with my body, following me when I am in the yard. These devices, and equipment were developed and are owned by the federal government, so this operation uses vast intelligence, and expense not available from any other avenue.

This is a slow kill method of torture that has caused pain in the back of my head, headaches, toothaches, itching of the eyes, dryness of the eyes, and red eyes. There is pain in the spine and any place the energy is directed. The pain goes away rapidly when I move location in the house. They often focus activity at night. The use of energy weapons is accompanied by a program that involves thought surveillance, GPS, Remote Neural Monitoring. The torture is physical, mental, and psychological. The energy weapons include electromagnetic frequency (EMF) and Radiation. The mind control weaponry includes EDOM. (Electronic Dissolution of Memory) or selective memory. It is necessary to stop the proliferation of physically invasive electronics to harm, survey, capture through the use of electrical current or alter humans.

The non-lethal weapons cause long term damage to tissues, and organs, and have triggered autoimmune illnesses. I had been working as a nurse for over 20 years, but was forced into retirement. The methods used against me were an MK-ULTRA, or COINTELPRO type of operation, of character assassination based on lies, effectively destroying my reputation, tampering with foods, poisons, theft, vandalism, affecting communications of mail and phone, and much more. This is an international occurrence that is torture, that amounts to social control. This is a human rights issue, and must be stopped.



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