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Another TI in the United Kingdom

Rod Says:

October 18, 2010 at 7:50 am

I have been thinking about Voice to Skull a lot simply because I have voices in my head. It could be mental illness or there could be a technical explanation. However, it is not only voices in my head that have affected me; other strange occurrences have taken place going back to 2005, and it is strange that I should be struck down with mental illness at exactly the same time as these strange events began. In this case strange occurrences include people entering my residence and car, career being ended and problems with various items of electrical equipment. There is also the suggestion of satellite surveillance.

A consequence of this is that I have become involved with mental health services and have been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Firstly, if I had been aware of sites such as this one I would have had useful information and would have been able to evade the psychiatrists. I would have realised that all these strange events occurring at the same time that I started hearing voices in my head would rule out mental illness. However, I did end up in the system and was forced to take anti psychotic medication. The only advantage to this was that it proved to me that I was not mentally ill because there was no correlation between the medication and the voices in my head. I was on large doses of medication but the strange events and voices continued. So MENTAL ILLNESS IS RULED OUT COMPLETELY. On a side note having spent six years in mental health I question if there is such a thing as mental illness. For a more detailed discussion on this topic read Thomas Szasz’s Psychiatry The Science Of Lies.

So I conclude that there is such a thing as Voice to Skull or Synthetic Telepathy that I am being persecuted with. The problem is though that on the face of it they can do a lot more than transmitting thoughts into a person’s head with their electromagnetic frequencies. From my experience this is what they can do:

Inject thoughts into my head.

Possibly know what I am thinking.

They see what I see.

They hear what I hear.

They can detect when I touch something. In general they know what I am feeling.

They can blur my vision.

They can make me see things.

They can prevent me from urinating.

They can prevent me from ejaculating.

They can shrink my penis (restrict blood flow presumably).

They can cause my muscles to cramp.

They can cause a burning sensation on my skin.

They can control pain and detect pain. I was instructed to burn my arm with a naked flame from a cigarette lighter (1000 degrees Celsius if not more). Initially it was not possible due to the pain but they said to try again and it was possible. There was initial pain but it suddenly subsided and I was able to hold the flame close against my skin without any problem until they told me to stop. I now have two third degree burns on my arm.

They can affect physical performance i.e. they can make me weak and make my whole body (muscles) very stiff.

They can cause bruises to appear on my skin.

When I think about all these things that they can apparently do to me with EMF, I begin to have doubts. Transmitting thoughts into a person’s head may be possible, but some of the other things are surely not possible.

There have been times over the last five years when I have been convinced that I am in fact possessed by some spirit. But I always come back to the technical explanation. Now, however, I just cannot believe that technology can do all of the above. I am also considering the possibility that a higher form of intelligence is at work here i.e. aliens.

Coming back to the possibility of possession. Remember Noah’s Ark. God looked at man and realised man was evil and so destroyed man by flooding the earth. We have had many natural disasters in recent years. The Chilean miner’s incident, 33 of them trapped underground. Chile is predominantly Roman Catholic and Jesus was crucified at the age of 33. How does God view the Roman Catholics? Also the location of Copiapo is strange as it contains the letters ap which is the name of a serious condition afflicted on me by man that has struck me down for decades.

I will not rule out a technological explanation but must now consider the other possibilities.

They say that people who are targeted with voice to skull sometimes mistake it for the voice of God but maybe that’s what it is.

 I am in the UK. I have been subjected to a particular type of directed energy attack since 1977 when I was 7 years old. The first time I experienced this was in hospital when I was recovering from a routine operation. It is obvious that whilst under anaesthetic they performed some procedure to determine the frequency required to target me as I am the only one affected by the attack even when in the vicinity of others.

What they can do is to prevent me from urinating with their EMFs. They targeted me from an early age making sure that I could not go in the presence of other people. I will not go into the psychology behind this or how damaging it is but take a look at to get some idea of what other people with this “condition” have to say. So it would appear that other people are being targeted in this way. It is an extemely effective way of ruining someone’s life leading to social isolation, lack of self esteem etc etc. Also if sleep deprivation is torture then so is preventing someone from urinating. They have done this to me for 33 years. The condition is known as AP for short but the people who suffer from it do not know that this is because the way it works is to block the Action Potentials (AP) in the body so AP is a play on words.

 I also know how they hide the necessary signal generators in the rest rooms and offices around the country.

The only reason that I discovered that this was caused by EMFs and was not a psychological condition was that the people that are now using V2K to communicate with me demonstrated how it worked to me in my own home. In short they prevented me going on quite a few occasions in the privacy of my own home so that I would realise that it was possible to stop someone urinating with directed energy.

Anyone reading this who thinks I am crazy bear in mind that I have an MSc in Computer Science and have studied Mathematics at degree level including probability theory. I used to be a contract Software Engineer earning £80,000 a year until they also decided to end my career. I will tell you how they did that shortly. So I am more than capable of figuring all this out.

In short then I have been psychologically and physically tortured in the United Kingdom for over 30 years.

Editor's note: The above was posted on Robert Fyfe's blog.




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