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Did You Know?

Lyndon LaRouche

Lyndon LaRouche is an FDR socialist. Go to and look on the lower right side - DVD on FDR. LaRouche invokes FDR in almost every web cast as his hero.

Secret Nuclear Facility in England

Brentwood, England, Kelvedon Hatch A128 Industrial Estates has a secret nuclear bunker.

David Rockefeller and the Council of the Americas

David Rockefeller founded the Business Group for Latin America (BGLA) in 1963, later to be named the Council of the Americas in cooperation with the US government, as cover for [CIA¹s] Latin American operations. Holly Sklar, ed., Trilateralism: The Trilateral Commission and Elite Planning for World Management. (South End Press: 1980), pages 161-171


The CIA owns Facebook. Facebook is one of the social networking sites that were created to create dossiers aka databases on us all .

Provided by two women, Pat Aiken in Washington state and Melissa in Oregon

United Nations

The United Nations is a front organization for the One World communist government.
Written by Edward Hendrie in Antichrist Conspiracy eBook on page 318.
You can read more about the United Nations in the 17th edition of this publication.


One of the alleged hijackers had died before 2001.

From Osama bin Laden Hype Misled Public By Karin Friedemann in the 4 May 2009 edition of the Khaleej Times

The United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom the people are still paying interest on the debt their government incurred during the American Revolution.

Provided by a supporter in Wyoming

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is a member of the Bilderberg Group, not just an attendee.


Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius

Governor Kathleen Sebelius, Obama's choice for Health and Human Services Secretary, is a Bilderberger. So are Larry Summers, Paul Volker, Richard Holbrooke, Dennis Ross, and Timothy Geithner. Geithner is the head of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Taken from a post on cia-drugs listserv dated March 15, 2009 entitled "Bilderbergers Excite Conspiracists"

KAL 007

I personally knew a two star USAF General who investigated the shootdown of KAL 007. The big B747 absorbed two heat seeking missiles that knocked out two engines. The plane took twelve minutes to descend to lower altitude and landed safely at a Russian base on the Kamchatka Peninsula. This was all recorded by radar stations runs by the Japanese's self defense forces in the northern islands. That is why no black boxes were located, and no wreckage was ever found. The airplane was not destroyed. God only knows where it went, or its passengers. I am sure the US government knows exactly the fate of the airplane and the passengers. I am sure that Larry MacDonald was the target. He had announced plans to start hearings on the NWO.

Provided by a supporter in the USA.

Saddam Hussein and Loss of American soldiers in Iraq

There were eye witnesses that stated that they saw Saddam Hussein board an American C-130 just before we went into Iraq. He was seen at the Saadam airport. Also, there is evidence that over 21,000 American soldiers actually died in Iraq.

Provided by Isaiah, a listener of Pastor Eli James' online Christian Identity program.

Rothschild organizations

B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation League
Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC)(Bronfman family, connected to the Rothschilds)

As stated by David Icke on his Web site.

Richard Warman, a "lawyer" who works for the Canadian government

"...Richard Warman has been using aliases, including one called Mary Dufford, to post racist comments on the very websites that he and the Canadian 'Human Rights' Commission then target for being racist." Warman also posts on websites under the name of Lucy using the identical IP address as is his IP address. He actually admitted it under oath.

As stated by David Icke on his Web site.

USS Liberty

Have you ever wondered how the USS Liberty arrived in Cyprus after it had been shelled by the Israelis? The captain and crew of a Russian Navy trawler that was performing the same job as the USS Liberty performed, enabled it to successfully arrive there.

Bay of Pigs

The Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of Defense instigated the Bay of Pigs operation without President Kennedy's knowledge or approval, and when he learned of it, said, "NO." Personally, I know that President Kennedy took the blame for that fiasco. He should not have.

The above two Did You Know? pieces of history are from Bob Taft.

Another Cure for Cancer

Go to quickly and see that there IS A CURE FOR ALL CANCER WHICH IS A FUNGUS --- Tell the VA and military hospitals WORLD WIDE of this new and perfect treatment even the special one for Skin Cancer. It might save your life or that of a Veteran plus the PAIN AND SUFFERING will be minimized with that task of applying 20-30 drops of 7 gr Iodine with 5 gr Potassium Iodide and 30 ml of double distilled water or even some alcohol in a formula given by Dr. Tullio Simoncini from Rome Italy WHO DESERVES THE NOBEL PRIZE FOR MEDICINE FOR 2009! The next task of mine while alive is getting Dr. Simoncini and Dr. Bellini to tell the Planet how to clean/wash/decontaminate all clothing, ships, submarines, berths, homes, buildings, vehicles and hospital delivery carts and equipment with THAT SOLUTION in order to prevent the spread of the FUNGI to other humans, animals and pets. HOPEFULLY YOU WILL SEE DR. SIMONCINI GIVING THAT INFORMATIOIN TO THE WORLD SHORTLY !

Ladies --- Cure Breast Cancer in approximately 8 days by injections or catheter supply of 5 per cent SODIUM BICARBONATE directly in the tumor. Dr. Simoncini has done it !
Provided by Ralph Whitley via an Email from Bob Taft.

World Health Organization

The World Health Organization is the Population control/Euthanasia/Genocide arm of the United Nations.

Provided by Pastor Eli James on March 22, 2007 in Shepherd Ministry Series #4 of his Web site

Osama bin Laden

In a David Frost interview with Benezir Bhutto, after a previous assassination attempt, six minutes into the interview, she stated that Osama bin Laden was murdered.

Additional information on this crime: Benizir Bhutto stated in that same interview that Osama's assassin was Omar Sheikh Mohammad, a British citizen of Pakistani origin, an ISI Pakistani intelligence operative who 'confessed' to the killing of Daniel Pearl. He was arrested in February 2002. If Benazir's claim is correct, Omar Sheikh must have killed Osama before he was arrested in February 2002, which makes at least all the Osama messages after that date periodically delivered to western media clear forgeries. Apocalypse News, #60


The Mafia is an acronym meaning "Mazzini Autoriza Furti, Incendi, Avelenameti" which means Mazzini authorizes thefts, arson, and poisoning. Published in Charles Heckethorn's book entitled Secret Societies.

Karl Marx

Moses Mordecai Marx Levi, alias Karl Marx, was a Satanist and a member of the "League of the Just" which is a branch of the Illuminati. In 1847, Marx was commissioned by the Illuminati to write the Communist Manifesto which is an outline of their plans for world domination.

Provided by Edward Hendrie in The Anti-Gospel page 77 with footnotes
114 and 115 which are both of DES GRIFFIN, FOURTH REICH OF THE RICH, p. 62 (1976).




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