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Follow-Up to Previous Story

Below is a summary of my conversation of Delray Police Chief Anthony Strianese. 

By Margaret Mary Thomson
February 10, 2011

Good Afternoon everyone!

The conference call with Delray Beach (FL) Police Chief Anthony Strianese went well! 

The Chief was 40 minutes late because as he explained; he was on a three way conference call that was being recorded.  HA!

Too bad that statement was not on tape because the Chief absolutely refused my written request to record our conversation or to have a three way conference call to include another brilliant woman  in West Palm Beach who is also being assaulted.

Chief Strianese also refused my request to gather an “Independent panel” to properly review the case and repeatedly told me I had to speak with his investigators as he does not investigate.  I explained that the investigation was already completed by me and that no investigator could possibly present five years of evidence as well as the assaulted victim.  He asked that I mail documentation which I refuse to do as he is not trustworthy based on five years lack of response.

Previously, former Governor Charlie Crist’s office reviewed many Floridian Affidavits and supporting evidence, referred the believable testimony/evidence to Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement (FDLE) who then referred assaulted victims back to local police departments who are turning a blind eye to these kinds of assaults, confirming covering up with their lack of proper response.

The only advice Chief Strianese could give was for me to come into their Police Dept. to file a complaint which was done five years ago and each year thereafter.  I will not go to their Police Dept. and will not call again in the near future as it is pointless.

Chief Strianese was reminded of the “Virginia Snyder” case where Delray police chiefs (2) and undercover personnel harassed Mrs. Snyder for over 20 years in the 1980s.  Delray City taxpayers dished out $25,000.00 to settle Virginia’s harassment and assault by Delray Police.  Those tax dollars could have been better spent helping the needy or supporting schools. 

I believe two (2) police chiefs resigned in disgrace and Virginia Snyder went on to write a book “And Justice for All” about the many crimes committed by Delray Police Dept.  It is also reported that the show “MURDER SHE WROTE” was based on Mrs. Snyder’s life and dedication to helping those less fortunate in the Delray Community.

If you Google “Virginia Snyder” you can read more of her fascinating story.  It mimics my harassment exactly.  There appears to be a history, trend, and pattern of harassment and condoning of assault by Delray Police Chiefs four (4) in total.  

As explained, Chiefs Strianese’s  lack of total cooperation helps my case especially after five years of no response.  I have previously spoken with Captains, Lieutenants, police officers, and two Police Chiefs, and not one has followed up in any way.  They condone the assault with their lack of follow up.

The PATRIOT Act was repealed yesterday and that is great for many victims who have done nothing deserving of such assault while homeland security personnel watch us and heat (cook) our flesh/bodies with sickening wall/skull penetrating radar units to report on how I and others are fighting back.

I welcome any responses and I thank all who have supported my call.



Margaret Mary Thomson

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