Who Killed John Kennedy?

Oliver Stone's film puts doubt in the veracity of the WARREN COMMISSION Report and maintains that the former President could have been the victim of a conspiracy.

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By Claudio Negrette
84 NOTICIAS - February 2, 1992
It is very probable that the whole truth about John Fitzgerald Kennedy's assassination on November 22, 1963 will never be known.

Periodically, America's public opinion is once more shaken with the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of the first catholic President in the country's history. The controversy comes back once more this time because of the movie directed by Oliver Stone "J.F.K." in which the finding by The Warren Commission carried the investigation and concluded in 1964 that Lee Oswald was the lone assassin.

AUTOPSY: Picture of Kennedy corpse. Studies about the head wounds gave birth to an endless controversy.

Shot. How many there were and where they originated are some of the questions that linger. So far, the findings made do not coincide with the opinion of other experts.      Bullet. The one found the day of the crime was in pristine condition, while The WARREN COMMISSION informed that other fragments were also found.

Stone bases his film on the arguments proposed during that period of time by the District Attorney of New Orleans, Jim Garrison, who plays the role of a judge in the movie. Reality and fiction blend. The fact shown trash the official version of the story. "I offer a detailed version of an anti-myth. I believe that the Warren Commission was a myth and if the public accepts this film they will detach themselves from the commission's myth and we will make them consider the possibility that it was a coup d'etat to remove President Kennedy," stated Stone.

Suspicions. The bullet could have been shot
from the County Archives building.
Proofs. The jacket and shirt of John F. Kennedy, silent witnesses of a crime that shook the world.

Where did the killer bullet come from? Was there or wasn't there an organization that planned the assassination? Why was the investigation of the crime closed? The movie builds on the script of the other version. To remove Kennedy from office by means of a conspiracy carried out by the military and CIA agents, who opposed his international policy view, leaning towards withdrawal from Vietnam and to overthrow Castro from Cuba. In the film, then District Attorney Garrison ridicules the Warren Commission hypothesis of the "magic bullet." He claims that the projectile could have not possibly made such trajectory. Stone shows that six shots were fired by three groups that were located in the deposit of the library of the Texas School, in the park, at the side and in front of the limousine. He also notes that the documentaries suggest that, by the movement of Kennedy's head, the bullet had to come from the front and not the back as the Warren Commission indicated. The struggle for power and its feuds make an enigma out of this historical assassination. The truth, when it's not conclusive, can turn into a lie. A poll taken by Time Magazine and CNN indicated that 73% of the pollees believe that Kennedy's assassination was a conspiracy and that the truth is yet to be disclosed. Perhaps, those that really know the truth have already blended among the millions of spectators that filled America's movie houses to see "J.F.K."


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