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Mother & Daughter

By Beth Ruegg

My mother, Carol , became a TI after my parents divorced back in 1974. She was a very strong-willed woman, who spoke the truth to power in a place where that is not permitted. People living in Santa Cruz California engage in that at their own peril. I believe that may be a reason why she was a TI. I also think it may have something to do with the crowd my father got mixed up with as she spent a good share of their marriage attempting to pry him away from them, and they did not take too kindly to that. My mother and I both tried to solve my father's murder. She had to endure her fair share of financial ruin as well as the sabotage of her relationships with men, friends, and relatives. You could say the same for myself. She passed away in February 2007.

My father was murdered in January 1993 by his second wife, Teri Ruegg, the day before their divorce was supposed to have been finalized, because she wanted to inherit his entire estate, not just receive the divorce settlement. She spent several years on the run. I contacted America's Most Wanted in the fall of 2005, and they informed me that she had been apprehended. I was filled with joy. My father's killer enjoyed the full support of many attorneys and judges in Santa Cruz County where the crime took place. My father's attorney, Howard Marcus, who died of a brain tumor in 1997, was one of her biggest supporters. I attended the Santa Cruz Montessori School with his daughter Leny. We attended each other's birthday parties in those days when we were children.

Sara Clarenbach took over Mr. Marcus's law practice after he died. I hired a private investigator, who informed me that she had known my mother's brother, Tom Hawbecker, for years.  Ms. Clarenbach is the daughter of the late Kathryn Clarenbach, who was an original founder of the National Organization for Women. I find this ironic considering the fact that she brought hush money to my mother's brother, going out of her way to hurt a woman and her daughter, who were just trying to survive as well as to give back to our community.

I have reason to believe that Peter Chang was the mastermind behind this whole thing. He served as the District Attorney of Santa Cruz County back in the late 1960s/early1970s. Mr. Chang spent time behind bars for having my half brother kidnapped and taken to Hawaii. My father adopted 2 children with his second wife back in the 1980s. They ended up in foster care after my father was murdered. Their foster mother allegedly had an affair with Mr. Chang. Peter Chang died in 2004.

My father had a friend named Tom Kelly who ran a family-owned insurance company in Santa Cruz that he sold a few years ago. Mr. Kelly supported my father's second wife in killing him.

My father had another friend named Harvey Nicholsen, who served as President of Coast Commercial Bank, based out of Santa Cruz. He retired a while back. Mr. Nicholsen informed my mother and me back in the summer of 1993 that he felt badly about what happened, but that 'business came first.' He basically said that the financial transactions that involved either he, himself, others, and/or the bank took precedent over a friend being killed.

I do not fully comprehend all of the reasons behind my father's murder. I think it may have something to do with the business/legal relations he had with the unsavory crowd with whom he associated, and unfortunately, by the time he discovered all of this, it was too late.

My mother and I moved to Chicago over 15 years ago. We lived in a neighborhood with a lot of communist activity, which appeared to work out beautifully for the communists that have been running Santa Cruz for nearly 15 years with some of the people behind my father's murder secretly purchasing the building in which we lived.  We had to endure noise campaigns such as car alarms, sirens, and suspicious-looking vehicles parked outside that building. I had break-ins when I was out. I was harassed by the janitor in that building. He was extremely ugly to me when my mother was sick and dying. Recently I had to flee that building in the middle of the night in a taxi with my 2 cats.  I suffer from electronic harassment involving headaches, leg cramps, racing thoughts, and night sweats.

I feared for my life for many reasons. I found out from a friend who is well-connected that my building management was not on "the up and up." I also experienced some strange reactions from the janitor, and the people in the unit just below me as I was moving out of there. They kept giving me funny looks asking me what I was doing, when they all knew I was leaving. I also discovered that the place was being ransacked as I was taking things over to my new place with items such as clothing, sheets, and towels being scattered about. I also discovered that one of my cat  cages was broken. I had to use my friend's cat cage. I saw dirt and trash strewn all over the place too. I have reason to believe they were upset because the golden goose was drying up because the only reason the hidden owners bought the building was due to the fact that my mother and I lived there. I feared that the thuggish-looking guys running that place could get rough with me physically as well. I felt blessed to get out of there with the kitties intact.

In conclusion, there are some very sinister things that have been happening in the Monterey Penninsula for far too long involving corruption, mind-control, and mass murder that pose a serious threat to us. I know that many people living in that area are trapped in their own fiefdom. They tend to go along with whatever some Marxist attorney says, or some other form of a communist leader, including some leftist third world despot, and this applies to most of the people from my past. 

I want people to do their own research as well as their own thinking about the issues addressed in this article.

Editor's note: The most recent activity that Ms. Ruegg is experiencing is that scaffolding has been placed on one of her windows for no logical reason. It frightens her because it is reminiscent of what happened to Ms. Charles Seven's window in London which I exposed in my previous (the 35th) edition. I pray for her safety. I ask that you pray for it too if you would be so kind.



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