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Blind to the Actions of the Police Department

By Margaret Mary Thomson
February 7, 2011

TO:            Anthony Strianese, Chief of Police, Delray Beach, FL

FROM:       Margaret M. Thomson, Delray Resident Citizen

DATE:       February 7, 2011

RE:             Assault via Direct Energy Weapons

Dear Chief Strianese,

I look forward to our phone conversation scheduled for Wednesday, February 9, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. and appreciate the opportunity to speak with you regarding my concerns and any help you may be able to give.

For five plus years I have repeatedly called and pleaded with you and your predecessor, former Police Chief Larry Schroeder, for assistance in resolving a case of stalking, harassment, home and vehicle invasion, with destruction of property, phone taps, and what I now know to be daily assaults to my home and person via “Direct Energy Weapons” (D.E.W.’s) in the hands of and being used by military/cop/security personnel nationwide.

These D.E.W.’s are available today, easy to make with store-bought items and are presently being taught and incorporated for use by most homeland security forces including the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Police, Security Personnel, etc. as protection for our homeland.

After five years of hard research and witness testimonies in the millions,  I now believe I can prove these D.E.W.’s weapons, available today, can easily be “MISUSED” and that “NO HUMAN,  ANIMAL OR PLANT IS IMMUNE FROM SUCH ASSAULT.”

This is expressed in a “CASE STUDY” done by “U.S. ARMY SCIENTIST” and others who studied and reported on the “ILL” health effect to “HUMANS” from such “MISUSE.”

The case study can be found at the following link for your respectful review:

Possibly, Ms. Patty Taylor, your great assistant, could print a copy for you to read how “DEVASTATING” the assault can be from “MISUSE” of advanced weaponry.

Before I ever knew of this technology, I diaried sudden illnesses that began the day after Officer Scott Gregory’s poor service in failing to “PROPERLY” help a brutally beaten woman. Officer Scott Gregory’s disgraceful service caused me disgust enough to order him out of my home.  The very day after I admonished your Officer Scott Gregory, my five year “NIGHTMARE” of devastating assault and illness began.

In daily diaries, before I knew of these advanced D.E.W.’s, I described every symptom of misuse assault exactly as is outlined by the U.S. Army Scientist whose report was declassified in December 2006 and not found by me until 2008. 

For three years I suffered alone while two police chiefs failed to follow up. The assaults continue with your “LACK” of “RESPONSE” to “REMENDY THE ASSAULT."

All the “ILL” symptoms that I and many millions of other Americans are experiencing daily, are described word for word and mimic exactly what the Army scientist concluded would occur when “LASER AND OTHER LIGHT PHONOMENA,” “RADIO FREQUENCY DIRECT ENERGY” AND “AURAL BIOEFFECTS” are “MISUSED” as “ASSAULT

The army scientist described “MISUSE” of these kinds of weapons will cause an “AGONIZING DEATH.”

In my daily diaries, I described the strobe light, sound pressure and D.E.W. assault as a “SLOW AGONIZING DEATH” while Chief Schroeder went on vacation, met with TV reporters to discuss the fine job he was doing and condoned the assault with his “LACK” of “CALLING OFF” such assault.  No “FAIL/SAFES” are in place to prevent “MISUSE.”

In fact, on days I called Chief Schroeder the assaults increased, as did my symptoms and my diaries of how it weakened my heart, rattled my ears, jerked my muscles, blinded my eyes, vibrated my body and cooked my skin and brain with laser and radar microwaves repeatedly pulsed into my home as verified on video.

Chief Schroeder chose to keep the assaults going and then “RECKLESSLY” left the burden on your honorable desk to now deal with the “WORST” case of “PROVEN TORTURE” and “ASSAULT” via a Police Department in the U.S.

In Chicago a “POLICE COMMANDER” was just sentenced for “TORTURE” and all over the country police chiefs are being arrested repeatedly for disgracing their badge. If you Google Police Chiefs/police officers arrest you can view their savage service to the community.

I am hoping that you and I can resolve this “HORRIFIC ASSAULT” before I get further assaulted or before your department is disgraced.  No one wins with either option. 

I am not looking to get anyone in trouble; I only ask your assistance in getting control of the men using these weapons being “BLANTANTLY MISUSED.”  It appears that “HOMELAND SECURITY PERSONNEL” maybe responsible as is confirmed in millions of American testimonies/affidavits nationwide. 

I ask that you call with concern and support, and I in turn will provide the
respect of a lady (20 year citizen) that I know is deserving of your department’s help. There is an easy “SOLUTION” which I will speak of on Wednesday.  I pray that you, too, will have a solution.


Margaret Mary Thomson
219 N.E. 8th Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33483
561 558 3038

Discussion will be how to proceed as many Florida T.I.’s are being “HEAVILY ASSAULTED” as a direct response to our contacting Florida Governor Rick Scott’s (Ex Navy Radar Specialist) office and Delray (FL) Police Chief Anthony Strianese who have been respectfully petitioned to provide emergency assistance in stopping our daily egregious assaults and suffering.

Many Florida T.I.’s are being heavily assaulted day/night and may have to go to the hospital if the assault continues.  If anyone has suggestions, please feel free to provide comments or join the conference call.

The heavy assaults again confirm homeland security may be “MISUSING” powerful technology to silence our voices.

These powerful assaulting weapons are particular to homeland security (military, police, security guards, etc.) and top Officers of our Defense Dept. are responsible to maintain control over cadets (and others) stalking, raping, killing and misusing assaulting wave (micro, radio, etc) technology to silence strong educated voices.  We only plead for help to live free of assaults in Florida and nationally too.

Janet Napolitano, Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen, Robert M. Gates, Rumsfeld and others look like fools and will be held responsible for the out of control use of these powerful weapons as it is they are turning a “BLIND EYE” to the egregious assaults (daily) nationwide.

While the Defense Dept. and others assist the Middle East ; our homeland is under full attack of innocent victims who are helpless to fight powerful technology except with our powerful, honest, honorable and researched voices. 

Robert M. Gates and Rumsfeld are presently being sued for their lack of control of senior military officers (Coast Guard, Air National Guard, Marines, Army, Navy, Etc.) who believe their officer status allow them to rape, assault, stalk and harass 17 cadets (males and females) who try to serve our military with honor. That court case can be found at the following link and is as egregious as our daily assaults.



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